Capps’ seat may be endangered

February 19, 2012

Lois Capps

Congresswoman Lois Capps is one of four California Democrats whose congressional seat is considered competitive, according to the Cook Political Report. [Sacramento Bee]

Configuration of Capps’ 23rd Congressional District changed during the recent reapportionment, it having been a relatively safe district for Democrats. Other California minority party incumbents faced with a dogfight are Jim Costa, John Garamendi and Jerry McNerney. Republicans facing serious threats include Dan Lundgren, Gary Miller, Brian Bilbay, Jeff Dunham and Mary Bono.

Many of the 13 California districts are currently held by incumbents.

The Cook report is considered to be an objective analysis of national political trends, according to The Bee.

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It’s not like we can your should be keeping an accurate score on this debate, but if you would try to, after reviewing all the comments on this thread so far, WiseGuy, and those that support his views on this topic, is the clear winner, making logical, cohesive arguments in his support, and repeatedly and forcefully challenging his opponents with analysis and questions about their statements, for which his opponents offer no substantial or logical replies. In many cases their statements are contradictory.

Thus is appears that those who criticize Lois Capps have built their arguments on emotion, partisanship, and lack of rational thinking and common sense. No wonder we have a troubled political system, when the Republicans criticisms are so faulty, mixed up, and ill-conceived that they don’t have enough substance the Democrats would use to hone their approach in ways that might draw in the support of Republicans.

The Republicans have a lot of words, but no clear mission, at once calling for less government and simultaneously arguing for more government. The list could go on and on about the contradictions and non-sensical, impracticable concepts that so many “conservatives” cling to and spew at every available moment.

It’s no wonder they can’t accept Lois Capps as their leader in Congress. She is too humble and sensible to fit in with their ill-conceived notions of what is good for our nation. The evidence is right here in this forum.