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How much money do you need to survive?

How much income does one need to earn in San Luis Obispo County to be self-sufficient? A lot more than just three years ago, apparently. A gross salary of about $2,220 a month buys a single person living in this... (Continue reading)

California ranks worst state for business

For the seventh year in a row, California tops the list as the worst state to do business, according to Chief Executive magazine's annual "Best & Worst States" survey which took the pulse of 550 CEOs across America. The executives evaluated... (Continue reading)

In the vines

By JOHN SALISBURY Well, ol’ Jack Frost nicked us the second weekend of April in Avila Valley. It got down to 32.5 just long enough to nip some of our Pinot Grigio and the Pinot Naturale block. Usually, we would... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly’s open house packs hotels

Cal Poly’s 18th annual open house kicks off tomorrow and is expected to bring thousands of visitors to San Luis Obispo and a welcome surge to the local economy over the weekend. Many Central Coast hotels including San Luis Obispo's Embassy... (Continue reading)

Ironman eyes San Luis Obispo County

Ironman, one of the world’s most renowned and challenging triathlon events, could make its mark on the Central Coast, and pump its iron fist in the form of an economic impact that could amount to several million dollars. Real estate developer... (Continue reading)

Mind your own business – Succession planning

By AL BRILL In my last article I discussed the importance of saving and categorizing receipts. Today is Part One of several articles dealing with “What happens if I get hit by a bus today?” or “Are my affairs really... (Continue reading)

California’s 2011 recovery dismal

Economists are predicting that California’s job market recovery will be more sluggish then original estimates, according to a recent UCLA report. [LATimes] The unemployment rate will remain in double digits until early 2013, the report says. California’s unemployment rate was... (Continue reading)

Congress considering extending jobless benefits

The long-termed unemployed would receive an additional 14 weeks of benefits under a bill introduced in Congress this week. [CaliforniaWatch] In California, there are more than 330,000 people who have exhausted the maximum 99 weeks of unemployment insurance, recently dubbed... (Continue reading)

In Atascadero, how much pay is enough?

Like controversial developer Kelly Gearhart, who evidently manipulated the rules to get his projects formally approved, Atascadero City Manager Wade McKinney apparently did the same thing to inflate his benefit package to be the highest for a city official in... (Continue reading)

AG city council takes up Foods 4 Less debate

The Arroyo Grande City Council meets Tuesday night to decide whether to allow a giant Food 4 Less grocery store to be built on Grand Avenue–across the street from Spencer’s and just down the block from Von’s. The store, being... (Continue reading)