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Lady Gaga’s Hearst pool filling not OK with state

By DANIEL BLACKBURN Lady Gaga’s much publicized video-taping gig at Hearst Castle Feb. 11 had everything a fan of the singer could imagine — music, dancing, plastic swans, fake flowers, and a giant seashell — everything, it seems except proper... (Continue reading)

Nuanced definitions muddy water debate

By DANIEL BLACKBURN and KAREN VELIE San Luis Obispo County supervisors are preparing the framework for facilitating a North County-based water district even while advocates scramble to describe what such a district would, or could, do. A widening rift over... (Continue reading)

POWR IS “belligerent” defending North County

PRAAGS/PWE chose the word “belligerent” in a recent Op Ed to describe the efforts of our Protect Our Water Rights [POWR] group. This is an appropriate choice of words as “belligerent” means, “having a war-like attitude.” POWR is defending all... (Continue reading)

San Simeon water contaminated with salt

High tides pushing salt water into Pico Creek in San Simeon has left the community’s water supply laden with salt. The high salt content not only affects the taste, but also makes cleaning dishes difficult. In addition, the salt is... (Continue reading)

The cost of Paso Robles’ hotel boom

Paso Robles has a handful of hotels in the planning stage which could double the number of North County rooms over the next 10 years and also increase water requirements for the drought ravaged area. Under a city council seeking... (Continue reading)

Water district supporters criticize POWR and PR-WIN

OPINION by JERRY REAUGH and SUE LUFT We urge the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors to approve the Legislative Platform Policy Statement on February 18, supporting special legislation that would advance the process to create an independent water... (Continue reading)

Do not force a water district on Paso Robles

OPINION By CAROL ROWLAND The formation of the proposed PR Basin Groundwater District would be by votes based on acreage. There are 4,906 landowners. It would only take an estimated 30 to 50 large landowners to establish it, 30 to... (Continue reading)

Central Coast leads in water conservation

People living on California’s Central Coast use less water per-capita than any other Californians, according to a California drought database. [MercuryNews] Californian water consumption varies dramatically from region to region. On the Central Coast, residents use 143 gallons a day... (Continue reading)

Paso water group wields major-league muscle

Eyes on your water: Second in a series of reports on the North County’s festering water politics. A list of the top 30 land owners over the Paso Robles aquifer is available below this story. By DANIEL BLACKBURN Some of... (Continue reading)

Export power is still on the table

OPINION By CINDY STEINBECK Paso Robles Agricultural Alliance for Groundwater Solutions and Pro Water Equity (PRAAGS/ PWE) has stated that I have participated in a “smear campaign to deceive and confuse residents” with “deception and half-truths.” These accusations are false.... (Continue reading)