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What is Integrative Medicine?

By GARY FORESMAN, MD Several decades ago, while dealing with the forces in the world that control the rudder of this ship we call the American medical system, Andrew Weil MD was developing a program at the University of Arizona... (Continue reading)

Two California professors share Nobel Prize

Scientists from Stanford and UC Berkeley share the 2013 Nobel Prize in medicine with a professor from Yale University. [SanJoseMercuryNews] Scientists Dr. Thomas Sudhof of Stanford, Randy Schekman of UC Berkeley and James Rothman from Yale University solved the mystery... (Continue reading)

Global cooling?

The Arctic ice cap increased 60 percent over one year triggering intense debates over global warming predictions. [Mail] In Sept. 2012, Arctic ice covered 1.32 million square miles, an all-time recorded low and some scientists predicted that by 2013 the... (Continue reading)

Redwood trees may thrive on global warming

California’s famous old-growth redwood trees may be benefiting from global warming. (San Jose Mercury News) That’s the assessment of scientists and researchers who have been carefully monitoring the giant conifers to determine if climate change is having a negative impact... (Continue reading)

People get meaner when it’s hotter

As climate changes become more pronounced, violence among Earth’s human population rises dramatically, according to a recent study by scientists from two major U.S. universities. (Huffington Post) Altered weather patterns resulting in drought, high temperatures and floods parallel increases in... (Continue reading)

Astronaut controls California robot from space

An Italian astronaut drove a robot around a California parking lot Friday. He did so from space. [Wired] As part of a series of tests at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, astronaut Luca Parmitano controlled a K-10 rover... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach mayor opposes APCD dust rule

By KAREN VELIE Grover Beach Mayor Debbie Peterson is circulating a petition seeking to repeal the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District’s Oceano Dunes dust rule. The dust rule requires the California Department of Parks to reduce the... (Continue reading)

Lice infestations hitting deer across California

State wildlife officials have linked an infestation of biting lice to the balding of deer across California. Researchers have examined the hair from more than 600 deer and elk with symptoms ranging from a scruffy-looking coat to almost complete baldness,... (Continue reading)

Balloon Fest 2013, event photos

Last month, the Endeavour Institute hosted an exciting STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) oriented Balloon Fest. Find local events as at CalCoastNews’ Event Calendar. If you would like to buy a high-resolution print of any of these photos, aside... (Continue reading)

Death rates dive in California

A state agency has concluded that Californians are healthier and dying at a slower rate than people in other states. The bad news is that fatalities in the Golden State due to Alzheimer’s, chronic liver disease, and suicide are up.... (Continue reading)