Paso Robles locker room play? Or lock her away?

February 14, 2012

Lisa Solomon


Was it just naughty fun? A little good-natured grope here and there? Or were crimes committed?

Paso Robles Police Chief Lisa Solomon is being accused of sexual misconduct by a growing group of former and current Paso Robles police officers and department employees. She also ordered unlawful traffic ticket quotas, say some. But what, exactly, do these allegations really mean?

Solomon’s employer, City Manager James App, has made no public comment about the situation other than to refer reporters to a city policy describing “sexual harassment.”

Solomon’s reported actions, if proven true as described in detail by officers who have agreed to be identified by name, might go well beyond established, definitive limits of harassing activities. California criminal law specifically addresses at least some of the allegations.

In addition, several of the officers no longer with the department ascribe their departures to retaliatory actions by Solomon.

A handful of officers have provided details of a “mandatory meeting” called by Solomon for her supervisory staff during a Super Bowl “team-building workshop” at the Carmel Valley Lodge. The meeting was held in a hot tub at Solomon’s directive, officers said.

Solomon, after baring her breasts to the seven men, slipped her hand under former Sgt. Brennen Lux’s swim suit and touched his penis, officers said. Another officer was similarly touched after Lux quickly exited, according to witnesses.

Officer T.J. McCall reported to a city-hired private investigator that on another occasion, Solomon grabbed his penis as he rode in her official vehicle.

California’s Penal Code 243.4 (e)(1) reads:  “Any person who touches an intimate part of another person, if the touching is against the will of the person touched, and is for the specific purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification, or sexual abuse, is guilty of misdemeanor sexual battery.” Penalties for conviction are more severe for public officials.

The alleged Carmel Valley incident was witnessed by police commanders, lieutenants and sergeants who are duty bound to report such an alleged assault. However, none of the officers reported the incident as a crime or reported it to city officials as harassment.

Such a crime is described by prosecutors as a “wobbler” — depending on  circumstances, it can be charged as a misdemeanor, or as a felony, if, for example, a victim’s bare skin is touched without consent. Conviction of either carries jail or prison time.

Conviction under this provision of either a misdemeanor or felony also requires registering as a sex offender.

App provided the city’s policy regarding sexual harassment after being asked by CalCoastNews: “If several employees said a manager in the city sexually touched them, what is the city policy?”

App responded: “As to your questions regarding city policy, the city has an adopted harassment policy (copy attached) which defines harassment and sets forth the process to investigate.”

That policy dates back to 1992 and was prepared by former City Manager Richard Ramirez. It reads in part: “Harassment can take a variety of forms ranging from subtle, off-color remarks, to physical assault.”

This is the city policy’s definition of harassment: “Unwelcome advances, improper requests for favors and/or other verbal or physical conduct of an offensive nature (when) such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably and substantially interfering with a person’s work performance, or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.”

And those traffic citation quotas? Such allegations, if proven, put the chief in jeopardy of criminal charges, and the city at risk for expensive civil action.


Lotta stuff has gone on, that has been know about for years, there must be a picture of someone and a goat, thats why the Police chief isn’t on leave, this has been what ,3 to 4 weeks ongoing and still no answers, any other city would have thrown Lisa under the bus already to save face.


Or a sheep.


WE are the sheep……………….


It wouldn’t require something as extreme as documented bestiality. All it would take is some proof that the chief was physically intimate with the city manager and/or a member(s) of the city council. Given her alleged track record over many years I cannot discount this possibility.


The only reason proof of sexual intimacy between App and Solomon would do anything is if the city council chose to use it as a reason to get rid of one or both of them. …

….or if a REAL independent investigation (such as by the state) was done….

….or if Cadbury Easter Eggs rained down on us from the sky.


Thanks, I just threw out the goats milk I purchased in Paso last week.

The Gimlet Eye

Pennsylvania: Feds shut down Amish farm for selling raw milk across state lines. [The underlying issue is whether or not people have a right to decide for themselves the risks vs. rewards of drinking unprocessed milk. Collectivists believe that the state should make that decision, and the people should obey.]

Washington Times 2012 Feb 13


Everyone has to read this: And the bs continues.


Thanks for sharing the link, standup. I just read the article and afterwards felt frustrated, angry and not surprised.

“But the crème de la crème, the caketopper of the stupid parade, came from a Nov. 23 e-mail from App to Solomon, which we can reasonably assume is in response to a New Times article criticizing the city’s response to its gang problem: “Just wonderin if’n ewe bee havin nuf time 2 crap on the hit piece””

So, in a nutshell, this quote sums up our city manager’s attitude toward the press (except the a$$-kissing Trib, of course). He & Lisa consider any negative article as a “hit piece”. They attack the messenger(s) because they can’t dispute the messages.


I loved the comment by the mayor that stated he wanted to kick kids out of the parks. “OK now you can stay, you must go because you just look like you might cause trouble”. Duane is a fruitcake. He only got elected because Mike Gibson and Gary Nemeth both ran against him. He never would have won if it was just one of them. He needs to go soon. App really looks bad when trying to speak in ebonics.


I agree. This fall’s election will surely bring about some change. Picanco,Gilman and Strong are all up for re-election and it will be interesting to see who runs against them.

Look at this:

Chief Lisa finally admits that crime IS on the rise in Paso (despite her many public assertions stating otherwise)

“Special problems continue to EMERGE and GROW in Paso Robles. The Department receives regular complaints regarding the presence of gang activity, drug houses, marijuana grow operations and drug labs, as well as organized houses of prostitution. The Department must develop resources to get control of these issues.”


The BEST way to “get control of these issues” is to hire a new police chief who is competent, honest, and focused on fighting crime.

Instead, we have one who is focused on schmoozing at Rotary/Fair/Wine Festival functions, dancing, singing, getting married 4 times, filing for bankruptcy and screwing many local businesses out of money, AND losing her loaded gun.


Well Lisa, why don’t you talk to Rodney John about the marijuana issue. He is 0-12 in the latest raids and now his department is defunded.

The Gimlet Eye

Maybe he’s getting a cut for himself. Without “illegal drugs,” the whole banking system would collapse. So a local cop getting a few cuts to supplement his meagre income would hardly be a surprise.


They have the resources. The problem is they are using them for public-relations stunts instead of providing for the safety of the residents of PR.

The City of Paso Robles must have absolutely no shame. Their police chief’s sexual assaults are now carried on websites that focus on victims of sexual assaults and how to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace.

Lisa Solomon is a sick joke. The city manager is a sick joke. The city council is a sick joke. And that makes the entire city of Paso Robles look like one sick joke.

It is not fair to the taxpaying citizens, who deserve so much better than what the current Paso Robles city government is providing.

The Gimlet Eye

They are only doing the same thing that Congress is doing.

Like father like son.


Well, for one thing, they can stop wasting city funds to kiss kiester to every association that has any remote link to the wine industry, providing solomon and her officers as public-relations imps, when the officers are not allowed to answer calls for help when placed by the citizens of PR.


App should be asked to resign for making this comment in the context of his job with the City of Paso Robles.


App should be fired for that alone… much do we pay for stupidity?…… Uggggg


We have a really nice black community in Paso. I wonder what they will think about Jim App’s use of ebonics Or his making fun of the way some Black people talk. It made me angry to read about it.

The ease and lack of explanation about the language made me think that App does this quite a bit. I wonder if the Black community has problems with the city management and city police. Yes, I think this is racist.


App’s attitude is only surpassed by his arrogance. To make racist comments like that is not only inappropriate for all time, it’s especially inappropriate in the 21st century. Really? Can he have that publicized and keep his job? That is so totally unprofessional it’s embarrassing to Paso Robles.

App has been in his position so long he’s amassed too much power. Even his City council admits they can’t control him. The quicker we can get rid of the Mayor and then App, the better. What we need is an old fashion house cleaning at City Hall. We need change, this is the year to do it!

Please, please, someone run for Mayor that can make us proud.


LOL!!!!! Looks like Mr. Mayor disagrees with me.


Anyone want to ask Chief Solomon; on what body part of her’s did Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler sign his autograph when Aerosmith last played at the fair?


Chief Lisa + Aerosmith? How appropriate.

♪♫ Lisa’s got a gun

Then Lisa lost her gun

Her dog day’s just begun

Now everybody’s on the run ♫


I understand why there is an investigation. My question to Jim App is why he hired an outside non-law enforcement person to complete the investigation???? WTF Jim!!!

I spoke with a friend of mine who is a retired commander from a large Sheriff’s office. I asked him what his protocol would have been and his response was:

They would have had an outside law enforcement agency complete the investigation, which most likely would have been their local DA’s office. When I told him of the alleged policy and criminal violations that were broken he told this would have been, “The Mother of all Internal Affairs Investigations even if only half of these allegations were made against the chief” and that there is no way his department would contract out with a civilian agency for this type of investigation. There are elements of criminal law that this civilian investigator may not recognize. He also noted that the city may have also used this civilian investigator to get a slanted report to limit the city’s liability.

I don’t know about you, but this is really beginning to wreak bad!

I suggest at the minimum the Grand Jury should be notified to make sure there is a fair and impartial investigation.

Gimme my bong!


App’s attitude is only surpassed by his arrogance. To make racist comments like that is not only inappropriate for all time, it’s especially inappropriate in the 21st century. Really, can he have that publicized and keep his job? That is so totally unprofessional it’s embarrassing to Paso Robles.

App has been in his position so long he’s amassed too much power. Even his City council admits they can’t control him. Please, please, someone run for Mayor that can make us proud.

Yes, I contacted a retired friend who was a captain with the LA Sheriff department. I got pretty much the same story. The Chief shouldn’t be there for the investigation either, paid leave of absence would have been appropriate. No accusation of guilt or admonition of innocence, just a leave thank you.

Think about it. Are the officers going to feel comfortable speaking plainly to the investigators while the Chief is lurking about? Are you kidding me?

Jim App with his side kick and best friend, the City Atty, made the pick of investigators. WITHOUT ANY COUNCIL INVOLVEMENT! He convinced them that they couldn’t be involved because they may have to be the enforcer. BS, they may not be involved in the investigation, but they sure as heck had the right AND the obligation to be involved in who’s doing the investigation. After all, if Lisa is guilty so is App.

So who thinks we’ll get a fair and impartial investigation?


Change the sex of all involved in this whole sordid fiasco and the Chief would have been long gone by now.

Spirit Filled

Locker room plaque just put up. “Keep private areas private. You may touch your own in a stall with the door closed”. “If you have a problem with the rule see me, I am in stall 7. The Chief”

Spirit Filled

Give me the job. I promise not to grab another man’s penis. I will work for a lot less money also.

Mr. Magoo

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The simple fact that everytime us citizens have to deal with our city government, we have to do it through the courts is rediculous.

That fact alone says we have the wrong people in our government.

Our public servants shouldn’t be allowed to waste city resources on legal fees to defend their Stoopid policies, They just need to be responsible, and take care of business.

The problem we have with our police department is just the tip of a much bigger iceburg.

The list of city loonacy is a long one, here are a few recent notable ones:

a million dollar bicycle lane that goes nowhere while our police department gets cut .

a gravel patheway to the river bottom that costs over a half a million dollars wihile our fire department gets cut

a hand full of City bureaucrats with rediculous wage and benefit packages (I figure good for about a million dollars a year alone) while our roads are crumbling and city infrastructure continue to deterioriate

Fines from FEMA for mismanagement of parking lot repair funds.

Illegally entering in contracts with outside consultants and contractors before having the funding.

The list just goes on and on.

Not to mention the social engineering being used on us.

Has anybody noticed the frequent use of the term Sustainable Development and how all of a sudden we have to factor bicycle lanes into any improvements to the city? Implementing this stuff in our city is clearly forcing the princilps of Agenda 21 on us. (those of you not aware of Agenda 21 need to educate yourself)

App is a city employee on a Quest of Manifest Destiny, He has a vision for our city and doesn’t care what rules or laws he breaks imposing his vision on us. The pin heads we elect are just there to run interference for him.

A handful of citizens (committee of correspondence) are developing a list of Email addresses or phone numbers, or mailing addresses of like minded city citizens. The purpose of this is to get all this information to citizens so we can finally start to make intelligent decisions on how to deal with the problems we face in our city government.

The list is growing, but needs to be much bigger.

Send your contact information to: or call 239-9158 and leave a way to contact you with future information.

not to speak is to speak, not to act is to act.