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Kevin Rice

Kevin P. Rice is a Central Coast political activist.

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Why does the Tribune cover for Adam Hill?

OPINION by KEVIN RICE An open letter to the San Luis Obispo Tribune: It is newly disappointing that the Tribune is now openly providing cover for an abusive public official. I am shocked the Tribune is also abusing reporter Cynthia Lambert in this sham. She is a good journalist and you are sullying her fine […]... (Continue Reading)

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Mayor Marx lacks ethics

OPINION by KEVIN RICE IntegritySLO is still awaiting the so-called returned contribution from San Luis Obispo Mayor candidate Heidi Harmon. IntegritySLO has not heard a word from Harmon or received any refund. A lot of “facts” are being reported without any facts or evidence existing. Regardless, Heidi isn’t Jan, and IntegritySLO is advocating for her […]... (Continue Reading)

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Is the Oceano dunes a Machine or other contrivance?

OPINION BY KEVIN RICE If you answer “no” to the above question, you agree with Friends of Oceano Dunes. Three years of litigation challenging the Air Pollution Control District’s “dust rule” (Rule 1001) regulating Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area has boiled down to one simple question: Is Oceano Dunes an “article, machine, equipment or […]... (Continue Reading)

Caren Ray campaign funds and filings folly

OPINION By KEVIN RICE Is there anything more odious than a politician who violates a law they personally voted to pass? Many of us remember 2011, when the Tribune took four of five San Luis Obispo City Council members to the woodshed for ignoring their own ordinance requiring trash containers to be stored out of […]... (Continue Reading)

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Why vote against public participation?

OPINION By KEVIN RICE Why did Assembly Member Katcho Achadjian vote against citizen speech at public meetings? On Wednesday, AB 194 (Nora Campos, D-San Jose) cleared both State Congress houses and now moves toward Governor Brown’s desk, but not with support from Katcho. AB 194 amends the Brown Act to end several long-standing abuses and […]... (Continue Reading)

Is it unethical for Mike Byrd to take positions on issues?

OPINION By KEVIN RICE Caren Ray has indicated belief that she cannot openly take positions on certain issues which may in the future come before the San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors. Simultaneously, she has criticized Mike Byrd for openly doing so. I will show below that it is unethical for a candidate to stay […]... (Continue Reading)

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Rice announces candidacy for SLO City Council

STATEMENT By ELECT KEVIN RICE COMMITTEE San Luis Obispo – Kevin Rice, proponent of open and democratic government, has announced he is seeking to fill the upcoming SLO City Council vacancy concurrent with Andrew Carter’s resignation. A twenty-year resident and former Cal Poly student, Rice has actively attended city council and county meetings advocating for […]... (Continue Reading)

SLO city salary cuts: $0.00

OPINION By KEVIN RICE A recent public relations blitz from the city of San Luis Obispo lauded $807,000 in compensation reductions voluntarily taken by top management. Our local spoon-fed media then dutifully regurgitated the numbers put forth by the city citing City Manager Katie Lichtig’s flagship salary of $221,500 as the standard of measurement. Reports […]... (Continue Reading)

Trashing the Tribune

OPINION By KEVIN P. RICE San Luis Obispo’s trash container ordinance was recently converted to “trash ordnance” fired at the city council when the Tribune published large color photos of all five San Luis Obispo City Council members’ homes on the front page of the Sunday edition. Is it fair to lob a return volley? […]... (Continue Reading)

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Blakeslee and Achajdian traitors or saviors?

OPINION BY KEVIN P. RICE Senator Sam Blakeslee and Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian found their political heads figuratively impaled on sticks this week on a Los Angeles talk radio show and web site. The John and Ken Show on L.A.’s KFI AM 640 has been scouring state GOP legislators who have not committed to opposing tax […]... (Continue Reading)

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