Karl Rove coming to UCSB

January 7, 2010

Controversial political guru Karl Rove is confirmed to speak at UCSB next month. Rove, largely credited with transforming George W. Bush’s political career as governor of Texas, and later as the 43rd President of the United States, will speak on campus Thursday, Feb. 25. [Daily Nexus]

The Campbell Hall speech is expected to draw an SRO crowd. Rove’s $25,000 speaking fee is being covered by a mix of university funding and private donations. The upcoming appearance on the traditionally left-leaning campus by Rove coincides with the publication of his new memoir, “Courage and Conviction.”

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Man, I miss objective reporting.

What are you talking about? Point out any word or phrase in these two paragraphs that isn’t “objective”, please. Really.


The photo says it all -snubbing at someone who doesn’t drink his putrid poison pudding.,