House Speaker Boehner fundraises in SLO County

May 24, 2011

John Boehner

Republican House Speaker John Boehner capped a two day visit to San Luis Obispo County with a fundraiser for Congressman Kevin McCarthy hosted by Kevin McCarthy for Congress Majority Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Dubbed an “Afternoon with Congressmen Boehner and McCarthy,” the Saturday afternoon event was held at Holland Ranch on Carpenter Canyon Road near Price Canyon Road in South County. Guests paid from $250 to $1,250 each to attend the wine reception and barbecue.

Premium tickets included photo opportunities with Boehner and McCarthy.

Because of heightened security, the guest list was strictly enforced, according to the invitations.

Both McCarthy and Boehner stayed at the Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa in Pismo Beach during their visits to the Central Coast.

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As far as I can tell there was NO mention of Boehner’s visit to our county by either the TRIB or KSBY!

He’s the speaker of the house, a super powerful republican in these tumultuous political times AND third in line to the Presidency!

Thanks once again CalCoast news for keeping us informed as to what’s really going on in SLO County.

Good point, though I cannot verify – I neither read the trib nor watch KSBY anymore. Well, not daily. I’ll read it if I see it on the counter of Zaki’s or something, but they don’t get my news money.

CalCoast does!

@r0y, CNN is your only news sourse?

I do not watch CNN that often. About the same as I’ll watch Fox News or local news. I use the intr0netz almost exclusively now. CCN > CNN for me. I like to keep it local most of the time.

So I usually will have multiple sources (or sourses)… ;-)

I would like to meet Boehner but wouldn’t pay 10-cents to do it. A person’s got to have a ginormous ego to charge people $1,250 to take a picture with him.

I bet he flew to California on a government jet and stayed at the Dolphin Bay on the taxpayer’s dime too.

Then he has the unmitigated gall to charge people to take their picture with him? He’s crying all right, all the way to the bank.

This is almost as bad as Obama going on vacation to Ireland and Europe while tornadoes destroy a huge swath of Missouri.

ALL these people make me just want to cry.

I hope there were plenty of tissues :`(

True. Poor Boehner ends up like bawling like Tammy Faye too much of the time. (However unlike you, I agree with most of his political viewpoints.)

But I assume we agree that the notion of paying some politician from the Right or the Left $$money$$ to have your photo taken with him is absurd. Schmoozing with elected officials should be free since we’re the ones already generously paying for their lifestyles.

I agree that we don’t agree about his political viewpoints. At first I found the tears endearing. I actually warmed up to him at first because of it. But now I just want to yell at the TV ‘SACK UP AND PUT ON YOUR BIG BOY PANTS’. He’s a bit too emotional for my likes and I’d say that no matter what party he was in.

I do agree with the fund raising photo opp thing as well. I can’t stand that on both sides. Too much money involved in politics these day.

Interesting for two reasons. Apparently the party goers would prefer to party in scenic Slo County. But more significant is that McCarthy doesn’t need the money. He is a shoo in candidate and he gives money to other candidates who are running. When Thomas was in he did the same thing.