Developer blames downturn in the market

February 7, 2009

Robert Fowler forgot to pay some taxes on his 100 acre property near the Santa Margarita Ranch development. In 2005, at the top of the market, Fowler failed to pay $619,000 in taxes and penalties. While Tom Daschle threw his accountant under the bus, Fowler blamed a downturn in the market. Read more at Pacific Coast Business Times.


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By: shingh on 4/17/09

Well his buddy Ed Palmer is now deceased. One less X-con

By: shingh on 2/16/09

Well now he is blaming the Banks his partner everyone under the Sun, for his lies and failures see the current issue of Pacific Coast Business News it hit the wires last night dated 2-15-09 extensive story, Hotels, Private Jets, Yachts etc…. interesting he still does understand Greed and Lies with him it seems to go Hand in Hand. It is called pay your bills and do not overextend or misled the Banks on Loan applications all this going on and he still gives money to SMR and Congressman McCarthy who supports the SMR deal. Every time he talks it gets just a little deeper and smells a whole lot more like ????

By: Paso_Guy on 2/10/09


a thing of the past, apparently

By: Nameless on 2/10/09


Except they have police power and yours and mine IOU is worthless to them. I would love to see large number of people send them IOS just for the hack of it.

By: Panicmanic on 2/10/09

The key to all this is to act like you are the State.When they call for more taxes just issue them an I.O.U.

By: Newsome on 2/9/09

Mr. Worthington; The CPA I talk to strongly believes that the IRS focuses its audit efforts on big fish, where there is a reasonable return on the agents' time. Perhaps FTB is different. I would guess that FTB sends 1000s of threat letters; and I would hope that they would base their follow-up efforts on tax-omitters who transgress grandly, not nickelers and dimers.

By: Nameless on 2/9/09

If you are the new Treasury Secretary and pay taxes to get approved, its only an 'HONEST MISTAKE" according to President Obama. If you were to be appointed to another Cabinet post "Tom Daschal" forget to declare $250,000 in speaking fees. Refuse to pay taxes on other benefits, just stay in the lecture circuit for a lousy mill a year and your transgrassion are only "Just an oversight". Well, I hope you get the point.

By: calvertworthington on 2/9/09

Strongly agree with GrayGranny. Last year failed to to pre-pay FTB on small amount of my 2nd job's part-time earnings and, after filing taxes, IMMEDIATELY got a demand letter citing late penalties etc. I'm a very small fish. That's the why. Both Feds and State find it more efficient (cheaper) to hound the little ones, rather than fight lawyers. Hence the S.E.C. refusing to investigate Madoff, even after the evidence was handed to them on a silver platter

By: GrayGranny on 2/9/09

Thanks Central Coast News for keeping us informed especially in areas that other news agencies are afraid to go. Kudos.

And if you or I as little guys forgot to pay our property taxes (assuming we are lucky enough to own property in this county) or the State of California or Internal Revenue Service, they would be hot on our tails and we would not be afforded any wiggle room. How do those with deep pockets always get away with illegal activity and us empty pockets get hit the hardest?

By: hotdog on 2/9/09

There certainly seems to be a wave of high roller tax evasion these days. Interesting, sort of like many of the bail outs-these jokers make big bucks when times are good and when not they default on everything, while all the time we pay our taxes. Ultimately we need to get to where we all rise or fall on our own devices, and no one is too big to fail. Break up the big corporations and hold everyone to the same standards.

It is rumored that Rob Rossi is not paying some of his bills these days.

By: shingh on 2/8/09

FORGOT ! how do you forget to pay taxes, this guy is the same who's name appears on the FEC records as having giving thousands of dollars to Congressman McCarthy with Hertel and Wittsrom in support of the SMR he did not forget to pay his congressman, records now show he also for got to pay about a dozen or so banks on loans, hard money lenders, investors and his own house cleaning company; he sure forgets to pay a whole lot of things ? now he is running Meridian Realty Consultants at 811 El Capitian Way # 210 in SLO, i wonder if he is paying the rent ? I wish i could FORGET to pay all those i owe and be like him a Tax cheat. This is the same guy who tried to get your site shut down, he paid and is working with Ed Palmer and Lawyer Kurt Burger to stop people from telling the truth.