Person killed in Santa Margarita crash

April 30, 2016

CHP@A woman died Saturday after an oncoming drunk driver drove into her lane and caused a head-on collision. At the time of the crash, traffic on Highway 58 was heavy because of attendees leaving a concert at the Pozo Saloon.

Shortly after 6 p.m., a blue Toyota crashed head on into a white Saturn. The driver of the Toyota was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash on Highway 58 about a half mile outside of Santa Margarita.

Emergency personnel transported the driver of the Saturn, who was suffering from major injuries, to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. CHP officers placed the Saturn’s driver under arrest for DUI at the hospital.

The names of the driver and the victim have not yet been released.

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You all may not like it, but at some point, lawyers will prove that the venue is partially responsible when they knowingly let intoxicated people leave their property.

Also something else that wasn’t pointed out: where is the sheriff, chp, law enforcement? They too know people are driving to and fro intoxicated.

This is not Pozo’s fault. As tragic as this is people need to be responsible for their actions and behavior. How many attended this concert? Did they all create this problem? I think not!

Look what happened last week on the Grade. Almost daily on SLOStringer we see another DUI in SLO. Does that mean SLO is at fault? Are all the students at fault? Are all the cars at fault? No, the drunks are at fault! But I do agree, lock the person up and throw away the key but that won’t happen because our President and Governor have decided to enable bad behavior in the name of justice for the poor and illegal. Everything is becoming a misdemeanor, slap on the wrist, etc. Many if not most of the criminals act in this County where a person is arrested is someone already out on parole or someone wanted for parole violation if you are reading the paper. I don’t know the answer but I know what is going on is not working and in fact is getting worst by the week! Get use to bad behavior by the worst among us. Very sad!

My condolences and prayers to the innocent person and their family killed in this tragic incident.

So tragic. The loss of an innocent life because of some stupid drunk who decided to get behind the wheel thinking he/she was able to drive.

If in fact this drunk had attended the Pozo Saloon concert, I wonder if the saloon might be culpable and open to a lawsuit. I’ve never understood the whole Pozo Saloon thing.

The Lord bless and strengthen the family and loved ones of the deceased.

Pozo Saloon is not responsible. This is a slippery slope, are you going to hold all concert venues and sporting events responsible for people who DUI after the event? Pozo, like other venues, cuts off alcohol sales at a set time before the concert is over.

The driver made a huge mistake not planning ahead with a sober ride home and now will have to face the consequences.

I’m with you Kaiser Bill. It was just a thought. I’m all for PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Lock the stupid MFR up, throw away the key and shut Pozo Down ! So sorry for the Family !

Pozo Saloon shouldn’t be shut down.

Are we going to shut down all concerts because people drink and then drive after the concert?

The drunk driver made a horrible decision and is going to be punished severely for it. Should have set up an Uber driver after the show beforehand (no cell service in Pozo to call for an Uber ride). A $100 cab/Uber ride from Pozo to SLO is better than spending the next 5 years in prison.

Do you really believe this is the right area for this size of event ? Maybe Pozo Saloon should pay for check point at the 2 ways out of there. Don’t forget there was fatality last year also !