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Is there a way to predict earthquakes?

A team of NASA and Russian space and physical scientists, in the days before the March 11 Tohoku earthquake in Japan, said the atmosphere directly above the epicenter rapidly heated up possibly providing a way to predict earthquakes in the... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly tops own patent record

Cal Poly reports that three patents have been issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to university faculty this academic year—a record number of patents earned for a single year. In an announcement this week, Cal Poly’s Research and... (Continue reading)

Science Night at Allan Hancock, event photos

Young and old, over 650 people were excited to see, touch, and hear fascinating scientific and engineering principles in action at Science Night at Hancock College on April 8. Dr. Robert Jorstad embraced the learn-by-doing paradigm by having his science... (Continue reading)

Keeping abreast of National Go Topless Day

If you didn’t know, Sunday was National Go Topless Day, what organizers called a nationwide protest in honor of gender equal rights. Rallies were held in nine different U.S. cities, including Miami Beach, Austin, San Francisco, and Venice Beach. No... (Continue reading)

Eyes on the Earth 3D

By STEVE KLIEWER What a fantastic ride! Thursday night, Kevin Hussey, Manager of JPL’s Visualization Technology Group, introduced innovative technology to a fascinated group of science educators and enthusiasts. Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA have produced a way to “fly... (Continue reading)

The climate change challenge

BY DR. RAY WEYMANN In a recent essay on this web site, (“The Climate Change Hoax”), Matt Kokkonen correctly calls attention to three facts regarding climate change and global warming and manages to draw erroneous conclusions from each of them:... (Continue reading)