California ready to help combat Texas fires

September 6, 2011


A state fire official told CalCoastNews today that California is ready to respond to a request from Texas authorities “should it come” as wildfires in the Lone Star State explode in dry, windy conditions.

Texas Forest Service officials are asking for help from firefighting agencies nationwide in the battle against a series of 181 raging blazes that already have killed four people including a mother and her 18-month-old child, consumed nearly 120,000 acres, gobbled up 700 homes, and show few signs of containment. Today is the 294th consecutive day of wildfires in Texas, according to officials. (CNN)

“Texas has come to us as well, and we have given them a rundown of our equipment,” Daniel Berland said, a spokesman for Cal Fire in Sacramento. “At this time, we have not officially received a request from them, but we have talked to them about what we can provide, knowing that we, too, are in the middle of fire season, and have been busy this last couple of weeks, especially.

“But if we do get a request, we’ll be happy to help.”

Authorities said more than 2,000 firefighters are on the job in Texas, but most are volunteers and exhaustion is becoming a major factor.

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Wasn’t it just a little while back that two Texas suits bragged about sticking it financialy to “Grandma in California” for her electrical bill?

And didn’t the current Govenor and now running for Pres. state that Texas should secede from the U.S. because Texas was the only one that had goverment under control?

I am going to JUSTWATCH (was a Hotshot x 3 summers) the state of Texas. I’ve always wanted to see a burning bush.

California has very extensive wildland fire protection because California learned early on to plan, staff and pay for it.

Texas, a long time critic of California and our expensive state services, choose not to adequately plan, staff and pay for wildland fire protection.

If Texas wants to use our resources, Then Texas can pay for it, just as California pays other states that come and assist us when needed.

I can only imagine how the conversation with Texas went.

California: “Yes we have air tankers, helicopters, bulldozers, hotshot fire crews, and over 500 wildland fire engines and this is how much it cost California and we’ll be happy to send them to Texas if Texas promises to reimburse the cost of California resources.”

Texas: “Oh well ah, we have the lowest taxes in the country. How much did you say it costs to operate, maintained and fly a air tanker halfway across the country? Oh well ah, we Texas are a self reliant people and ideologically we don’t feel the need to prepare for such things as expensive specialized firefighting air tankers, bulldozers, hot shot crews, and did you say over 500 specialized wildland fire engines? Oh well ah, we’ll call around looking for more volunteers.”

LOL LOL, I didn’t think about that but you’re right. The volunteers are getting tired (say’s so right here in the article) and they now need new volunteers. What’s their saying down there, something about DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS? Maybe they should tell it to the wild land fire’s that have been out of control for 294 day’s.

So much for messing with Texas, I do feel sorry for them, maybe we should help them at a discount?

and the survey say’s…………..NO DISCOUNTS.

Doesn’t anybody care about the needs of our fellow state? Texas is burning up and they need help. Obviously no one posting above has ever had to fight an out of control range fire. This ain’t the time to be arguing over money. Let’s send our neighbors all the help they can get and by the way, lots of California folks have relocated to Texas, so we are like, maybe saving the homes and land and lives of Californians as well as Texans. But honestly, now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their countrymen…..

Blessings for our firefighters, no matter who they are, where they go, the job they do and the pay they get. Just thinking of the heat and humidty without a fire is a battle and I honor each of you for your dedication. Peace and God speed to you all! Guys, let’s move on and get back to the bigger picture as it is getting deemer by the day.

Before we send them on this jaunt, don’t we need to check with their new employers? By this I mean the “residents of rural areas” who are being assessed $150 each to fund CDF payroll. Do these residents want their crew$$$ spent that way?

When we send firefighters into other counties or states, we get paid for it, or rather they get paid the big bucks and we don’t have to pay them for sitting around . The more money they bring into the local coffers or when they draw a paycheck from someone else, the better for everyone. We can always call them home if something happends that we can’t manage with the remaining crew.

These are primarily state-funded fire resources. Any reimbursement for them will go to the state. There may be some locally-funded fire-fighters involved – and their funding agencies may see reimbursement – but they will be in the minority. The individual fire fighter will receive no special pay outside of overtime.

Our firefighters go where ever they are needed, no matter how dangerous, no questions asked. Keep that in mind the next time you want to bash a firefighter…

How do you know that they go with no questions asked? I should think it’s on a volunteer basis to leave town. I hear they get big bucks to fight those out of town fires including certain tax free status on the pay and it’s bigger $$. I should think they would like fighting those fires. No doubt it’s exciting and that is what they signed up and trained to do, no?

Most dedicated city fire agencies do not go, Cal fire does, some smaller local agencies do.

When a strike team (five engines and a strike team leader) is called up they are assigned a specific task at a specific location. Even some foreign country fire departments are utilized depending the size and danger of the fire.

And yes they are paid at a state or federal scale depending where the fire is and who the agency is.

“No doubt it’s exciting and that is what they signed up and trained to do, no?”

Pretty much sizes it up right there. Doing good and getting paid to do so… None of us is forced to do what we do even though it is very dangerous and a sometimes thankless task.

On a hot day when most of us are trying our best to stay cool, firefighters don heavy protective gear and do their best to fight fire and stay safe. Some fires are easy to fight safely, but some are risky and mistakes can be made that cost a firefighter their life. Yet the firefighters still do their best without complaining. They deserve our thanks.

” the firefighters still do their best without complaining.”

Give it a break. That’s all we need is for people who get paid top $ and benefits that are only dreamed of in the private sector to start complaining when it comes time to actually do their job. You make it sound like they are so heroic not to complain. Fire fighting is not among the top 10 most dangerous job’s yet we hear more about how dangerous this profession is than any other, why is that?

Well nancy, meaning no direspect,

you might get out from behind your safe computer and think about thanking a firefighter the next time you see one risking their life cutting someone out a wreck on the grade, or when they run into a burning structure to save your neighbor, or when they save your choking child, or when they perform CPR on your husband or other loved ones, or when you see thmem humping up the side of the grade with a 45lb pack on fighting that vegetation fire, these are the ones who risk their lives every day without questioning who it is, what they did to harm themselves. I am one of those firefighters you see out there you seem to hate for some reason…

Now what exactly is it you do?