Brennler, Luna won’t run again

August 1, 2008


Atascadero Mayor Mike Brennler won’t seek a second term on the Atascadero City Council because of health concerns.

And council member George Luna said he will also retire from the council

Relatively unknown before his first attempt at public office, Brennler ran for a two-year seat promising to address local corruption. With three seats up for grabs in the 2006 election, he tallied the highest percentage of votes.

“From day one I’ve always known I was in a position, if I was compromising my health or the welfare of my family, I would have to leave the public arena,” Brennler said. “Politics is an ugly business.”

During his tenure, Luna voted to make development pay for itself and for downtown redevelopment. He approved the Atascadero Road Plan, and was involved in balancing the city’s budget and avoiding municipal layoffs in the early 1990s. Luna has been a majority favorite during the past decade.

How might these changes affect Atascadero? Let’s recap the past few years:

April 2006: The Rottman Group announced plans to build a super Wal-Mart at the corner of El Camino Real and Del Rio Road;

May 2006: City officials denied prior knowledge of negotiations with the box-store giant;

June 2006: Opponents and proponents of Wal-Mart began a battle that still rages today;

July 2006: E-mails leaked to the media reveal city officials and staffs were negotiating with the retail giant in 2005;

November 2006: Newcomers Brennler and Ellen Beraud, along with incumbent Tom O’Malley, won seats on the council. Advocating transparency in government and reform, Brennler and Beraud immediately encountered a volatile opposition;

January 2007: Prompted by Brennler and Beraud, the council voted to televise council meetings. In prior years, Luna’s motions to televise gatherings were always unsuccessful;

June 2007: Brennler asked law enforcement to investigate whether developer Kelly Gearhart committed fraud in not paying development fees. Gearhart is currently a defendant in a lawsuit alleging he bilked investors out of money;

February 2008: City Attorney Brian Pierik informed Brennler the FBI is investigating the city. The ongoing FBI investigation is said by sources to be focusing on possible under-the-table payoffs to, or overly-cozy relationships between, upper level city management. The probe reportedly includes both elected and non-elected officials and some private individuals;

May 2008: At a “public trust and campaign reform” workshop, O’Malley challenged Brennler to handle a dispute regarding council procedures “out in the parking lot.” Council members and a few citizens engaged in frequent heated disputes ranging from arguments about Wal-Mart, to battles over council decorum.

Three seats will be open in the November election.

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  1. ccn_debate says:

    By: Anonymous on 8/16/08
    It is evident that you are not the one to bring the city out of it's economic decline.
    Forget Congalton and Mason, let's think big here. How about Jerry Springer along with his high paying advertisers.
    Promote it, sell it and rake in the cash.
    Hell, I bet it was promoted right we could have the new hit tv series.
    Truth stranger than fiction.
    But wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By: Anonymous on 8/16/08
    BRAWL AT THE HALL: (see my previous post) We can do this…….Let’s get some of these questions answered. I for one an sick and tired of the innuendo, snide remarks, half truths, etc.

    1. Get Dave Congalton and Dick Mason to ask the questions and run the debate. They are professional interviewers and wouldn’t get shook up.

    2. Only cost associated with the debate would be the use of city hall, and paying AGP to video the debate. If the candidates can’t state their positions on the record, they should drop out…….If the different groups, pacs, and election committees really believe in their candidates it will be no problem for them to come up with the small cost to fund this debate.

    3. Take questions from the citizens……No softball stuff, let’s get some real answers. I can think of several questions off the top of my head…..for example;

    Bob Kelley: Let’s here Bob Kelley’s answer to the previous poster…..Is he associated with Mike Brennler, etc.

    Jerry Clay: What’s the deal with your unyielding and blind support of the city staff?

    Roberta Fonzi: Are you just another “good ol boy” in a dress?

    Len Colamarino: Tell me how you are going to get your Manhattan boardroom ideas to work……No rah rah stuff……real answers.

    Pam Heatherington: How are you and the environmentalist going to get Atascadero out of the budget crunch we are in?

    Bret Heinemann: Who the hell are you?
    By: Anonymous on 8/16/08
    stuck_in_the_mud says: "One thing most people in town agree on is that Mike Brennler is out of control."

    I can agree with that! Brennler continues his bullying tactics, as noted at the last CC meeting. Go to and check out the Aug. 12 meeting. At approx 3 hours and 3 minutes into the meeting (3:03:07 to be exact), Brennler hurls an accusatory question at O'Malley.

    If this is Brennler's idea of respectful and ethical behavior, I'm sure glad he chose not to run! Now he plans to hurl his accusations "from the lectern, rather than the dias." He is totally out of control!

  2. ccn_debate says:

    By: Anonymous on 8/16/08
    stuck_in_the_mud says: "So, here’s an idea……How about an Atascadero Brawl At The Hall, I mean a debate at city hall. The city hall is already set up for AGP video. Get all of the various gangs, I mean groups to fund it……I’m sure Dave Congalton and Dick Mason would be happy to ask the questions. Use one of the formats used for the presidential debates. Citizens could send in questions beforehand to be asked and they could take questions from the audience if they like."

    I like it – Brawl at the Hall! In addition, instead of Saturday Nite Movies in the Park we could have Saturday Nite Fights in the Park. The warmup could be Heatherington vs. Clay. The main event could be Kelly vs. Colamarino. Fonzi could be the ring girl and Heinemann could be the judge. Great idea!

    Winner takes all!
    By: Anonymous on 8/16/08
    Listened to Bob Kelley on the radio yesterday…..He did give some straight answers today; he said he would vote no on the ASI, yes on the Del Rio project and also said a good use of the Rotunda Building would be a performing arts center. He said the city should just demolish the Rotunda Building and rebuild it with the same look. He also said the city needs to make some severe cut backs to stay out of debt. Lets see if he sticks with these decisions.

    Bob Kelley should pay attention at the council meetings. He made a big deal about Colony Square running out of time on their permit today……Tuesday night the council extended all of the permits in the permitting process for another several months. This was done with a miraculous 5-0 vote. So his big deal was a mute point…..Try to keep up Bob.

    He was a little vague on his relationship with Mike Brennler, if he’s thinking of teaming up with Brennler that would be a mistake…..That is, if he wants to win. One thing most people in town agree on is that Mike Brennler is out of control.

    Speaking of out of control, Bob Kelley and Jerry Clay had a little altercation on the radio. I think they should all meet at the Sunken Gardens and have it out, I’ll bring the beer.

    It is my opinion that sitting council members or other candidates should not call in to harass anyone on the radio. I hope Jerry Clay and Tom O’Malley are not stooping to Mike Brennler tactics……All of the candidates can get on the radio anytime they like, they should not be taking up time that citizens could be calling in. This stupid bickering between the candidates on the radio has to stop…..If you continue with this childish Brennler crap you should be voted out of office.

    So, here’s an idea……How about an Atascadero Brawl At The Hall, I mean a debate at city hall. The city hall is already set up for AGP video. Get all of the various gangs, I mean groups to fund it……I’m sure Dave Congalton and Dick Mason would be happy to ask the questions. Use one of the formats used for the presidential debates. Citizens could send in questions beforehand to be asked and they could take questions from the audience if they like.

    How about it candidates……If you are too thin skinned to handle a little debate, you certainly won’t survive long on the mud hole shredder, I the mean city council.

  3. ccn_debate says:

    By: Anonymous on 8/16/08
    Ever since the real estate market has collapsed Insider has no business and nothing more to do then troll the various blogs and spew his venom.

    A pitiful soul the likes of Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

    We feel yor pain Insider … Maybe Atascadero's big bellied bubba will share some of those Wal-mart chocolate covered Cherries and sooth your wicked soul
    By: Anonymous on 8/16/08
    Brennler and Luna are leaving because the city is is such a tailspin after the last two years that even the crash cart won't bring it back. Last City Council they had a report that we were down another million. How much of the 11 million reserve is left now? 7? We will be facing Bankruptcy within another 2 years and nobody seems to get it. Pam Heatherington is running as the fiscal conservative. She is going to have locals macrame her campaign signs. How can someone who has voted no on every project brought to planning commission imply they are going to fix our economy. Why does she vote no. Well on the modification of the fast food / gas station @ Portola and 101 she voted no because the Architect didn't know whether the Jack in the Box posted information on the fat content in their food in their restaurant. They actually do post it, but he didn't know, so she voted no. (Pam doest look like she personally pays much attention to those kind of things) The Rite Aid wanted a Drive thru so they could be competitive with Walgreens. So she voted no. In fact I don't think she has voted yes on anything to date. We should get a list going on her no votes and to be fair her yes votes so people can contrast and compare her voting record. As to Bennler rape, pillage, plunder and get the hell out of town was his legacy.
    By: Anonymous on 8/15/08
    It's the new big-thing all across the country. It's simple, saves money, and stops all the frustration. Un-incorporation. No more city. Let the county run things. So much better!
    By: Anonymous on 8/15/08
    Your on to something there.
    Maybe Dan and Karen can do some investigating regarding the Cambria Community Service District.
    From the word on the street, they can not keep employees and have a lot of special agendas going on there.
    We have Los Osos, Atascadero let's bring in Cambria as disfunctional as well.
    I saw where Sylvester Burgers is opening up in Atascadero.
    Los Osos for 20 years, Atascadero for, who knows and now they can expand to Cambria

  4. ccn_debate says:

    By: Anonymous on 8/15/08
    Maybe we can get the people over at the Cambria Services District to count Heatheringtons signatures they seem to be able to get the results they want maybe they could disqualify a few of Pams signers.
    By: Anonymous on 8/15/08
    Atascadero = Los Osos.
    By: Anonymous on 8/15/08
    Remember, her husband heads up the Atas. Home Owners Asso.
    Which has backed Luna.
    What are your thoughts on who OWM will back?
    By: Anonymous on 8/15/08
    This will be pretty interesting if Heatherington has filed. She's Brennler's girl and for all this calling for transparency and campaign reform they start their run hiding whether they are running or not from the puplic and avoiding getting thier 460 posted on the web like the rest of the candidates. Go to the City website click on elections and note Pam is not listed and therefore neither is her financial report. Good start from the campaign reformers wouldn't you say? Hypocrites all of them. Transparency my ass. She is so radical the FBI probably already has her on their watch list.
    By: Anonymous on 8/15/08
    That is the word on the street.
    It will be interesting to see how they promote her after the way she has behaved on the PC.
    By: Anonymous on 8/15/08
    Did Pam Heatherington turn in her papers for CC?
    By: Anonymous on 8/14/08
    Butt, he will still be a pain.
    Brennler has promised to continue to harass the "CITY". Read that as anyone who disagrees with him…….period.
    Keep informed on what OWM, AHOA, and Pam Heatherington are doing.
    Be ever vigilant.
    By: Anonymous on 8/14/08
    Once Brennler is off the Council he will be no more effective than a pimple on my but.
    By: Anonymous on 8/14/08
    If you watch the meeting it is very clear who is wasting time and money. Mike Brennler and his extremist cohorts spent most of the meeting trying to ram campaign finance reform down our throat. They have wasted countless staff hours and tens of thousands of dollars on lawyer fees. The total Brennler and his group have wasted will be posted as soon as the total is calculated, this is still on going because Brennler wants the city attorney to do more research. The city attorney has given them 300 pages of reports on this subject, but Brennler wants more.

    Brennler has no problem cutting off other council members, but it’s OK for him to go on and on about how the political process throughout the whole country is wrong. The problem with self-righteous people is that everything they do is OK because they are on the side of “good”, anyone with a different opinion is “bad”. It’s fine for Brennler to harass candidates on the radio, call citizens on the phone and harass them because they have a different viewpoint. He doesn’t need permission to be in front of a store. He just does whatever he pleases because he is on the side of “good”. People like Brennler have anointed themselves as “good” and everyone else as “bad”. These are very dangerous people be it a religious group, politicians or anyone else.

    Mr. Brennler also stated at the meeting the reason he is stepping down is because he feels he will be more effective from the lectern, not because of health reasons, so he is still on his crusade.

    You can watch the meeting on channel 20 or from the city’s website.

  5. ccn_debate says:

    By: Anonymous on 8/14/08
    Anonymous says: "To Anonymous: The reason nothing gets done on the current CC, is because you have O'Malley working his jaw for ever and Clay stuttering about how it used to be in the "good ole days", you know, when the GOB's had all the power."

    The sad truth is that things WERE getting done until Brennler and Beraud were elected. When they came aboard, everything came to a grinding halt. Their personal agendas, things like creek setbacks, campaign reform, and Brennler making unfounded accusations (none of which have ever been substantiated, BTW) were more important than the real business of Atascadero.

    Perhaps O'Malley wouldn't have to spend so much time talking if Brennler would quit trying to bully him every chance he gets. Did you see the fight he tried to start at the last CC meeting? Tom's only fault is that he tries to defend himself, rather than just shutting up and letting Brennler make a fool of himself.
    By: Anonymous on 8/14/08
    Did they ever find Kelly yet?
    By: Anonymous on 8/14/08
    Will Brennler ever just shut up? His whole purpose in life is to cut off people. I wish he would cut himself off.
    By: Anonymous on 8/14/08
    I'm #400!
    By: Anonymous on 8/14/08
    To Anonymous: The reason nothing gets done on the current CC, is because you have O'Malley working his jaw for ever and Clay stuttering about how it used to be in the "good ole days", you know, when the GOB's had all the power. God, they make me want to scream! One can't enter the 21st century and the other never shuts UP!!!!
    By: Anonymous on 8/13/08
    I just heard some out-takes from last nights CC meeting and it begs this question:

    How old are these two..O'Malley/Brennler? 12? 13? This city will find it impossible to move forward with ANY of the current council in place. Jerry Clay should make a motion for all to resign. The new council members could not do any worse than what is going on.

    By: Anonymous on 8/13/08
    The childish banter that goes on at these Atascadero CC meetings is truly disgusting. Get 'em all out of there and start over.

    By: Anonymous on 8/13/08
    "She blows people"
    By: Anonymous on 8/12/08
    Brennler – put a fork in him, he's done!
    What a joke at the CC meeting tonight.
    He's whinning because they aren't getting anything done. Just like his whole time on the CC. Never looked at the serious issues, only what his agenda was.
    CC on break, have to get back in.
    By: Anonymous on 8/12/08
    Pam Heatherington isn't a real estate broker. The Tribune screws up stuff like that all the time. Lon should probably find something different to write about because he rarely gets it right.
    By: Anonymous on 8/12/08
    Hey Joe Dirt, where's all the "boulders" you so proudly promised would be forthcoming?
    We're all waiting with bated breath!

  6. ccn_debate says:

    By: Anonymous on 8/12/08
    From Lon Allan's article in today's Trib:

    "As of Friday afternoon, only three candidates had returned their papers — incumbent Jerry Clay, a former state employee and retired real estate agent; Roberta Fonzi, a real estate agent and member of the city’s Planning Commission; and Len Colamarino, an attorney from New York City who moved to Atascadero shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

    Others who have pulled papers include former Planning Commissioner Bob Kelley; Pam Heatherington, a real estate broker who serves on the Planning Commission with Fonzi; Ryan Reposa, a full-time Cuesta College student; and Bret Heinemann, whom I wasn’t able to talk to."

    Gee, I didn't know Heatherington was a real estate broker.

    By: Anonymous on 8/12/08
    to bad "We Know and We Are Ready" and "Pro-Bono Investigations" are going to be spending their time and energy destroying a dieing city instead of builing it up. Is Atascadero just collateral damage in the quest for power?
    By: Anonymous on 8/11/08
    stuck_in_the_mud says:"I would recommend that bloggers here (or anywhere else for that matter) not make a habit of clicking on peoples' names (or any links on the blog) because the link could go anywhere, a hijack site, porn site, etc. If you want to know where the link will send you before you click it, just RIGHT CLICK and select properties, the dialog box will display where the link is going."

    Thanks for the explanation. Guess I better quit clicking on people's names!
    By: Anonymous on 8/11/08
    OOPS……Another boo boo in the blogging world……I don't think what happened to Ron is Dan or Karen's fault. Hypothetically here's what I think happened; Ron in his haste to post put his email address in the website box by mistake. Then when he submitted the post his name became a link to the website address he submitted. Except in this case it shows his email address.

    Here's the test: When I post this message I will enter the website address of 1234. If I am correct it should turn my name green and be a link to 1234. So when you click on my name it will try to go to 1234, it will say "page cannot be displayed" because this is not a real address.

    I would recommend that bloggers here (or anywhere else for that matter) not make a habit of clicking on peoples' names (or any links on the blog) because the link could go anywhere, a hijack site, porn site, etc. If you want to know where the link will send you before you click it, just RIGHT CLICK and select properties, the dialog box will display where the link is going.

    Here's the out: Ron Berry needs to post that Joe Dirt is obviously mad at both Bob Kelley and himself and is just trying to start trouble between the two of them by posting Ron's email address in a place where he knows it would be found…..There you go, no harm no foul, and Joe Dirt is a bum.

    Now…..can we get back to the mud slinging.
    By: Anonymous on 8/11/08
    Ron you really are Joe Dirt. A big thank you to Karen and Dan for "slipping" and revealing that Joe Dirt is actually Ron Berry from The Phoenix Group which by coincidence has become an advertiser on this blog. So much for any creditability from these reporters.
    Confidentiality has vanished from
    By: Anonymous on 8/11/08
    Excuse me Insider, but how in the world would you ever label yourself as average??!! You are so bitter, angry, hostile, sad that I hope I am NEVER average. THAT scares me!!!
    By: Anonymous on 8/11/08
    Ron "Joe Dirt" Berry
    Your slip is showing!
    Will you now sue uncoverslo for exposing you?
    Sorry Dan and Karen it was nice while it lasted.

  7. ccn_debate says:

    By: Anonymous on 8/11/08
    To anonymous, insider, baker or should we just say Bob Kelley.
    Ask the city today if they have cashied your check yet or should we say Gearharts's check for you filing fees for your third failed attempt at city government. with your back ground you have no chance, so bail know and get your money back. more boulders are coming!
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    My thoughts on Heatherington are as follows. Firstly, I don’t see how anybody who has actually listened to her and followed her voting record could say she would be a good candidate for City Council. Have all you supporters actually LISTENED to her? Here is a recent example of her extreme environmental thinking: At the latest Planning Commission meeting on Aug. 8 , an amendent to the CUP at 9000 West Front St. was being considered. This is the land next to the new Holiday Inn Express. Previously, a combo gas station/drive-thru restaurant had been approved. The developer wanted to simply split the approved building into two separate ones. Jack-in-the-Box had applied for the restaurant portion. The developer did not have an applicant for the gas station portion, so they wanted to split the building so Jack-in-the-Box could proceed. So, the only issue the PC was to address was the building split.

    After the architect for Jack-in-the-Box addressed the PC, Heatherington asks the architect, “Can you tell me if Jack-in-the-Box lists the fat content on their menu items?” Please tell me what that has to do with what the PC was considering? She also went on to dispute the approved plans, even though they had been approved by the Army Corps of Engineers, Fish and Game, AND the Water Quality Control Board. I guess she is a scientist as well? Heathering went on to vote NO for the amendment, the only Commissioner to do so, even though there was absolutely NO public dissent.

    This is only one example of her “out in left field thinking.” Is this the type of person we need to help turn Atascadero’s dwindling sales tax around? A vote for Heatherington would be a disaster to our city!
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    The only thing O'Smelley is capable of stomping is another pizza into that oversized belly
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    to to Cindy

    Ha. That's exactly the type of person Pam Heatherington is. She would love to put a trail behind your home, my home, and anybody elses she could.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    About time you left.Tired of listening to your BS. Good riddance.Sure wish you would of had the guts and went to the parking lot.Big Tom says he'd of stomped your azz but good.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    Pam Heatherington is the last person to vote for if you care anything at all about your property rights. Just take a look at her voting record. And while you’re at it, take a look at the original creek setback ordinance that she helped craft. Which is the just of the lawsuit she filed against the city when she was the Executive Director of ECOSLO…..And one of the most radical environmental documents I have ever read. If that monster ordinance had passed it would have stopped everything. If you like what Ellen Beraud has done then you’ll love Pam Heatherington.

    Since everyone here wants to judge Roberta Fonzi by what her husband Al Fonzi has said, I guess it would only be fair to point out that Pam Heatherington’s husband, John Heatherington, is president of the Atascadero Homeowners Association. The first page on their website is letting everyone know what ECOSLO is urging everyone to do. If you think Al Fonzi is radical you should listen to what John Heatherington has to say.

    If you want Atascadero taken over by environmental extremist, then vote for Pam Heatherington.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    KUDOS to Pam
    You certainly will be a popular candidate. You have our vote.

  8. ccn_debate says:

    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    The fact that Insider doesn't like Pam is enough for me to give her my vote.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    Thanks for the background info. Every little bit helps. I don't know Pamela Heatherington but it sounds like she's a person who won't put a trail in my back yard. I'll be paying close attention to everything. This next election is very important. If she sued the city in the past thats another positive point in my book and if she is doing a lot split thats 3 points. So far she is my #1 candidate.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    I filed a law suit against the city to invoke my personal property rights and defend my back yard from a paved , public road running through it. Pam Heatherington and Ellen Beraud were both helpful and supported me .
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    Check out the post from Shine the light. This is an example of how nutty the opposition is! It's going to be an easy take down.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    All lots in Atasacdero are colony lots. So what if Pam wants to do a lot split (don't know if she does or not)? Is there something wrong with that? What extremeist are you talking about exactly, youself? You sound like a nutty extremist enviromentalist instead of someone who respects personal property rights like Beraud and Heatherington. Exactly what do you think an enviromentalist is anyway?
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    Pam Heatherington!!!! You’re kidding…….Pam Heatherington (a current planning commissioner) who was appointed by the current sitting council, was the Executive Director of Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo County (ECOSLO). Pam Heartherington was instrumental in having the lawsuit filed by EDC against the City of Atascadero.

    Take a look at her votes on the planning commission…….If you want another Ellen Beraud, vote for Pam Heatherington.

    It seems Pam Heatherington does want to have it both ways. She’s trying to get her colony lot split up into several parcels before her and the other environmental extremist take over and remove all property rights……Just ask her if she’s in the process of a lot split. I wonder how much trouble the current planning commission will give her about her lot split…..I can’t wait to see that vote.

    It is my opinion the extremist want Atascadero to go bankrupt so it will go back to the county. Then the Regional Water Quality Control Board can have their way with no opposition. Oh by the way Doug Marks’ (Atascadero planning commissioner) wife works for the Regional Water Quality Control Board.

    Our town has been taken over by these extremists, I hope someone does shine the light on these people and open up all the closets. This group makes the GOB’s look like amateurs when it comes back room deals and ulterior motives.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    There sure is a lot of anger. I can understand it but I think it won't help our situation. I'll be doing whatever I can to support Pam.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    Pam Heatherington has my vote. Who else will step up??
    Thank You Pam..

    I'm sorry to see Mike and George leave us.Considering what they had to put up with, I don't blame them. I would never run for CC in Atascadero.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    If honest = "leftist radical" then this republican is a leftist radical.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    There is no conflict of interest. That law suit was settled years ago. Also it wasn't Pam who personally sued the city. It was in the course of her job.

  9. ccn_debate says:

    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    So the person responsible for suing the city is running for city council?
    Is that a conflict of interest?
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    Well you definately picked a nut that looks like a nut talks like a nut and walks like a nut. She should fit in real good with the rest of you radicals. You're biggest challange is not to scare the crap out of the voters with your constant leftist rhetoric. Average people will see right through it. You're scaring me already. The investigations are starting. I'm shaking in my boots.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    I'm so pleased. Thank You Pam. You sure do have a lot of courage. I know you'll be fantastic. Our town won't know what hit them. You have my vote.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    I will personally dig into the ABA ( aka CFA( aka along with all candidates and send my results to
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    Clay and O'Malley are the ones that encouraged the ABA and the recall. All I can say is that turn about is fair play.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    The ABA might have been so vicious as to make George and Mike decide that it just wasn't worth it. They won't get away with that again. We know what they are capable of, they will be beat at their own game. The difference is that we can attack with truth and facts rather than a bunch of made up bullshit. Get ready ABA – consider yourself fair game.Check your closets assholes.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    Your friends have had control of the city council for the last 15 years. We have all had with the bullshit and hand shaking. Atascadero didn't get into this mess in the last 18 months asshole. Your friends are a bunch of blooming disfunctional Good Ole Boy's.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    If these people are able to continue to maintain a council majority their purpose of non action other to take personal property rights should move us close to bankruptcy within the nest two years. Maybe thats what it will take to wake people up. We will all be living in the creeks by then. I'll bet if Pam does have a lot split in the works she will fight tooth and nail to push it through.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08 is collecting all infomation that can be used to disclose the true facts about the ABA group and their ficious attacks. All false statements, etc. Send all your tips and proff about these people to
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    Please start collecting all the statements Al Fonzi has made about Mike Brennler, Ellen Beraud and George Luna.
    Send them to
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    Pam Heatherington a developer and GOB! Hhahahha Good Try Buban. The outright lies of your group will all be exposed comes election. If i have my way there will be hugh stories on all your lies and everything your group did to destry Atascadero progress.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    I think if you review that motion it was not to approve the project as designed but with changes. Clay knew it wasn't passing and voted no on principle. He fest the proposal should have been voted up or down based on what had been presented. Brennler, Luna, and Bereau influenced the motion even though they had no intention of voting for it. Clay is not a slow as you all think. He would have just as soon seen the whole project go to a vote of the people as it was proposed. It was his opinion denial could have allowed WalMart to go that way.
    By: Anonymous on 8/10/08
    Pam will have my vote. I won't vote for Clay or Fonzi. I'm concerned about Kelley because he will surely try to get rid of Steve McHarris (a whistle blower agaist Kelley Gearhart). I will have to vote for the two unknowns if someone else doesn't step up. Who is this guy Brent that took out paperwork?

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