San Luis Obispo County’s unemployment rate drops again

January 23, 2012

For the fifth straight month, the jobless rate in San Luis Obispo County continued to fall increasing optimism of a prolonged economic recovery.

The county unemployment rate fell from 10.5 percent in July to 8.8 percent in December, according to a report released Friday by the California Employment Development Department.

The rate is higher than the national average of 8.5 percent and below the state’s 11.1 percent rate, both which fell in December.

County special district government employee numbers grew by 50 percent from December 2010 to December 2011 with an increase of about 200 jobs. During the same period, farm jobs grew by 11 percent or 300 additional employees and the arts and entertainment industry added 300 more jobs increasing by 20 percent.

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A few important points here… First, this WILL be a sustained recovery. But it is not because the fundamentals economic structures are improving, it is because when you print ridiculous amounts of money, it WILL have an upward effect on the economy. Second, because it is the inflation of the money supply that is feeding thing upturn, it will ultimately be accompanied by massive price inflation. Third, because this upturn is caused by printing money and we will have inflation, that means that those closest to the trough will benefit the most from this (that is, the usual suspects). This is not a good thing.

And finally, because this recovery is a result of the the expansion of the money supply, it is threatened by any rise in interest rates in the short run. They may be able to increase those rates after a while. But as soon as there is an increase that occurs at the same time as any kind of correction or drop in demand, the whole house of cards is going to come topelling down, even harder than the last time. Buckle up.

San Luis Obispo County’s unemployment rate drops again:

mkaney wrote …” it is because when you print ridiculous amounts of money, it WILL have an upward effect on the economy.”

Sooo, who’s printing the money, the OCSD the BOS? Where’s this printing press, in the SLO Co. government building, the DMV?

Typo – this is not a localized issue, this a nationwide recovery based upon the increase in the money supply. You offered the silliest retort ever.

Darn, that’s what I get for staying on topic. Our counties economy did not grow because the country is printing more money. Bringing up a national issue which has nothing to do with the local issue is just another way to complain. The counties unemployment rate is dropping and no matter how you try to spin it, it’s a good thing. Again, our counties unemployment rates didn’t drop because of printing more money, that’s it cut and dry. You can’t blame the Obama admin or/and the unions because in reality this is a local issue. You guys are lost without blaming this admin for something.

Well then, please explain the mechanism respondible for our local economic growth. This should be interesting.

If that is what you are ascribing to then the entire country not just our county would have the same economic/unemployment statistics.

Not all but much of the local economic situations have to with local issues. For example the summer will change the economy due to Cal Poly students leaving town. Then you have city councils that budget city revenues and then you have policies placed by the BOS that might have an impact on the local economy. I’m sure that if we were to get rid of Diablo that our local economy would hit the tank but if we increase solar that might decrease unemployment. If the weather is nice then we might have more tourism. If Bruce Gibson goes out and lobbies to have Nike set up shop in SLO then that would stimulate our economy, if Caltrans receives stimulus money then that would also stimulate our economy. The only one of these economic stimulating issues that I mentioned might be due to the govt. printing up more more money. The rest are due to the way our local govt. runs their jurisdiction’s. This is pretty basic stuff, I’m not sure why your struggling so much with it but I’m always glad to help out when you need it.

How on earth do you equate our local drop in unemployment to the govt. printing more money? Now this should be interesting,,or maybe not, lets see.

I can see what you’re trying to say and in part I could see how you might be right but I don’t believe that in this case that you are, our local economic upturn has nothing to do with the govt. printing more money.

It IS occurring in the entire country! And where do you tihnk the money comes from for stimulus, solar projects, local government (federal grants part anyway)??

I said “one of these economic stimulating issues that I mentioned might be due to the govt. printing up money”. But hey, if you believe that our SLOs unemployment dropped due to the govt. printing up money then fine, believe it. I’m not going to argue what I feel is such a silly point.

BTW I’m blaming the admin, I’m blaming the Federal Reserve. I would do the same whether it was Obama, Bush, or any other puppet in office.

Yes, I know you are.