Occupy SLO battle leads to theft allegations

November 24, 2011


An internal battle between members of the Occupy SLO movement has lead to the filing of a theft report against four members who cleaned out the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse demonstration site.

Several Occupy SLO members opposed to the courthouse demonstration moved in on the site Wednesday night taking tents, clothing, posters and furniture while the site was largely unmanned.

In response, several supporters of the demonstration filed a report Thursday morning with the San Luis Obispo Police department claiming Occupy SLO founder Pete Evans and three others stole their belongings.

Evans said that except for a couple of “vagrants,” the camp was largely unmanned when they took it down.

“It is a transient meth camp,” Evans said. “We think they are damaging our relations with the community.

“We are not in compliance with the edict from Jim Grant (SLO County administrator) or our own policies,” Evans added. “We went down to Occupy SLO with normal people and there are derelicts hanging out.”

Supporters of the demonstration argue they are not all transients and that Evans does not have the legal right to take their belongings. Steven Boothe, a Cuesta College employee and demonstrator, said they took a canopy tent he has owned for years.

“They took down the site without communication, so others would not know,” Boothe said. “They did not have a right to take our belongings and not tell any of us where they were taking them. I am here every day.”

Evans said two officers showed up at his house earlier today. He said he told the officers he was making sure the items were kept safe. He questioned how anyone could prove who owned each item because no one had their names on their things.

“The police said it was a non-issue because I am not resisting,” Evans said. “They told me to return the stuff. I am going to take the things I have back to the courthouse and I will call and ask the others to return the stuff.”

Evans returned most of the items on Thursday afternoon.

Rifts in the Occupy SLO group started more than a month ago when several loud protestors showed up at a Mitchell Park meeting that Evans and the group’s founders organized. The new members interrupted the meeting to argue over the direction the movement should take.

At first, both camps were in favor of the courthouse occupation. But as more and more homeless arrived, several of the Occupy SLO founders wanted to disband the occupation.

After about 18 days, the occupation opponents made their first attempt to disband the camp. They removed protestors’ belongings and left notes telling them where they had taken the items.

However, this time, there were no notices left explaining who had taken down the protest site. And this time, Evans helped reconstruct the protest site.

“We got the canopies back and tables and chairs,” Boothe said. “We are basically back up and running.”

Boothe said that even though some items are still missing, he wants to have the charges dropped. However, other members of the group still want those who took their things arrested.

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Response #2…

I refer the reader to my original statement on 11/25/2011 at 4:41 pm; there are so many comments here that will help you find it.

Seems like this conversation has gone viral with a lot of armchair experts spouting off. Some who know better have chosen to slant their comments to make this situation appear differently than it was and is.

What is the, (or are) the issue(s)? That the so-called ‘camp’ was good or bad for the movement? Was the camp in compliance with the county rules, and our own? That the movement is viable? That I should not have ‘broken camp? By ‘breaking camp’ was I rescuing the materials or stealing them? That some materials have not been returned promptly, or at all? That I am power mad?

The ‘power mad’ claim by some has been already discredited, as have most of the other ‘shotgun’ accusations the disaffected have brought up.

I do regret the camp break down situation and my part in it. I should not have done what I did, looking back. At the time (see my previous comments) it seemed like a good idea. I am sorry for all the stress this might have brought innocent parties and any damage to our movement. All items rescued from the area were returned the next morning (there was never any theft, no intent to hold or keep anything and those who show all the alarm now over this knew I was involved and how to reach me yet they didn’t-and still don’t with any concerns they have. They will not answer my inquiries).

The rift in our movement over the camp (not started by occupyslo nor ever run by it) and its shoddy management has resulted in a vicious vendetta against those long standing members who opposed the campsite (while at times doing way more than others to support it in a spirit of cooperation that was never returned). The lynching goes on, with ‘new charges’ of missing money and materials. The sloppy collection and handling of any money was and is up to the managers and former residents of the site (Jeremy, Mike, Robert, Sina, Damion, Steven, Smoke, Rascal, Cody, Shannon, Andrew, Andrew, Steve and others) and sometimes no one- as in this morning when the site was, yet again, totally abandoned; as it was early last Wednesday night. There never has been any sort of money lockbox on the table or accounting from those folks that I have heard of. They have been cautioned many times this is risky business collecting money in a cut off plastic bottle or coffee can. The few ‘missing materials’ still in question represents another ‘padding’ of the list to falsely accuse me of theft (see my former article). And despite county orders the site had ‘sleepers’ on 11/25, right after setting up again! This was reported to our management team who ignored it.

As far as the viability of the site and the various factions supporting or opposing it: it boils down to just a few issues. Most of the promoters are ‘enablers’, constantly cleaning and picking up after and caring for the influx of campers- the nursemaids never actually engaged their ‘charges’ in this vital activity of life. This provided the enablers a power position and kept the campers in a weaker childish one (exactly like a dysfunctional parent would do). Having these ‘charges’ under their wing gave them lots of pseudo power and responsibility (that did nothing and went nowhere). Even though for about a week now the campers have been mostly gone, Oslo members who perpetuated this hoax on the public continue to cling to ‘being in charge’ and owning the movement from the courthouse plaza. Just this morning, after only two days of setting up in a pristine environment (the way I left it) it is beginning to slide into sloth again, as predicted. Cups all over, trash around, supplies and signs scattered about here and there. Chairs pointing this way and that, helter skelter. Give it another day or two and it could be a disaster zone, like before. It is clear that Occupyslo does not have the will and manpower to follow its own policies to have personnel on station at all times, keep the area clean and control bad behavior. That leads one to the only conclusion available. Others and I had encouraged the group to do only what it could do well and this experiment did not satisfy that standard.

This is really too bad for the many citizens of SLO who felt they were doing good by donating food, money, energy and materials to the camp. Much or most just rots or disappears. There is no organization or accounting. I have opposed that sort of loose operation and here we are.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Pete Evans

Mr. Pete Evans

We have documentation from the internet, audio, video and pictures to prove without a doubt that your ONLY intention was to violate are first amendment right, to disrupt and show a negative outlook on this movement and now “stealing” personal property. You are now being informed that you will be prosected on Monday, Nov 28 2011. The DA office will contact you within the week so please make sure you can prove us wrong.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

_> Pete, sorry to say but this comment by MLK as nothing to do with you.

“OccupySlo Legal Team ?

Are you trying to be funny, ironic, or both ?”

I wasn’t going to post anymore on this topic as those with the ‘legal team are just so over the top. But I just couldn’t resist on this one. They’re ‘OccupSlo Legal Team’, I’m glad that someone else found that to be as rediculous as I did. I truly LOL when I read that post.

You guys can do what you want but IMO you should stop responding to these people. They aren’t all there. When you read post after post after post of the most insane ramblings it’s time to stop or risk sounding as crazy as they are. It’s like coaching a Special Olympic team and yelling at the team for not understanding the rules.

Anyone with Queen in their name can afford to be mean. Didn’t your mother tell you that it’s not nice to call people names, on the playground? Obviously not. What’s up with the Special Olympic team reference? My respect for you is diminishing.

This is addressed to you, Pete. You clearly don’t understand anything about what you are saying and haven’t for quite a long time. The very fact that you mentioned my name in regards to the collection of money just shows that you have no idea who is involved in this movement, no clue as to the duties each of us have taken on, and no idea of who to attack. Perhaps if you actually showed up to a GA or a working group (both are clearly on the website) for longer than five minutes, you might have something of value to say. If you had, you would know I can’t stand dealing with money and I avoid that responsibility at all costs. You would also know who the treasurer is. Little hint: it is ONE person (not 13+), records have been kept, and its not me.

You ask questions that someone who has not been involved with the movement at all asks. Since you decided to “call me out” let me take you by the hand and answer them.

“What is the, (or are) the issue(s)?” You and your cohorts who steal private property.

“That the so-called ‘camp’ was good or bad for the movement?” Good. It would be alot better if energy was not drained trying to damage control against you and your cohorts (see question one)

“Was the camp in compliance with the county rules, and our own?” A two part answer: County rules? they say no lodging. No one is lodging, so yes. When they county said “no tents,” the only ones up were ones people had abandoned. The police tore them down, we thanked them, and the occupation continues.

“…our own?” I’ll assume you mean the Good Citizen Policy and the Good Neighbor Policy which we passed with consensus in our second GA (which you were not present). Those with the movement have been complying, yes. When issues came up, they were dealt with. You will remember when you assaulted a teenage girl holding a little kitten because she was, by your own words “talking too much.” (please see earlier post by Truth)

“That the movement is viable?” We are not going anywhere, you can’t kill an idea, and we are united… so yes.

“That I should not have ‘broken camp?” I don’t feel I need to answer this, but you should never take that which does not belong to you.

By ‘breaking camp’ was I rescuing the materials or stealing them? Stealing them. They don’t belong to you, and you bragged about stealing them afterwards,

That some materials have not been returned promptly, or at all? No they have not. Not at all.

That I am power mad? I remember a meeting (one of the 3 you showed up to) where you said your goal of being involved was to “take over the world.” I’ll just not answer.

No one has been more adamant about tearing down the occupation site than yourself. From the moment I met you, that has been you number one goal. the “vicious vendetta” you mentioned has been only from you and your crusade to persecute us, attempt to spread lies, and spew negative propaganda at every turn.

You mentioned screwing down a lock box. Please tell me where this would be screwed down to that would not destroy the county property. Should we bolt it to the sidewalk? Not to mention the last lock box we had was stolen in the first raid you participated in and the money was stolen out of it. I think you are just upset that this recent raid didn’t render any money for the taking and you can’t find where it is. It is in a secure location where it will not be stolen from and records can be properly maintained. We don’t like to take money, but once in a while, a member of the community will offer a few bucks in place of a box of coffee.

“The few ‘missing materials’ still in question represents another ‘padding’ of the list” Its not padding when people come home after going out of town for a holiday, notice their property is missing, and address the perpetrator of the theft.

“And despite county orders the site had ‘sleepers’ on 11/25, right after setting up again! This was reported to our management team who ignored it.” Whats interesting about this is that there is no “management team” to report anything to. Just another example that you have no idea what the structure of this movement is.

These “enablers” and “children” you mention. I assume you mean the people who are attempting to keep someone on the site. This has been a daunting task due to the fact that most people are worried you and your cohorts will take another violent action one night. As a result, people are understandably reluctant.

“Much or most [food, money, energy and material donations] just rots or disappears.” If it rots, that would be to say none of the “children” are eating the food. I can tell you for a fact, food is eaten and eaten quickly. I personally have been so involved with this movement that I have not had the time to eat on most days. I have lost 10 pounds in the last month due to this lack of time to eat. If there is food at the site and no one has eaten it, I eat it. As for it “disappearing,” …I think I already mentioned the raids you and your cohorts have orchestrated and have refused to return the items that have been asked for.

I have heard enough out of you. Your little and loud complaints have begun to give me a headache that is compounded by the childish crying you have done to every media outlet you can. You do not represent ANY part of this movement. You may have been present at the first meeting, but you have never held any of the values this movement stands for. If you want a sound byte:




Please stop claiming to be a part of this movement. Please stop your endless comments (part one..two…three…ect.) and just move on! You speak for the movement of Pete. Whatever that is, go do that and leave honest hardworking citizens of this county in peace. (And by the way, yes, about 98% of us are lucky enough to have jobs. Good jobs where we pay taxes and support our local communities.)

I’m very active in Occupyslo. I know both Pete & Damion, though Pete probably doesn’t know me except by my appearance. All of Pete’s arguments in the press appear to be very clear & logical. But I’ve actually only seen Pete 1 time, & that was when he stood 6″ from a young woman & yelled (yes, yelled) in her face. I’m pretty sure he was disagreeing with her. I moved to step in between them but others got there first. I’ve never seen Pete participate in any other Occupyslo activities.

I have seen Damion numerous times at Occupyslo events. I’ve marched with him a couple times, been to 5-10 GA meetings with him, been to several work groups with him. Many of Pete’s observations about the camp and the people there are true. Many more are at best half true or are, perhaps, only true in Pete’s head. Damion’s responses to Pete are very telling. Although I don’t think he responded to every observation Pete made, the responses he made are right on target. Pete may believe in his own mind that he’s doing what’s best. Maybe he needs to re-examine his position. His actions demonstrate to me that he doesn’t understand or represent the movement.

There is, in fact NO LEADER of the movement. There is, in fact, ONLY ONE person authorized to speak for the movement. Anyone who is NOT named Even Sylvester is speaking only for themselves. As are Damion and I.

Pete, you are part of the 99%, but you are not part of Occupyslo unless & until you get your act together. We love you, but we know better than to listen to you.

We need the 99% to join us, and you do nothing but chase them away.

Well Tom, we’ve been in media meetings and GA’s together, a number of times. Perhaps your recollection of me is slanted by the lynching going on.

I can verify this. Don’t know why Tom would be so forgetful.

Pete was integral to the movement from the very beginning, and then the interlopers and enablers hijacked it….despite repeated warnings from the few of us that have had legitimate, long-time experience in movement politics.

I was not a member of OSLO for the first 2 weeks of it’s existence & it has taken a long time for me to figure out the cast of characters. I have cancer & sometimes it encompasses my whole existence. You talk a good game, but I go by people’s actions. I personally witnessed you yelling in the young girl’s face at an early GA. This while the rest of the group was consciously being civil. I have heard of your taking items from the Courthouse, which you don’t deny. You called it protecting property, others called it theft. You also admitted it was probably a bad idea.

If we’ve been in meetings together, I didn’t recognize you. If you’re posting anywhere other than here, I don’t know your nickname. Perhaps my recollection of you is slanted by your actions. Maybe you’ll be at the Courthouse tonight & we can say hi?

Whew, quite a tirade. I guess I missed the crucial meetings where you were elected to decide who is a member of occuoyslo. If so I bow and scrape before your authority, excuse me! Can you send me an application?

You did say one thing of importance-that no money was taken the other night.

Early in its existence the GA determined that in order to be a part of OSLO, a person needed to follow certain rules, some of which included respect for other people & their property. You have failed to follow those rules. I’m not the one who made you a non-member, YOU are. And it seems that most other members agree. I’m sorry for saying other members instead of hijackers. But their ACTIONS made them members, not me!

I didn’t say no money was taken. I wasn’t there & I have no idea if it’s true.

Where would we send the application? Maybe some bowing and scraping would help your outlook.

To whomever may read this post, I have this to say about the occupiers in SLO: the only thing intoxicating us are the lies being spread about us in the media. If you have any doubt, just pay us a visit, and we’ll be happy to engage in a sober discussion of why we’re here and why we’re not going.

Since there are so many generalizations about SLO Courthouse Occupiers, I thought I’d begin by debunking a few stereotypes. First of all, I do not take meth or any other drugs at the Courthouse (or anywhere else for that matter). I go to demonstrate there almost every day and have never witnessed any drug use; it most certainly is not a “transient meth camp.” Second, I’d like to think I’m not a “derelict (Evans’ word):” I have a job, go to school full time, pay my rent, bills, taxes and take care of other similar responsibilities.

I am involved in this movement because I feel like true democracy has been taken away from the people of this country; that not every voice is heard equally. The Occupy movement appeals to me because it is direct democracy: its participants exercise group decision making based on the consensus model; no unilateral decisions are made. However, it was not a consensus process which prompted the removal of items from the Courthouse without consultation with Occupy participants. How can one identify with a movement promoting a democratic process based on consensus, yet make a unilateral decision to remove others’ belongings? It is a contradiction between words and actions.

Despite the bad press and negativity, I (and many of my counterparts) am not discouraged by this minor setback. The issues at hand are much more crucial: my fight continues with those who stand in the way of social and economic justice, and I remain committed to this goal.

Cheseburger, hotdog or Pete there is a logistics meeting at 5:30 pm, Tuesday, at the courthouse, we do real work on this committee. Unfortunately our group has had to spend valuable time (yeas valuable because we work and raise families as well) listening to your scratchy record and trying to undo the “poop” you have laid on the courthouse lawn. what work have you contributed to the OSLO movement? Made a sign, sat on a corner? Hmmm… even the drunks and transients have done more than that.

Is there a movement?

Lets see if I can recap: first, there was a movement to protest the incredible growth in public sector administrations ( call it the Tea Party)… this was ‘countered’ by a coalition of the very left, very anarchist and some very homeless folks protesting — often violently ( 5 deaths now?) those who happen to be making all the tax money.

All of this makes fine news… but, the Occupy folks need to do something constructive with their lives… and this isn’t it.

rogerfreberg is a reactionary nutcase.

70 comments and most of them are from these courthouse campers. Enough already, you sound like a bunch of school kids going back and forth. You all can keep feeding the trolls but I’m out of here, I don’t care about the courthouse crew anymore. Pete Evens and the rest of the those here with common sense, you’d do better to ignore them and move on. Why argue with them, what’s the point?

Sad they did it AGAIN, on Thanksgiving eve.. Counterproductive and a little …?

BUT, Good G.A. today!!! Great march through S.L.O.!!!

Happy to see so many of the same positive people who were, and have been there for all of the right reasons…It was nice to see some new faces as well :-) More than a few really good ideas, comments, and some real positive solutions to problems. Glad there was none of the drama reported in the article above….

I can sympathize with Pete and his inclination towards saving ‘his’ baby but he is not the police and has no legal right to step in as such. Even the police are taking a decidedly light-handed approach to all this. How many notices have been given to clear out the illegal encampment? I haven’t heard of any tear gas or billy clubs being used – yet. They haven’t resorted to snagging people’s gear – again, yet.

The OWS has never been tightly organized and to my knowledge still has no official spokesperson, mission statement or ultimate goal. To Pete I ask, what are the qualifications necessary to be a ‘real’ OWS protester and who is reviewing the applications? Across the country it seems to simply be a rag-tag group of disgruntled citizens basically barking and growling. No one with a real job can take the time off to engage in what amounts to a basic sit-in.

I have gone by the courthouse and in spite of my feelings that something is definitely out of whack with our current political system, saw nothing that I wanted to be a part of down there.

I agree with the above poster who stated that the county courthouse is the wrong venue anyway. Why not take it around the corner to the Morgan Stanley Smith Barney building? That’s the closest thing we have to ‘Wall St’ around here. No camping – just hit it during business hours and carry signs, chant, whatever. That will likely be as successful as sitting around the courthouse getting drunk/high, pooping in the bushes and bumming cigarettes/spare change.

This is precisely what is done every Saturday at 12:30, but it starts at the courthouse.

The occupy movement was doomed for failure right from the start. You cannot take a group of people without strong leadership and expect it to succeed. Eventually the radicals will take over and you see what you get. Maybe the better way is if you do not agree with a corporation or bank, just do not do business with them. If enough people do the same, eventually they will fail.

Move on everyone and stop with the bickering. We have greater issues in this country and we have to spark change. I moved most of my money out of chase to sesloc. Chase has done nothing for me and has paid me about $0.13 interest while using my money to make money for their stockholders. I have heard the big banks are not loaning money, just using ours for their own. I get my 401k statement and things are not well there either. We must choose to invest our retirement money in one of several funds that are all have pathetic performance; or go money market route and break even, if that. Our politicians need reform, pharm companies charge what they want here and sell the same drugs in other countries at a reasonable cost. I had a heart attack six years ago and cannot get insurance without employment; not that I can afford not to work, but if I lose my job, all is at stake.

WE the people need to march, not have meetings. A showing of solidarity is what sparks change. See you at OUR march at noon, by the courthouse and every Saturday until we have thousands out there.

Dear dhg, I didn’t mean for my comment to show as a reply to your comment

Most movements against governments do not begin with strong leadership. Leadership is something that evolves over time.

From the beginning, the Occupy movement wisely did not want to cage itself in by defining detail aspects of their goal The movement’s goal is to change the income inequality in our nation, which is a huge goal, and one most Americans–once they become informed–will support.

One of the tactics used most frequently by courporatists and our government (both Republicans and Democrats), which they control, against anti-corporatist movements is the “divide-and-conquer” tactic. That is why the mouthpieces for the corporatists and the politicians and media puppets they pimp have been so relentless in trying to coerce the Occupy movement to define individual aspects of the larger goal.

In the past, we have seen movements, political campaigns, organizations, etc. divided and conquered by its opponents taking each of the small parts of the overall goal of the movement or organization, picking at it and tearing it apart, using the typical spin-to-absurdity tactic, until the corporatists have discredited that goal. Then they move on to the next goal. Once a few have been discredited by cheap spin doctors, they declare the movement is based on invalid goals and, therefore, is a failure.

However, the corporatists and their minions, have also used another cheap spin-doctor tactic against the Occupy movement: claiming it is invalid because it won’t get sucked into the “you-must-define-all-of-the-aspects-of-your-movement-or-the-movement-is-invalid game.

So we see the corporatist-backed hacks attempting to box the Occupy movement into a no-win game.

By claiming that the Occupy movement MUST define every aspect of goals of the Occupy movement or it is invalid, but also ready and waiting to use its spin doctors to tear apart any aspect of the goals the movement should wish to define, the corporatists’ hacks have attempted to paint the Occupy movement as invalid, no matter what it does.

The Occupy movement has already defined its goal: to change the income inequality in our nation. By doing that, many other problems in our country will be addressed, as well.

The validity of a movement, including the Occupy movement, is independent of its willingness to perform to the tune of the corporatists and their lipsticked, paid-for, working-girl politicians and media hacks.

The opponents of the Occupy movement desperately want to change the discussion from fixing a problem that 99% of Americans have–being unfairly economically disadvantaged by the corporations running our politicians (and, therefore, our country). They want to change the discussion to whether or not the movement is valid–based on a no-win corporatist argument.

As long as the Occupy movement continues to keep its goal limited to one broad problem–income inequality–it will win because that goal will be supported by the majority of Americans. When the people win, corporatists lose, and that is why the corporatist-paid politicians and media hacks are so desperately working to discredit the Occupy movement.

what if I don’t agree with my government, the way that business is done in Washington. You suggest I just “stop doing business with [the gov’t],” i.e. I stop voting or speaking out?

No thanks, that’s defeatist. OWS is overall a creative and positive expression of widespread dissent which goes infinitely further than anything that teapartiers ever envisioned, yet the widespread dissatisfaction and dissent which spawned OWS will eventually encompass the teaparty energy as well. The more that people try to disparage the OWS movement instead of identifying with creative ways of expressing dissent, the deeper into isolation and despair they will find themselves.

We don’t have all the time in the world, the election cycle has proven to be inadequate to deal with the inept status quo, it’s time to ratchet back on the false rhetoric of separate-ness and to look around and discover or invent a way to contribute to the expression of discontent. There are an infinite number of possibilities, but sitting back and taking pot shots at desperate people is just plain lame.

I went to the second protest/meeting that Occupy had in SLO and Pete was the one that had got the word out about it. It was an interesting group and I spent quite a while talking with everyone. I went back a couple of weeks (maybe 3 weeks) later to a meeting being held at Mitchell Park by the original Occupy Group, it was the second meeting they had there at the park, it was after the loud shout down that took place a week prior. The day that I attended, the original Occupy SLO group were working to form a consensus regarding rules of civility. It was very boring because the outsiders still appeared to have a beef from the week before. I left after some very dirty, stinky guy came and stood next to me and then scratched his head. I was afraid to contract head lice. I noticed less mainstream folks than I had seen at the prior event I attended. The mainstream citizens had been replaced by what appeared to be people who didn’t wash their clothes or hair. I haven’t gone back. I understand why Pete and a few others tried to clean out the non-compliant campers.

I’m sorry your second experience was not as positive as the first one was. I remember your post after the first one was really very uplifting and hopeful.

Challenging the government and the corporations running it is not going to be successfully accomplished while wearing white lace gloves and sipping tea. Anytime a public place is occupied for a political movement, it is going to attract homeless people, and crime.

Some other Occupy groups, in other cities, were able to work with this difficult situation. For whatever reason, the SLO Occupy group weren’t as successful. I don’t think it’s anybody’s fault–it is just a problem that is hard to address, especially for people who have not encountered it before.

Anyway, the Occupy movement is continuing to problem-solve as they go. If the Occupy movement disbands, there will be another one to take up the banner.

I think America, and Americans, are in many ways like the Egyptians now. They simply won’t take the government’s BS anymore. If one movement or occupation disbands, another will take its place.

I don’t see why we can’t have several occupy group’s in SLO. Apparently it was tried when the original group (Pete and Evan and a few others who initiated the first local formation) publicly distanced themselves from those who were running rogue and pooping on the court house lawn.

The problem is that when they attempted to separate one group from the other, the rogue group would crash the general assembly meetings, cause disruptions and get in everyone’s faces.

Those people needed to do their own thing and leave the mainstream group alone but they insisted that they were entitled to be where ever a meeting was assembling as notifications were posted on the OccupySLO website. I have no interest in a bunch of big mouth jerks that bring attention to their own self importance rather than back up and keep their eye on the real goal. That second group are nothing but an obnoxious self serving disruption, in my opinion. They were very irritating and mouthy at the meeting I attended at the park. It was a BIG TURN OFF and there were obvious ego’s involved with the rogue group who were just plain obnoxious towards those who were attempting to define the rules of civil conduct.

They need to leave the rest of the people alone and run their own separate occupy but they won’t.

CINDY: “I don’t see why we can’t have several occupy group’s in SLO.”

ITA! Great idea. Let’s see how the local government and their police forces like being on the other end of the “divide-and-conquer” tactic.

pete evans is NOT a part of occupyslo / occupy san luis obispo. he has not been apart of the occupyslo / occupy san luis obispo movement for quite some time now. his involvement ended the week he and desire gallo stole everything from the occupation and he almost attacked a teenage girl at a general assembly. since that week, all of pete’s energy has gone into ending the occupation by whatever means necessary.

at around 10pm wednesday night, pete evans, craig steffens, sandi brockway, karsten huehn, and desire gallo (along with desire’s children) came to the occupation site and stole everything. there were witnesses – one being a photographer – and almost everything was documented on film. the following evening, sandi brockway and karsten huehn (gallo’s boyfriend) returned to the occupation site at the courthouse and admitted assisting pete evans, craig steffens, and desire gallo while they stole everything. that entire conversation was documented on film and audio recording.

despite what pete evans says, the personal property that was stolen from the occupation site wednesday night has NOT been returned. all of the personal property stolen by pete evans and desire gallo in october has not been returned. steven boothe may not file charges, but the others who have been victims of pete evans’ and desire gallo’s criminal activity plan to pursue charges against them and everyone else who was involved wednesday night.

What a bunch of horse hockey !

The infiltrators, derelicts, hangers-on, criminals, misogynists, Ron Paul kooks, and sundry other NON-activists that corrupted and ruined the public image and good will in the larger community are dime store Robespierre’s … or they were invited and imported by such to create the chaos and havoc that resulted.

A few of us could see it in the making ( Pete included ) and tried to warn others, but the well was already poisoned.

Les Kagan has it pretty correct. .

A Republicanville of homeless unfortunates and willful professional bums, beggars, and slackers is NOT “Occupation”.

“Occuption” is a job: DOING SOMETHING…WORKING to end the political and economic inequalities and disenfranchisements.

It is not just merely being a walking or sitting example of the result.

You want to talk about THEFT and STEALING ?

How about the jerks and bums that stole and hijacked the movement for THEIR own greedy purposes ? Let’s talk about them.

Hey, Watch it with calling some of us folks “Ron Paul kooks”. I won’t be voting for a mainstream candidate like a Republican or Democrat in 2012. Ron Paul is a strong possibility so back up. As for the rest of your post, I’m with you so you won’t be getting a thumb from me one way or the other.

ITA with you on this, Cindy. +^

I have a hard time believing Karsten Huehn would involve himself in taking people’s possessions. I will have to see what he has to say about this.