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Salinas crop circle, marketers not aliens

The unique crop circle discovered in a Salinas farm last week was created by marketers not aliens. On Sunday at an electronics show in Las Vegas, Jen-Hsun Huang, the CEO of computer graphics company NVIDIA, announced his company created the... (Continue reading)

Morro Bay man murdered in Salinas motel

Salinas police have identified a man found stabbed to death in a Salinas motel Thursday as 53-year-old Bobby Dick Jr. of Morro Bay. On Dec. 5, a maid at the Laurel Inn noticed Dick’s motel room door was ajar. The... (Continue reading)

Atascadero man dies while fleeing police

An Atascadero man who worked as a prison guard died last week while fleeing from police in San Benito County. [Tribune] On July 12 at 12:34 a.m., California Highway Patrol officers attempted to pull David John Calmere, 41, over for... (Continue reading)

Salinas boy kills dog by hanging

A 12-year-old Salinas boy allegedly hung and killed his terrier-mix dog on Friday. [TheCalifornian] Police said he told them he was angry at the 12-pound dog and wanted to see it die. Shortly after 4 p.m., a 911 caller hung... (Continue reading)

E. coli found in Salinas lettuce

Romaine lettuce samples  from a Salinas farm  have been found to be contaminated with E. coli and a recall was voluntarily initiated by the producer on Sunday. Canadian food inspectors notified Tanimura & Antle producers that a check of the... (Continue reading)

Salinas school counselor accused of creating child porn

Police arrested a Salinas High School drug and alcohol counselor suspected of creating child porn in his office at the high school on Monday. [MercuryNews] Salinas police first arrested Gilbert Olivares, 34, last week after a student’s relatives told police... (Continue reading)

Police search SLO County for body of Salinas woman

Salinas Police have reached out to law enforcement agencies in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties asking them to assist in the search for the body of a woman believed to have been killed by her son. [Californian] Police... (Continue reading)

Salmonella prompts cilantro recall

Cilantro samples from a Salinas-based company have been found to be contaminated with Salmonella and a seven state recall has been initiated, according to Pacific Cilantro. On Friday, Pacific Cilantro said the Food and Drug Administration found salmonella in a... (Continue reading)

Listeria found in Salinas lettuce

Romaine lettuce samples from a Salinas farm have been found to be contaminated with listeria and a recall has been initiated, according to government officials. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspectors notified True Leaf Farms that a random check of... (Continue reading)

Salinas will consider ban on polystyrene takeout boxes

The Salinas City Council will consider today whether to ban polystyrene “takeout” boxes, which tend to break up over time and leach out toxic chemicals, and are considered a major source of marine pollution and litter, environmentalists say. [The Salinas... (Continue reading)