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Grover Beach marijuana tax goes on the ballot

The Grover Beach City Council has placed a marijuana tax measure on the November ballot. If two thirds of voters support the initiative, it will be San Luis Obispo County’s first municipal tax on marijuana. Grover Beach Council members gave... (Continue reading)

Leading California marijuana measure emerges

Aided by billionaire backers, a marijuana legalization measure has emerged as a likely candidate to appear on the November ballot in California. [LA Times] Marijuana legalization advocates have filed more than 20 proposal for state ballot measures. Six of the... (Continue reading)

California Legislature hurrying to pass marijuana regulations

California lawmakers are trying pass a wide variety of medical marijuana regulations before voters may decide whether the state legalizes recreational pot. [Mercury News] Marijuana advocates are currently drafting multiple legalization initiatives that could appear on the California ballot. In... (Continue reading)

California marijuana users run 4.2 miles

In attempt to prove that marijuana users are not lazy, lethargic stoners, cannabis advocates are holding a series of athletic events in California dubbed the 420 Games. [SF Gate] The games kicked off Saturday in San Francisco with a 4.2-mile... (Continue reading)

Brown weary of potheads, opposes legalization

California Governor Jerry Brown, who recently declared that he would run for a fourth term as governor, stated Sunday that he opposes the legalization of marijuana. [Mercury News] “The world’s pretty dangerous, very competitive,” Brown said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet... (Continue reading)

Is law enforcement incentivized against legalizing marijuana?

As Colorado was legalizing medical marijuana, law enforcement officials from California voiced their disapproval pointing at what they deemed failed medical marijuana laws in California. [McClatchy] “I was told that we hadn’t learned anything from California – that you can’t... (Continue reading)

Gavin Newsom to head Marijuana legalization panel

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom will head a panel studying marijuana legalization in California, with an eye toward drafting a measure for the 2016 presidential-year ballot. The American Civil Liberties Union’s new panel will monitor marijuana issues in Washington and Colorado,... (Continue reading)

Poll suggests pot legalization imminent

A new poll by an influential study group shows that the biggest hurdle facing legalization of marijuana in California is just getting a measure before voters. (San Jose Mercury News) A Public Policy Institute of California poll showed the margin... (Continue reading)

Making an old crime pay

Taking a stab at an issue that might become commonplace in other states soon, Denver’s city fathers are laying down retail rules and tax proposals for the non-medical sales of marijuana in neighborhood settings. (Denver Post) Colorado voters approved legalization... (Continue reading)

Record number of Californians support marijuana legalization

A California poll released Wednesday revealed that 54 percent of voters now support legalizing marijuana, representing the highest total in the poll’s 44-year history. [Mercury News] The Field Poll conducted by Field Research Corporation asked registered California voters whether they... (Continue reading)