County orders Occupy SLO to leave courthouse grounds

October 30, 2011


County officials ordered Occupy SLO protesters to stop spending the night at the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse property, where they’ve been encamped for the past two weeks.

Officials posted letters signed by SLO County Administrator Jim Grant at the encampment on Friday which ordered the protesters to evacuate the area daily from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. County officials listed issues such as urination in the area, protesters plugging into county electrical outlets and attaching hoses to courthouse water lines as the catalysts for the order.

Many of the protesters took off late on Friday evening with a handful waiting to be arrested. Meanwhile, the local Halloween celebration carried on unimpeded and at times spread into the encampment.

County and police officials, however, did not take any action against the campers other than to arrest a bystander who lifted his shirt to expose a knife stuck in his belt. Another attendee alerted police who descended on the encampment at about 1:30 a.m. on Saturday and arrested the man who was also carrying an open container of alcohol.

The courthouse protest has been plagued with altercations from homeless bystanders who have moved from encampments next to local creeks to the courthouse.

Steering Committee Occupy SLO chair Evan Sylvester said in an email that illegal activities at the encampment include:

•    Drug and alcohol use
•    Theft
•    Illegal solicitation of funds
•    Urination, piles of human feces, and trash littered around the County building
•    A man urinated on a tent that two little girls were sleeping in
•    Indecent exposure
•    Someone broke their arm the other night in an altercation
•    Several other altercations
•    Abundant dog feces in the grass

During the past week, the originators of Occupy SLO withdrew their support for the courthouse occupation amidst heavy infighting from different factions of the group.










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Someone should poop on Jim Grant’s desk.

I hope that the SLO Occupy can organize and get it together and this is a good example of why:

These tax loop holes and low tax rates which only benefit the wealthy are out of control.

How come there are more people camped out now than before?

I don’t understand. What is going on?

Check out the “Oathkeepers” .

I’m just sayin’. Awfully suspicious .

Whoever heard of ‘Evan Sylvester’ before ? or hos supposed GF Gabriella ?

Anyone here in SLO actually KNOW these people ?

What about the supposed ‘homeless’ occupiers that have thousands of dollars worth of media equipment/ cameras ? Isn’t that funny ?

most of the ‘homeless’ I know don’t have a changer of underwear .

Where do these OUTSIDERS get their stuff and money from ?

These are NOT occupiers , they are OCCOPLANTS !

I consider myself to be conservative but absolutely do not “support banks”..I think that banks were allowed to become “too big to fail”, was a huge mistake and bailing them out with tax payer money was even worse. And by the way one of President Obama’s largest fund raisers headed up Goldman Sachs and now the bankrupt MP Global. Corruption, greed and mismanagement seem to be the things that both parties can agree on. But does anyone really hink that camping out on the courthouse lawn and urinating on tents will solve any thing?

No but it does pretty much blow off steam . . .

Peeing on tents are messengers of low life freeloading saboteur, not OWS demonstrators

” Someone broke their arm the other night in an altercation”

I just love this one , during an altercation, one usually breaks the advisories arm, this guy was dumb enough to break his own?

Guess they didn’t need me around after all, power to the 99%, without poop on the lawn!

The reason this OWS movement is garnering support is because the older “middle” who knows the banks ripped off everybody including those on the right. What is puzzling is why the right is seemingly supporting the very banks that ripped them off. The only reason I can see for this bizarre support by the right of what were clearly fraudulent activities by the banks is that the left is being so vocal about it. Therefore, for political reasons, to counter the left, the right supports the very banks that ripped them off. It does seem alarmingly stupid.

Yes, but they also support these banks because these banks have paid for their political leaders and are behind many of their political organizations. It’s sorta like Stockholm Syndrome, they are sympathetic to their captors. They don’t realize that they’re being controlled. But you are correct IMO that if the left supports an issue these days then for sure even if it’s good for them the right will go against it. It’s a fairly new and weird phenomenon that doesn’t make sense.

Why did the right support GW Bush’s rush to demonize and invade Iraq? For the same reason. The right needs a big daddy figure to rally around. SInce they’ve been conditioned since the 60s to distrust government, the government which they gave their lives for in WWII, they’ve been directed to adopt Wall Street as their protector.

Wall Street, the big banks and what passes today for Capitalism are the economic big daddy for the right. The idea that it would be possible to create a fair economic system without them is beyond the imagination of the right. It took them 50 years to distort their view of government’s potentially useful role, to make them work against the common interest by adopting an erroneous, two-dimensional, dualist Randian worldview of individualism.

It could potentially take 50 years for the right to come back, but something tells me we don’t have that long, and that the right is also waking up. Whether they can learn to live without big daddy we shall see.

Best article so far on Occupy Wall Street:

“Why Occupy Wall Street Has Left Washington Behind” by Gordon Lafer, October 26, 2011 in The Nation

It adroitly addresses why the lack of specific “demands’ has been the success it has been to motivate perfectly normal people into much needed action.

If anything , what the vast majority of the people are saying is NOT a demand, or demands, but a declaration that we KNOW with overwhelming clarity of the crimes committed against all of us, and against the fabriic of civilized society; by a privileged, self-entitled super elite, and their house slaves in politics.

We have caught them at it: “You know what you did. You have our stuff. Give it back. ” It’s simple.

The realization should be now recognized that this is but the beginning.

The uprising in Tahrir Square did not automatically result in the toppling of the corrupt Mubarak regime. The rebellion in Tripoli did not soon remove the terrorist dictator Khadafi and his thugs. Syria is still under the boot of strongman Assad., but the story is far from over.

What FDR came up with was called “The New Deal”, signifying that , when a card game was messed up, for whatever reason ( mistakes, cheating, et al ) players had the right to annul the current “Deal” , and call for a fresh, uncompromised one.

What Americans now are aware of , is that the whole game is rigged. Ordinary people can’t win …no matter how hard they try. It is this static nature, this designed insolvability, this FIXED system that we WILL change by NOT playing the game…not co-operating. This “system” is not a fair game, and everyone knows it. It is hopelessly broken, so repair is not an option. We have to throw it out and make a new one…and not allow the ones that screwed up the previous one anywhere near decision making for the More Perfect Union of the United States.

Watch the replay of Countdown with Keith Olbermann on Current TV. He has a segment detailing how it was the POLICE that dragged the homeless and other indigents to Zuccottt Park / Liberty Square in New York, the heart of the Occupy Wall Street movement. They did this in typical ‘agent provocateur ‘ motive to discredit the movement and general confusion …and possibly for exploiting them as human shields .

The same kind of nonsense was instigated here , and the warnings of veterans of movements past were ignored.

Also will be on Democracy Now.

How do you have Current TV, you must either watch it on the net or on DISH. I called Charter as soon as Olbermann was hired by that network and Charter had no plans to carry it.

What a brilliant idea. Spend money on a network owned by a fraud to watch a maniac rant nonsensically. Right, checks in the mail. Queenie, there’s a reason nobody watches this guy, and the network is failing. It’s called substance.

0 to 11,

That’s it ? ELEVEN FASCISTS against the TRUTH ?

I’ll take those odds!

You FASCIST cowards are keybaoard wonders, and NEVER coming forth. Always hiding and CRINGING.


Come on, I DARE YOU, You conservative blowhards are ALWAYS chickens when directly confronted !

Hey slo down there buddy, I like your spunk, I’ve got your back, there are some quite testy typers on here, but you do have a right to an opinion,,,,,don’t let them get to you, you write on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!