San Luis Obispo County’s unemployment rate drops again

January 23, 2012

For the fifth straight month, the jobless rate in San Luis Obispo County continued to fall increasing optimism of a prolonged economic recovery.

The county unemployment rate fell from 10.5 percent in July to 8.8 percent in December, according to a report released Friday by the California Employment Development Department.

The rate is higher than the national average of 8.5 percent and below the state’s 11.1 percent rate, both which fell in December.

County special district government employee numbers grew by 50 percent from December 2010 to December 2011 with an increase of about 200 jobs. During the same period, farm jobs grew by 11 percent or 300 additional employees and the arts and entertainment industry added 300 more jobs increasing by 20 percent.

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Don’t hang your hat on this BS

In 2007 I was shooting the breeze and projecting my gloomy outlook with a University professor in business, he adamantly claimed the economy is improving.

I have made $thousands in stocks “on my own” and have lost $thousands “partially relying on factors like this “lessening of unemployment” perspective by “respected private firms” using acceptable government statistics (a sort of insanity).

Do NOT wholely rely on this BS

I remember back in the 1980’s my uncle telling me the employment or unemployment picture is a distortion because they do not consider those who were no longer able to continue unemployment benefits in their statistics (an untrue refelection made by “respected’ firms).

The phrase “To short a stock” means to position a target stock to be affected, cause or pay for a research (not free) and cause it to be published, then have your sell order in before the stock has any chance to fall.

Without a sucker investor being re-born every minute encouraged by this distrtion, these rich and powerful crooks could not make money (thus, the yoyo market indicator).

Willie that is not what shorting a stock is. Shorting a stock is merely selling a stock you do not have, betting that it will go down before you have to purchase the stock to replace it in the portfolio from which it was borrowed. What you are talking about is something that happens, but it is highly illegal. MORE often than that, shorting a stock is beneficial to investors because it allows the market to properly adjust an overinflated stock, by sending signs to other investors based on information that may or may not be public. Smart investors look for these signs because they cannot get reliable and honest information out of the companies themselves.

This was expected and will continue.

Don’t just look at the increased taxation regulations and revenues alone.

Since 2008 they all (public and private) knew that the least painful way for macro-economics to stabllize and and clear debts is inflation (everything around you – will continue).

My friends have recently been asking me why I post in here. They say that most of those here are just combative and always find fault with everything. What this article says is a good thing and you people are as always are looking for something to criticize. The county has less unemployment,,hello,,that’s a good thing. But go ahead do what you always do, they govt. are liars, the jobs aren’t good enough bla bla bla.

So right. This is site yellow journalism from the articles to the remarks. And, these bogus posters are right wingers who go from one site to another. If they aren’t being compensated, they are idiots and should not be engaged (think “schizophrenic”). But, here we are, knocking heads with empty noggins.

You are right, a lot of these articles are simple hit pieces to spur on the hyenas. To the relief of most of the posters here I’ve had just about enough. I’m not sure how much longer I am going to read and post to this site. It’s just too predictable. I wish that the New Times had on line discussion. It’s too bad because I do like that CCN does investigative reports. Another problem that I have is that not once have I seen a retraction or a little note from the editor with corrections. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s admitting them that is part of what makes makes a persons (or newspaper) character and I’m pretty sure that everyone here has found mistakes with some of these articles, I know I have. Oh well, I won’t complain about CCN again, after all for the time being I do read and post here.

Lets get this straight: You two have anonymous comment accounts, to go on a web site that has articles you don’t like with people you don’t like because there comments suck.

And you pile your words right on top, “empty noggins” indeed.

Wonderful, no good news go’s unspoiled eh?

Also Typo what makes you think the newtimes (if they had comments) would be any different?

It’s just my opinion Kettel. I like the writing and I like the stories at the New Times. I like to discuss politics and current events but sometimes I would like a few more people that are more open minded. I don’t know why this site attracts so many ultra right wingers.

I didn’t say that I don’t like the articles on this site. I said that like most newspapers they make mistakes but this site won’t admit when they make a mistake and that some of their articles seem meant to inflame and stir the hyenas, they’re main purpose seems to stir things up like pro wrestling.

The first time that I realized that there was a problem here is when there was a glowing story on John King that was completely one sided and seemed to kiss his rear, then funny enough right after that I noticed that one of his businesses advertises here on this site. That reminded me of the Tribune, they do the same thing. They should never have pretended to be unbiased when coddling one of their advertisers. Then there was the story about how Cambria counts all of thier students as below the poverty level so they all qualify for free lunches. That turned out to be wrong but I never saw a retraction on that. (I might have some of that wrong but basicly that how it went down). I feel that although there might be some merit to the school issue up there that there was a blatant attack on the Adam’s and that it was a witch hunt. On the other hand there have been some good stories so I have mixed feelings right now regarding CCN.

No biggie kettel, this is just one person’s opinion, I’m not going to try and convince you to agree with me.

Well I knew that I had some it wrong, actually I thought it was Cayucos but said Cambria anyway, no big deal.

I guess that a forum like this is different for me. In a newspaper I see the retractions or corrections, we don’t see them here. I would guess that most people never saw that the numbers were wrong on that article. IMO in an online forum like this it would be better to put that correction in a follow story. People that read that were outraged it would have been nice if they understood that it was wrong.

That being said, this is like your home, I don’t feel that I should come in to your home and criticize how you take care of it, it’s your forum and I’m just visiting. That is why I rarely criticize CCN and when others do I explain to them that they don’t have to be here. So I will try not criticize your,,,I never know what to call things like this, it’s not a newspaper, there is no paper involved. I guess I should call it a website but it’s not really how I think of a website. I also hope that you understand that I do value the work you do even if I don’t always agree with you.

One could say you are the pot calling the kettle black slomike.

Ya got me.

Please. Nobody hurt my cat.

Typo I know your not a Troll

For what its worth, from my personal experience I have found that whether you are a high school grad or college grad or even a university professor “level”, anytime you speak/ post, look or perceive, there is gonna be something someone is not gonna like.

I shared this life experience with one of my church pastors.

He agreed with me without insulting my contributing “life is a bitch” faults.

He said “Isn’t it strange if a person who forget the past, and has a clean start, he continues looking at or for crap in others (even in his own family) to add to his clean inventory”.

He added “try to spend more time to love so you can enjoy and most importantly have fun starting with your family – quality time, time is short in supply”

He asked me “Why do you continue looking for crap in the toilets of others and adding it to your own”

I told him, “I’m trying”

He said, “That is not good enough – you must have unconditional love and faith”

I said, “Look, I am trying!”

The moral of this is:

Forgive me if I do not all the time agree with you, I am trying to be open minded to accept many many differences to learn learn learn!

Typo, as for the others, if they want to look for more crap from you to add to their own (easy for anyone), let them.

As for the Trolls flanking your blind side (Matthew 24:5) F-Them! (OOPS, I meant the word “F”orgive-Them)

1. When I post at an academic level I get it for being an egotist

2. When I post at grass root level I get it for not being “politically correct with the band wagon”

3. When I, at my pleasure, post honestly and frankly (right or wrong) I get it from all over!

I am all 3, you are 2 & 3.

But I do know you don’t put down if someone have minor errors or not perfect (they who do are miserably big time and full of …)!

willie, I hardly ever agree with you but even when I get mad at you I’ve always liked you. You remind me of someone I know and he’s a good person just like you. Now if I could just turn you into a bleeding heart lib….


Actually if you knew the large variety of old and new friends I have, you may realized that I already am on the “hidden side” or my thumbs down would be doubled by the trolls lying in wait for me. Have fun.

Please tell me nobody actually believes this rubbish.

I partially believe it (It is a distorted pacifier) because it was paid for off the backs of working people in taxation and our blood, sweat and tears in inflation everywhere around us.

How about the number of people who have lost their jobs and becasue California has chased away business after business the unemployed have to move out of the state to chase the jobs. Wouldn’t this make the unemployment rate decrease but this wouldn’t really be in a good way.

Where, pray tell, are the added 300 new jobs in the arts and entertainment industry at in San Luis Obispo County? What are they counting? I wasn’t aware that many people in the arts and entertainment industry around here are eligible for unemployment benefits. Does someone have an answer for this?

That’s all of those Street Musicians you see busking everywhere.

I wonder where the numbers come from? If the rate of unemployment is based on number of people filing for or receiving unemployment benefits, then the numbers are skewed. Unemployment benefits expire, so the unemployed one who no longer collects benefits just fades away. He is no longer eligible to apply for unemployment and no one knows if he is working or not.

Take a cursory scan, it will break anyone’s heart to know employment reports have halfd truths inherit in it.

For the Nation

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates six alternate measures of unemployment, U1 through U6, that measure different aspects of unemployment:[

U1: Percentage of labor force unemployed 15 weeks or longer.

U2: Percentage of labor force who lost jobs or completed temporary work.

U3: Official unemployment rate per the ILO definition occurs when people are without jobs and they have actively looked for work within the past four weeks.

U4: U3 + “discouraged workers”, or those who have stopped looking for work because current economic conditions make them believe that no work is available for them.

U5: U4 + other “marginally attached workers”, or “loosely attached workers”, or those who “would like” and are able to work, but have not looked for work recently.

U6: U5 + Part time workers who want to work full time, but cannot due to economic reasons (underemployment).

For the State of California

Data Statistics are provided by the California Employment Development Department.

For SLO County (From the “Employment” December 7, 2011)

The number of unemployed is defined by the state of California as the number of people actually working, plus the unemployed people who are looking for work.

There are economists out there who claim the reason for the decline in numbers is that those who are unemployed have stopped searching for work. They have stopped searching for work because they have been discouraged by the state of the economy or those unemployed people have moved out of the area.

In the month of October, the number of residents living in San Luis Obispo County who were working fell by 1,100 to 122,700. Those numbers are seasonally adjusted and provided by Beacon.

200 more govt employees is not something to celebrate.

I guess we can thank McDonalds…

Not the head of household jobs promised long ago.