Annie to be returned to original owner

August 29, 2010

The Arroyo Grande woman who currently has Annie the dog told a reporter Saturday that the family intends to return the dog to her original owner. [Santa Maria Times]

The woman, using the name Sasha Sampson to protect her identity, said in an email that she intends to return Annie, the 8-year-old Australian shepherd, once she has a chance to speak directly to Chuck Hoage in Nipomo.

Explaining the family’s side of the story, Sampson said in her e-mail an Animal Services employee in San Luis Obispo called to ask in July whether they were interested in giving Annie back because the former owner had surfaced.

“I replied, ‘We were very happy with her,’” Sampson said, adding that her husband made the same statement to the Animal Services manager, Dr. Eric Anderson, who visited the house in July to see if the family would consider returning Annie.

The announcement follows an earlier dramatic posting on Facebook Friday night when Sampson lashed out at county officials, Supervisor Adam Hill, The Tribune, and radio talk show host Dave Congalton for how the family has been treated since adopting Annie in July.

When contacted by CalCoastNews Saturday morning, Hoage said he had called Sampson and left a message, asking to meet, but had not yet heard a response.

Verena Maier, the Arroyo Grande businesswoman who has taken an active role in securing the return of Annie to Hoage, declined comment Saturday night. “We are hopeful this information is correct,” she said. “However, we won’t celebrate until Annie is finally home.”

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We Got Annie!

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Chuck Hoage & Annie the Dog are reunited

Finally, it’s about time. Thank You to everyone who supported this effort. Chuck never would have got Annie back without all of you and I especially thank the people who were able and took the time to rally last week. God Bless each and everyone of the people who cared enough to share their time to correct a wrong.

There really is nothing to truly celebrate here.

Let’s look at what happened. A bunch of bullies organized, threatened and clearly harassed a small family into surrendering what they legally adopted. Walking the line of seeking what Dave Congalton hints as justice is a slippery slope in our world. Although I would agree that there is a difference between what is often legal and what is the law, I would caution that ignoring the rule of law and rewriting it on the fly – in your mind – is not a recipe for success or happiness either.

I do find folks who live and breathe for their pets to be sad creatures who – like dreamers – fail to live their lives in any meaningful way. They think they are living, but 3 dogs and two cats and a human or two don’t make a family or a life, it is merely a menagerie. However, if any good came from this, it is good that some have found a facebook network to continue their crusades against real and imagined injustices. I guess we’ll just have to watch to see where all this craziness leads. BTW, Dave, don’t be too impressed with the facebook fan site numbers for this site as there are many more fans for even less – hard to believe — reputable activities.

Personally, I think that Mssr. Hoag will suffer most as he realizes – eventually – that having is sometimes less satisfying as wanting and being in reality is sadder for him than the spotlight offered by overweight women. Maybe, eventually, he will see the hurt that he himself is solely responsible; yet, I doubt he will recognize this reality as people like these seldom look beyond their own personal needs and desires; for them, there is no greater good and no honor they will not sacrifice for another. For him and those like him; it is all about ‘me.’

Roger, What is legally correct isn’t necessarily morally correct. It’s easy to screw up under the guise of authority, intentionally or accidentally at the cost of the everyday citizen. There are many confusing stories here including those from the AS and the adopter’s. With that aside, it isn’t even reasonable to think that any decent person would refuse to return another person’s dog , particularly when they have had the pet less than a week, know the owner loves the pet and are offered a full reimbursement and the pick of another pet free of charge. Whatever happened to common decency and good will towards your fellow man? Some people are all about nothing but themselves, they have no conscientious, no moral compass and believe that if a ball flies over their fence then it belongs to them. Thank God there are people who are willing to step up and remind “certain” people that their misdeeds aren’t going unnoticed. If the Annie group hadn’t of come together these people would have never agreed to return her. Yes, they needed her so badly to heal themselves that they went on a vacation and left her behind, or maybe that’s a lie too and they were just hiding, hoping that we would all go away. They are lucky that we called off the rally in AG. If I knew that they would still have Annie on Monday morning I would have lobbied to go on with the rally and plaster their neighbor with signs.

“They are lucky that we called off the rally in AG. If I knew that they would still have Annie on Monday morning I would have lobbied to go on with the rally and plaster their neighbor with signs.”

Here we go with hre threats and harassment again. Please Cindy, get a life! Your only digging yourself deeper and deeper.

Friends huh? Yea, right!

I’m celebrating the fact that this nice family is finally going to do the right thing for Annie. Someone had to be a voice for Annie just speaking for myself I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!!

Oh btw I am a little overweight:) Lot’s of hugs to SASHA….