Accident at Oceano Dunes leaves teenage quarterback paralyzed

September 6, 2010

Tyler Schilhabel

The quarterback of Independence High School in Bakersfield was in a single ATV accident at the Oceano Dunes that has left him paralyzed from the chest down on Sunday at about 3 p.m. [KGET]

Tyler Schilhabel, 16, was first taken to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital. Later, he was transferred to Stanford Hospital where he underwent surgery Sunday night.

“The long-term prognosis is uncertain, but right now Tyler is paralyzed from the chest down,” said Independence football coach Sean McKeown in a statement. “The next 36 hours are crucial to his overall recovery, and the family asks for continued prayers for Tyler and their family.”

Emergency personnel have responded to seven vehicle accidents at the Oceano Dunes during this Labor Day weekend. Officers made seven arrests, two of which were for drunk driving. [KSBY]


I do not believe that the dunes should be changed into something like a nature sanctuary. I believe they should be kept as they are, a natural selection sanctuary.

However, maybe we could change the name to, “Darwin Dunes Recreational Area”


Willnose, I presume you do not operate a vehicle on California’s highways. If so, you are also exercising your “freedom” and create potential to involve those same EMP’s, E.R. docs, and Nurses you speak of. An accident is an accident. I exercise my “freedom” at the Dunes as well and manage to come away without incident each time (knock on wood). I live in the county. Is that backyard enough for you?


The Dunes are for recreation, and too often show tragic results when rules are ignored.

Highways are a necessity, besides a privilege (DMV Definition), thus most of us abide by the rules of the road. Ride to your hearts content and hopefully you won’t have to knock on wood! May all your rides end well.


It’s the showboaters, the young kids, and those who show no respect for others that bring the light of disfavor to those of us who do recreate in a considerate, safe manner. Of all the thousands of OHV users at the Dunes, how many of them end in injury? Highways have become a necessity for motorists. There are far more tragedies that occur on the highways and roadways than on ANY OHV site. Accidents happen. We are all exposed to influences outside of our control when we operate a vehicle or any mode of transportation…anywhere. I knock on wood because I can only control what I do in my vehicle, on my ATV. I drive/ride with much care for both myself and others around me. Thank you for the well wishes, Willnose. My next ride will be dedicated to you…


Tragic for the young man and his family. Maybe they will be blessed with a miracle and some movement recovered.


I would like to take this time to please ask people that visit the Oceano Dunes to please be careful.

The Dunes can be very dangerous if you do not respect them. This is a very sad story… but not the only one. There are many people injured on the Dunes on ATV’s (Quadrunners). Young kids under the age of (? Common Sense) should not be riding without an adult. Everyone should ride with a partner. I spend almost everyday in the dunes, and I have met some of the greatest people who visit the dunes. Visitors from out of the area comment to me and say, “the people here (Oceano Dunes) are really friendly. Every time I got stuck, some one would pull up and help me out… I would try and offer money for their time… and they refused”. Again, this is a sad story… 1,2,3 people may have been injured really bad out of the 5,000 + visitors this past weekend. Still safer than most ski resorts in the world.


I am loosing some of that SLO pride watching us criticize the valley rats while showing a total lack of compassion to the injured boy and his family. Pathetic. I wish for a miracle to allow this boy to walk again and thank the Lord that he has survived such an accident.


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Arniearsekicker – I hope the young man’s family does not read your post. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Thoughts to this young man and his family. Independence plays at Atascadero on 9/17.


While we’re closing the dunes, let’s close ski resorts, Yosemite’s Half Dome, surfing beaches, mountain bike trails, airports, freeways, and golf courses, since more people die there than anywhere else.


So in the center you get to just make stuff up huh?

Calling yourself from the center is one of the dumbest and most arrogant screen names I have ever seen. “Everything I say is reasoned and sensible everybody else is a radical” and then you just throw out some lame crap you made up

Yes I am looking down at you I dont know what else to do with people I have so little respect for that I feel pitty where they should feel shame


ososkid – I know this is an emotional issue. However, From The Center is basically correct. If you read the book Off The Wall, Death at Yosemite it is about the myriad of ways people die at Yosemite doing what they love.

People who are risk adverse can’t understand why others like extreme sports and vice versa. The difference I see is that people who like extreme sports are respectful of the choice of those that don’t do extreme sports. They don’t get it, but they don’t put the risk adverse down.

On the flip side, I can’t say the same about the risk adverse who can not stand extreme sports and constantly put the people who participate in extreme sports down. The risk adverse do not respect the right of others to participate in extreme sports and activities (sports and activities where injuries are frequent and deaths do occur). It almost seems the risk adverse are jealous of the extreme sport participants’ enthusiasm, love of life, and willingness to put it on the line.


A bit harsh, but nonetheless this touches on something that most people need to pay attention to. What is really lacking in most public debate is HOW we think and opposed to WHAT we think. Any discussion lacking this element really doesn’t have any point, because everyone is talking but no one is listening. People should always have a willingness to defend and constantly reassses their ideas and how they processs information based upon new information. If they aren’t, then they allowing themselves to be a pawn for leaders who’s motives they likely do not fully grasp.


Close the dunes already. Who cares if Oceano and Pismo can’t support themselves without the influx of valley rats. A classic example of profit over people.


Or we could let the area stay open, as a classic example of personal freedom (and the risks it entails) over the nanny state.


True. But the 5 cities area would be nicer if it wasn’t “Fresno by the Sea”.


If I understand you Bert, you don’t want people outside of Five Cites to use a local Park because they are below your standards. I presume you will stay out of Sequoia and Yosemite.


The “Nanny” state is comprised of us tax payers who pick up the bills for the fools who exercise their “Freedom”, and invariably hurt themselves at the dunes.

Since their “Freeedom” involves taking EMP’s, E.R. Doctors and Nurses time and efforts away from someone locally in real distress, I do have a problem with self-inflicted accidents equated as “Freedom”.

If “Freedom” is a choice, then let people hurt themselves in their own backyard.