Cracking down on California ski resorts

January 25, 2010

A bill is being introduced in Sacramento, intended to crack down on California ski resorts. [San Francisco Chronicle]

Under the legislation introduced by Assemblyman Dave Jones (D-Sacramento), ski resorts will have to publish reports on how many people are killed or injured on the slopes. Minors and resort employees will also be required to wear safety helmets.

The California Ski Industry Association has already come out against the proposed regulations, arguing the bill places ski resorts at a huge legal risk. However, the association does not object to requiring children to wear a safety helmet.

Jones introduced a similar measure last year, which was killed because of cost concerns.

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Helmets should be an individual choice. Why can’t these supposed “do gooders” (busy bodies) mind their own business? There is all ready too much gov in our lives.

100% in agreement with you Cindy. Land of the controlled, home of the coward is what we’re becoming. Skiing is not exactly safe to begin with. I always viewed it as one of those “At your own risk” activities. This just raises the cost of entry for the market, reducing competition, and ultimately reducing safety.

This reminds me of the situation with the SEC and Madoff. You take risks when you gamble in the market, and you are responsible for due diligence in investigating the risks. However, the SEC was supposedly created to handle some of this for people, they came to rely on it, assuming it wasn’t GROSSLY incompetent. Unfortunately, it was, so the most obvious scam ever essentially had an implied seal of approval. Now people are not going to do due diligence in learning proper skills and matching those skills with the appropriate terrain. Then they’re going to file lawsuits against ski resorts because they incorrectly reported some statistic (probably due to confusing paperwork), so the customer is going to assume that a certain run was appropriate for them.

The dumbing down of America continues.

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