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Templeton man charged with child porn

San Luis Obispo Sheriff deputies arrested a Templeton resident Friday on five charges including lewd or lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14, incest, possessing material depicting a minor under the age of 14 engaging in or... (Continue reading)

Templeton mother arrested for drugs

Detectives arrested the 47-year-old mother of an alleged drug dealer after she accepted and signed for two pounds of Mephedrone at her home on the 100 block of Dandelion in Templeton on Thursday. On Sept. 21, Tracy Hall’s son, 18-year-old... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly student arrested for dealing drugs to teens

A Cal Poly freshman was arrested for allegedly selling a psychoactive stimulant to two teenagers who became violently ill from the drug. Experiencing symptoms that included a sore throat, violent vomiting, euphoria and elevated body temperatures, the two 15-year-old Templeton... (Continue reading)

Superintendent under investigation for inappropriate relationship with student

San Miguel Joint Union School District board officials have hired an investigator to look into allegations that 55-year-old Supt. Dean Smith had an inappropriate relationship with a former student. “The school board is concerned and they are investigating, but we are... (Continue reading)

Investor funds diverted to build go-cart track

By KAREN VELIE A North County developer financed a go-cart track at his Templeton home by having the asphalt contractor change the work address so it would be covered by a group of Real Property Lenders’ (RPL) project investors, according to... (Continue reading)