Man hit by train in Oceano survives

January 16, 2012

A man hit by a train in Oceano on Friday had to have his arm amputated.

At about 5:15 p.m., an Amtrak train hit the man who was walking along the tracks. Officials with Union Pacific said the man was not near a railroad crossing when the accident occurred.

Emergency personnel transported the man to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital for treatment.

Investigators with Union Pacific are looking into the incident.

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What I want to know is ..”How does one get hit by a train?” I can understand if you are in a tunnel or on a bridge with nowhere to go but how do you not here it coming and move 5 feet off the tracks. Perhaps there is something I don’t know but I think I could dodge a train. I live about a mile from the tracks and I can hear the train blowing it’s horn while I am inside my house. I just don’t get it.


In the past when you disagree with me, you adress me directly “sincerely”

FATHER SANDERS puts down “using-persuading” other people “amatuer politician!”

All BS

The railroad authority claims it keeps statistics on train/pedestrian “encounters” and reports them at planned intervals of time. Yet when I went to the site to see if the two Paso deaths by train were listed, I could not find them. I think the railroad authority is less than forthcoming about how many injuries occur. Looking at their stats web site, it appears their stats are missing statistics of injuries and death by train occuring in San Luis Obispo County.

By “railroad authority,” do you mean the Public Utilities Commission?

No, the FRA, Federal Railroad Administration.

Well, having his arm amputated because this ignorant fool was walking dangeriously along the railroad tracks is a great lesson to him!

This is a horrific act for the engine crew in seeing someone along the tracks and trying to remove them from their stupidity with only their locomotive horn! If he was deaf, this is even more reason to NOT walk along the right-of-way!

Of course this outright fool will sue the railroad for his ignorance and stupidity, and will receive compensation for being dumb. Wonder what his excuse will be?

Ted, his excuse will be that he worked all his life for the railroad.