Grover Beach child molester convicted

May 26, 2011

Ryan Olsen

A Grover Beach man was convicted of sexually molesting a pre-teen girl by a jury in Santa Maria on Thursday. [SantaMariaTimes]

Santa Maria police arrested Ryan Olsen, 33, in February 2010 and charged him with sexually abusing two pre-teen girls he served as a caregiver for in the early 2000s. A jury found Olsen guilty of sexually abusing one of the girls while she was 7 or 8 years old, and not guilty of abusing his other accuser.

Olsen admitted to committing a single act of oral copulation on the first victim and denied having sexual contact with the second. He said the first victim demanded he orally copulate her.

After deliberating less than a day, the jury found Olsen guilty of seven counts including committing lewd and lascivious acts by force or fear and oral copulation by fear or duress.

Olson, who remains in Santa Barbara County Jail, is scheduled to return to court for sentencing in July.

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ryan its me. despite your poor choice and mistake. it sounds like you could use an old friend. maybe one you use to live with, maybe one you use to work with on mienike st, maybe one you use to firefight with, maybe one that isnt going to pass judgement on you ever because its gods job not mine. i dated jen and crystal drove a black celica any of this ringing a bell ? do you know who i am yet. anyways these sights are the only way i can possibly get ahold of you on. hit me back. ps. i dont know who these ban wagon spot light heroes without sin casting the first stone are on these sights so dont mention my name on here.

Some comments deleted, authors request

new “roommate” : You got a purdy mouth, boy!

olsen : I’ve learned my lesson! no more oral copulation for me!

new “roommate” : Wanna bet…


Hopefully he gets his just desert…

WOW! Kid used to be my paperboy back in the day. Was always a decent lad for the years I knew him.


Lock Olsen up with a big ugly mean guy that thinks he’s cute and throw away the key.