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Thomas Yanaga trial fast approaching

Paso Robles murder suspect Thomas Yanaga, who has been in and out of jail and accused of attempting to kill another person since his initial arrest, may be just two months away from standing trial for a killing that occurred... (Continue reading)

Is killing a child molester murder or manslaughter?

The lawyer for a Santa Maria man who shot and killed his father argued in a Santa Barbara County courtroom that shooting a man because he sexually molested your children is not murder, but manslaughter. [KSBY] Trial began Tuesday for... (Continue reading)

Trial begins for man accused of killing father in Orcutt park

Opening statements begin Tuesday in the murder trial of a man accused of shooting and killing his father and wounding his stepmother during a Labor Day barbecue at an Orcutt park in 2012. The defendant’s daughter said the victim was... (Continue reading)

Santa Maria jury convicts 5 in U-Haul murder trial

A Santa Maria jury delivered first-degree murder convictions to five of six defendants who stood trial for the killing of a 28-year-old man that allegedly occurred as retribution for a drug debt. [Lompoc Record] Ramon Maldonado, 39, David Maldonado, 57,... (Continue reading)

Former Morro Bay cold case can go to trial

A San Luis Obispo judge has overruled a colleague in a once-cold Morro Bay murder case, determining Wednesday that the prosecution has a case worthy of trial. [Tribune] Nipomo resident James Lypps, 64, has been arrested for murder twice since... (Continue reading)

Atascadero man ruled sane at time of murder

The insanity defense did not succeed in the murder trial of an Atascadero man who shot and killed his neighbor. On Tuesday afternoon, a San Luis Obispo jury ruled that Mark Andrews, 51, was sane when he killed Colleen Barga-Millbury,... (Continue reading)

Psychologists split over Atascadero killer’s sanity

Psychologists disagree over whether an Atascadero man was legally sane when he killed his neighbor. [KSBY] Last week, a San Luis Obispo County jury found Mark Andrews, 51, guilty of first degree murder. Andrews shot and killed Colleen Barga-Millbury, 52,... (Continue reading)

Did God tell Atascadero man to kill his neighbor?

An assertion that God commanded an Atascadero man to kill his neighbor highlighted Thursday’s closing arguments in the murder trial of Mark Andrews. [KSBY] Andrews, 51, is accused of murdering Colleen Marie Barga-Millbury, 52, in May 2013. The Atascadero man... (Continue reading)

Atascadero murder suspect believes he’s a werewolf

An Atascadero man accused of murdering his neighbor has believed for 20 years that he is a werewolf, a psychologist testified Tuesday in San Luis Obispo Superior Court. [KSBY] Mark Andrews, 51, is accused of killing his neighbor Colleen Marie... (Continue reading)

Judge throws out Atascadero murder confession

A San Luis Obispo judge nullified the murder confession of an Atascadero man, ruling that police detectives violated the suspect’s Miranda rights. [Tribune] Mark Andrews, 51, is accused of killing his neighbor Colleen Marie Barga-Millbury, 52, in May 2013. He... (Continue reading)