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State lawmakers want to keep their cars (the ones you pay for)

California remains the only state in the nation to provide vehicles to its rank-and-file lawmakers for unlimited use and it’s a policy not likely to change in the near future. [AP] The state purchases cars for lawmakers like Sam Blakeslee... (Continue reading)

Jerry Brown: Flip-flop No. 1

It didn’t take long. California Gov.-elect Jerry Brown told a Wednesday morning press conference that he will not be moving to Sacramento, contradicting an earlier pledge and creating his first official flip-flop. [Capitol Alert] “I will live in Oakland, but... (Continue reading)

Sacramento wants to limit debit card fees

The state Assembly is expected to take up a bill this week, already passed in the Senate, that would make it illegal for merchants to charge debit card fees. [Chronicle] The legislation, originally introduced by state Senator Jenny Oropeza (D-Long... (Continue reading)

Committee kills Blakeslee’s Gift Reform bill

A bill drafted by Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee (R-San Luis Obispo] to close a loophole allowing lobbyists to circumvent limits on gifts to legislators was killed by committee on Tuesday. In 1974, the voters of California passed the Political Reform Act... (Continue reading)

State workers tend to be professors or prison guards

It’s a familiar  refrain heard in any election year: What we really need to do in Sacramento is cut state jobs. Not so fast, according to the nonpartisan California Budget Project which reports that most state workers tend to be... (Continue reading)

Roy Ashburn sentenced for DUI

State Sen. Roy Ashburn [R-Bakersfield] pleaded no contest to drunken driving charges on Wednesday and was immediately sentenced to two days in jail and three years’ probation. [Sacramento Bee] Ashburn, 55, was given credit for one day already served in... (Continue reading)

Ashburn remains on “personal leave”

Republican state Senator Roy Ashburn remains on a self-imposed personal leave, at least through Monday, following his high-profile DUI bust last week in Sacramento. [San Francisco Chronicle] Ashburn, 55, was arrested and booked into Sacramento County Jail on suspicion of... (Continue reading)

Anti-gay state senator arrested after leaving gay bar

Controversy continues to dog conservative firebrand and state Senator Roy Ashburn following his DUI arrest earlier this week. California Highway Patrol officers arrested Ashburn for allegedly driving drunk after leaving a Sacramento gay nightclub with another man in his car.... (Continue reading)