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Man swept away by waves during Guadalupe baptism

Rescue teams are searching for a man who was swept out to sea by a wave during a baptism at a beach in Guadalupe on Sunday. At about 10 a.m., Pastor Maurigro Cervantes said his cousin Benito Flores, 43, of... (Continue reading)

Will Muslim prayer bring California rain?

More than 100 members of a California mosque gathered at Folsom Lake Saturday to pray for rain. Within minutes, sprinkles began to fall. [Fox 40] “We came out here today basically asking god to bless us with rain,” said Basma... (Continue reading)

California hospital suspends veteran for ‘God Bless America’ email signature

A Stockton hospital suspended a 10-year employee and military veteran on the Friday before Veterans Day for using “God Bless America” as his email signature. [ABC 10] Boots Hawk served as an Army soldier for 20 years prior to taking... (Continue reading)

Vandals break stained glass windows at Los Osos church

A Los Osos church that has been the target of vandalism for about four years has broken stained glass windows following an attack Saturday morning. [Tribune] Early Saturday morning, the resident priest of St. Elizabeth Catholic church at 2050 Palisades... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly gay makeout session goes viral

A woman preaching anti-gay sentiments at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo was rendered speechless when two students began kissing. The kiss was caught on video Tuesday and posted on YouTube where it has received more than 314,000... (Continue reading)

Oceano family featured in Lifetime documentary

An Oceano family is slated to be featured on the “Preachers’ Daughters,” a Lifetime documentary that explores the temptations faced by three teenage girls whose families have strong Christian roots. [SantaMariaTimes] Olivia Perry, 18, her 11-month-old daughter Eden, and Olivia’s... (Continue reading)

Morro Bay Police hunting religious taggers

Morro Bay Police are searching for the taggers responsible for spray painting religious phrases throughout the city. The graffiti includes statements such as Jesus loves you and I am with Jesus. The vandalism has been discovered on benches and trash... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles priest raped immigrant boys

A Los Angeles priest used bondage and targeted illegal immigrants in his decades long practice of raping Southern California boys, Catholic church records released Monday show. [LA Times] Confidential letters filed as evidence in a civil case against Father Nicholas... (Continue reading)

Islamic group practicing Jihad on San Francisco buses

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is advertising Jihad on the sides of San Francisco buses. [Huffington Post] CAIR is attempting to reclaim the meaning of the controversial term in its My Jihad campaign that uses billboards on city buses to... (Continue reading)

California pastor pleads guilty to $11 million in medicare fraud

A Southern California pastor pleaded guilty Monday to participating in a Medicare fraud scheme that totaled more than $11 million. Chargles Agbu, 58, admitted to owning and operating a Carson medical equipment supply company that billed Medicare for expensive devices,... (Continue reading)