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Big-box stores abet hate groups?

Walmart, the biggest of the big-box stores, creates some big problems for communities, including a surge in the formation of hate groups, a major university study suggests. [San Francisco Chronicle] The study’s lead author, Dr. Stephan Goetz of Penn State,... (Continue reading)

Oceano seawater intrusion deemed a scam

San Luis Obispo County government agencies have been using data known to be phony to secure state and federal grants. Following a 2009 report of seawater intrusion contaminating the unincorporated community of Oceano’s groundwater supply, numerous local agencies used the information... (Continue reading)

Red wine researcher besmirched

Red wine’s benefits to cardiovascular health have been extolled for years, and now an East Coast researcher known for his research on the issue is being accused of falsifying data. [SF Chronicle] Behavior of Dipak Das of the University of... (Continue reading)

An apple juice a day boosts arsenic

Many fruit juices contain more arsenic than previously thought, more than the government allows in drinking water. But despite the findings of a recent Consumer Reports investigation, not much is expected to change soon. As the investigation’s results were announced,... (Continue reading)

Air quality district internal emails expose manipulations

(Editor’s note: This is the second in a multi-part series about questionable activities of the San Luis Obispo County Air Quality Control District. Part one was Air quality district’s bloated salaries. See Alleged flaws in the study at the bottom... (Continue reading)

NPP educator launch conference, event photos

This educational program provided over 100 participants from around the nation with a personal tour of the NASA Mission Director Center, close-up viewing of the powerful Delta-II launch vehicle on the launch pad before and during launch as well as... (Continue reading)

Lindamood-Bell program grows brain

In a new study researchers found a San Luis Obispo headquartered company, Lindmood-Bell Learning Processes, helped grow gray matter in the brains of children with dyslexia using a reading intervention program. The independent study, conducted by researchers from the Center for... (Continue reading)

Do sulfates in wine cause headaches?

By JOHN SALISBURY “I get a headache from the sulfites in the wine but when I go to Europe and drink their wine, I don’t get them because they don’t use sulfites,” some say. Not so. There is a lot... (Continue reading)

County official admits to manipulating air quality forecasts

Manipulations of air quality forecasts in the south San Luis Obispo County region caused as many as 100 days to be given “yellow,” moderate alert, rather than “green,” safe air quality, status. An official at a San Luis Obispo County Air... (Continue reading)

Endeavour Institute Balloon Fest, event photos

Wondering what schools are doing today to prepare students to be competitive in the new global economy? On Saturday, June 4, 2011 the Endeavour Institute which sponsors local Endeavour Academies at Paso Robles High School, Orcutt Academy, Templeton High and... (Continue reading)