Tony Cipolla quits KSBY

May 18, 2010

After 20 years at KSBY, news anchor Tony Cipolla is calling it quits. [Tribune]

Cipolla, 46, told the Tribune that he and KSBY’s management could not agree on a salary contract.

“Management offered me a salary with a 40 percent pay cut, which was on top of a 25 percent pay cut I had already taken three years ago,” Cipolla told the Tribune. “I really couldn’t do that to my family.’’

KSBY Director of Marketing Brandon Downing said that Cipolla’s statements are misleading and that his salary requests are unfair to his colleagues and KSBY.

“Although we understand why he is leaving, we believe his comments are misleading,” Downing said in a press release. “The bottom line is Tony continues to want to be paid the salaries of both a news director and a news anchor. However, he has not served in the role of a News Director since 2005.

“He is a journalism professional and we wish him and his family the very best as he takes ‘the next step’ in his career, Downing added. Good luck to you, Tony.”

His last day will be June 3.

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And to think KSBY has left the newscast in the hands of Jeanette Trompeter, who cannot read to save her life. Her continual mistakes and misproninciations are enough to make one pass out. KSBY is allowed to change, as any broadcasting company can and should, but making change for the worse is not the way to gain ratings!

Ahh yes, champagne sunsets and the Silver Fox. Life was very good when it was affordable…

Does anyone want to make a bet? How long until Tony will be shilling for one of the Giants around here, P.G.& E. Hmmmmm. He reads a teleprompter and spreads quarter truths at best. Turn off your T.V. and go take a walk while you still can in San Luis. Oh, by the way who wants to help me support a new City Ordinance to have citizens arrested for using bird feeders of all sorts. My moms humming birds be damned and all of the species that come to her feeders and give her countless hours of bird watching . Everytime I go visit her I feel I’m in the presence of an ECO-Terrorist. The nerve of her in her Golden years going against the EDA (Endangered Species Act). Come on SLO town get a grip not a gripe.

I can’t help but think the management at KSBY pulled this tactic to get him to leave; hoping he would pull the plug instead of forcing them to fire him. It seems they are wanting a new team and are assembling it, much the way they did when they eased out Rick Martell, then Lynn Diehl, then Marci Farino, etc. etc.

I hope he didn’t play right into their hands.

Bring back Rick Martel!!!!!!

Yeah Baby!! Bring back Rick!! Maybe Tony can get cable access show like Rick did back in the 90’s.

I like Tony Cipolla. This is San Luis Obispo’o loss. It’s to bad some others out there in the media could get the hint ……… Please KSBY, what ever you do, do not bring in KING HARRIS!!!!! OMG! Boring …….. Please consider Danelle Learner!!!! Yep! Now that will get you some ratings!