Sarah Christie to resign from planning commission

December 15, 2009

imagesEXCLUSIVE: Sources tell CalCoastNews to expect controversial San Luis Obispo County Planning Commissioner Sarah Christie to announce her resignation at Thursday morning’s scheduled meeting.

Christie was originally appointed to the planning commission by 5th District county supervisor Jim Patterson following his election in 2004. Patterson has reportedly told friends that he’s asked for Christie to step down because she’s “too militant” in her positions.

Meanwhile, a large number of supporters are expected to attend Thursday’s meeting to show their support for Christie’s environmental and Smart Growth record.

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the Christie quote that will always stay with me is ” the project meets all the criteria we have asked for, but i am still voting against it. ding dang the witch is dead.

Kinda like the SM Ranch meeting none of the criteria in the General Plan, and the 3 Stooges ramming it through?

So its friday….what happened did she resign. Were there guitars and a group sing of Kumbaya for old times sake. I support limited growth and I like Pattersons positions, but there is something about being a supervisor in our county that corrupts the soul. Patterson and Gibson have proven to have lost their creditbility. Gibson in particular is either corrupt or just plain incompetent. He is using his office to help the elite and not the people. He has passed ordinances that improve his wealth at the expense of others and has a vendetta against Devaul such that he is clearly a tool of Christine Mullholland. We need individuals of honor in these offices Uts getting very frustrating


Not really breaking news, as I see it.

Patterson asked a north county property rights group representative during a break from a September board meeting to “Lighten up on your public criticism of S. Christie as she will be gone by the end of the year.” Whatever the reason for her “resignation” you can bet it was organized by her machine, Patterson doesn’t have the stones for this type of decision. Patterson must be delighted because as “racket” says above, this will probably enhance his standing with a few more 5th Dist voters in the next election…..if they can remember that long. I’m guessing the Supervisor gig is the best job he’s ever had.

S. Christie’s resignation is politically expedient, just that simple and she can be more effective in some other position. Her resigation simply allows her activism to be unfettered from any bias, real or perceived. Time will tell.

Kudo to Jim for finally seeing the light. Sarah Christie has obviously become a thorn in his side. Jim was probably getting worried about the thousands of off-roaders from Bakersfield and Fresno that would be camped out at ghis front door when Sarah was going to try and take away the dunes from them.