AG council considers asking Ed Arnold to resign

April 14, 2010

The Arroyo Grande City Council may ask Ed Arnold, their embattled colleague, to resign. [Tribune]

Mayor Tony Ferrara, along with councilmen Jim Guthrie, Chuck Fellows, and Joe Costello, will decide at the April 27th council meeting whether to send a letter to Arnold, asking for him to step down.

Arnold, first elected in 2004, and re-elected in 2008, faces a new wave of criminal allegations, including child pornography. He was already facing five felony counts from an alleged incident last December. Two more felony charges relating to child pornography have been added.

Mayor Ferrara called the charges “extremely serious.” Arnold did not attend Tuesday night’s council meeting. However, he is expected to attend a pre-preliminary court hearing Wednesday on the new charges.

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Here is what a google search unveils about Mr. Arnold’s situation with the ciity. The City Council can shortcut this process by deeming Mr. Arnold’s seat vacant based on his residence relocation to Pismo Beach. That would severe the connection with the city and save the money necessary to hold a recall election. The council could then fill the vacancy as in any other loss of a council member and get back to business.

California Government Code Section 1770

An office becomes vacant on the happening of any of the

following events before the expiration of the term:

(e) His or her ceasing to be an inhabitant of the state, or if the

office be local and one for which local residence is required by

law, of the district, county, or city for which the officer was

chosen or appointed, or within which the duties of his or her office

are required to be discharged.