Hill tries to divert spotlight away from his fiancée

March 3, 2013
Adam Hill

Adam Hill


An Arroyo Grande marketing company that worked on the successful re-election bid of San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill has launched a new website attacking those who question Hill and his fiancée’s actions.

“Some friends have begun a new website and a political action committee to push back against the fact-free toxicity coursing through our community from the likes of the Tea Party, COLAB, Congalton, and CalCoastNews,” Hill wrote in a mass email sent out Saturday, introducing the debut issue of SLOSense. “I am interested to see what they do and whether it provides the necessary counterweight to the hateful nonsense being spewed.”

The new site, which uses the same IP address as AdamHill.us, does not identify the names of its writers. The domain is registered to Paul Hughes, who is the owner of PoliARC and a paid political consultant of Hill.

SLOSense fired an opening salvo on its Facebook page against CalCoastNews, calling it “voyeurism” to post the salaries of CAPSLO managers in a recent news story.

“Publishing the salaries of government workers, whether they’re part of a fixed narrative or not, is neither fair nor honorable,” the SLOSense Facebook page says. A sentiment not held by the state legislature, which in light of the city of Bell scandal, has touted the importance of transparency and requires government agencies to disclose salaries.

Hill threatened to destroy CalCoastNews last summer if reporters continued to investigate allegations concerning the treatment of the homeless in San Luis Obispo. He recently became engaged to Dee Torres, Director of Homeless Services for CAPSLO, one of the subjects of an on going CalCoastNews investigation.

More than a dozen current and ex-employees of CAPSLO have voiced their concerns about mistreatment of the homeless under Torres’ management, four of whom were quoted in a recent CalCoastNews story. Hill has countered claiming reporters and sources have an “axe to grind.”

“This is not journalism, this is axe grinding and score settling by four disgruntled ex-employees who were fired,” Hill said on a Facebook post. “Now that they’ve come forward with fallacious allegations, I believe CAPSLO will be able to share their personnel histories. You can’t lie about your ex-employer so as to smear the work they do.”


  1. BellaReid says:

    My mother-in-law saw Dee load a bike (not a used one, but a brand-new bike) into a truck and drive it away. My question is how many other items have been taken from the shelter that were supposed to be given to the clients? This was during the Christmas program at the shelter. This bike was supposed to be raffled off. This was witnessed not just by my mother-in-law, but several others.

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  2. obispan says:

    http://www.poliarc.com/find/ See if this is how you want your county government to be determined. I encourage Waage to run again. And let’s get a respected community leader, obviously representing the political will of the 2nd district electorate, in place of Gibson.

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    • MaryMalone says:

      All I can say is that if Poliarc is the group that is in charge of Adam Hill’s image, either they have THE WORST CLIENT IN THE WORLD, or they are totally inept, or both.

      Watching the AdamHill train-wreck at work is both funny and scary. It is funny because he makes such an idiot of himself, but it is scary because he is a SLO County County supervisor and, as such, wields a great deal of power locally. When you add the fact that he blatantly uses his power to support his partner in train-wrecks, Dee Torres, who also wields considerable local power, you can put an exponent on the size of the train-wreck, between the two of them, they can cause to our county government and its homeless services.

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