Blakeslee, Laird agree to five debates

June 30, 2010

Republican Sam Blakeslee and Democrat John Laird will meet in five debates between now and the August 17 state Senate runoff election.

The two candidates advanced after the June 22nd primary from an original field of four candidates.

Blakeslee accepted the offer from Laird to hold at least one public debate in each of the five counties–Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Santa Clara–represented in Senate District 15.

Laird challenged Blakeslee to debate in a letter, saying in part, “The voters of the 15th District deserve more than thirty-second campaign ads and twice-a-day attack mailers on how either of us would deal with these problems.”

Details for the debates are forthcoming.

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I can appreciate a good debate. Debates are much more preferable to robo calls at dinner, glossy door hangers and mailings, and very expensive TV campaign ads.

Mr. Laird says “the voters of the 15th district deserve more than thirty-second campaign ads and twice-a-day attack mailers.” Odds are high that the debate will focus on BP and offshore drilling more than anything else. If so, this argument would be lopsided at best, considering so many concerns in the balance.

Well, if the public “deserves” so much, why was this fusillade of negativity and waste of supposedly precious environmental resources dispatched to annoy the voters in the first place? Like Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner, these candidates would have best put their money where their campaign promises are and make a deposit into the General Fund instead. Money spent there would have had a louder voice there than a fallen door hanger on my front porch.

Crazy, I know.

Well this is great. Gives us all a chance to compare these candidates.