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Cost of Sacramento Delta water woes

OPINION By JOHN SALISBURY Here I go again! I was thinking of giving the Sacramento Delta water woes a rest but a fairly recent move, discussed in an editorial in the San Fransisco Chronicle in December, by our old friend... (Continue reading)

Teacher-student sex bill sidelined

Democrats in the Assembly Public Safety Committee killed a proposal Tuesday that would have made sexual relationships and communications between teachers and students a felony — even when the participants are adults. [Sacramento Bee] Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen (R-Modesto) introduced her... (Continue reading)

Why Am I Running?

OPINION By GERRY MANATA, Democratic for Assembly District 35 Why me? I ask myself this every few days when I wake up in the morning. I am almost sixty-six years old and have never held a public office, although I... (Continue reading)

Protecting our water rights

OPINION By JOHN SALISBURY Up north, we long-time farmers have been hearing a great sucking sound south of us that is going to get a lot louder if the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Water Reliability Act, authored by San Joaquin Valley... (Continue reading)

Community colleges need more state oversight?

Several bills introduced during the past few years have tried – unsuccessfully – to reform the California Community Colleges system known for having a large percentage of public attendance and lower than national graduation rates. [CaliforniaWatch] Of the six community... (Continue reading)

Feds rationalize pot law pursuit

A top U.S. attorney Tuesday reemphasized the federal government’s continuing interest in busting medical marijuana dispensaries in California. In a Sacramento Press Club talk, Benjamin Wagner of the Eastern District attempted to explain the reasons that stepped-up enforcement has resulted... (Continue reading)

State pension reform envisioned

Public employees’ pensions will be reformed by the legislature before the next state budget is adopted, Senate President Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg predicted today. [Sacramento Bee] “We are committed to getting pension reform done,” said the Upper House leader, downplaying... (Continue reading)

Single-payer insurance plan moves ahead

A Democrat-sponsored effort to initiate single-payer health coverage in California is under the legislative microscope next week in Sacramento hearings. Coauthored by 29 members of the Senate, the measure, SB 810, by Sen Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), would create the... (Continue reading)

Don’t steal in front of cops

A “bad idea” led to the arrest early Saturday of two men allegedly stealing ornaments from the Capitol Christmas tree, said California Highway Patrol officials. [SacramentoBee] A passing CHP officer saw people acting suspiciously around the tree, located on the... (Continue reading)

Part-time legislature amendment proposed

Would California fare better with a part-time legislature? [SacramentoBee] That’s the central question at the core of a proposed constitutional amendment to reduce both the lawmaking body’s time in Sacramento and the pay for members. First-term Assemblywoman Shannon Grove, (R-Bakersfield) ... (Continue reading)