SLO shoe burglaries linked to organized crime group

February 2, 2012

Police suspect an early morning burglary at the Skate Warehouse in San Luis Obispo is linked to an organized crime ring out of southern California.

On Wednesday morning, the store’s manager saw flashlights and heard noises coming from inside the building located on south Higuera Street. While the manager did not find anyone inside, he discovered the warehouse had been broken into and an undetermined amount of skate shoes had been stolen.

Surveillance video of the robbery shows the thieves transported the shoes in a white Econoline van.

Police suspect the thieves are part of an organized crime ring that is suspected of four burglaries of shoe warehouses in San Luis Obispo within the past year. The group of four or more suspects transports the stolen property in white cargo-type vans, often stolen from a business near the reported burglary.

The San Luis Obispo Police department is collaborating with law enforcement officers in the southern regions of the state where similar crimes are occurring.

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Get a warrant for Lindsey Lohan’s house ( shoe hoarder ).

At least the suspects were not reported as having “fled on foot” !

Fortunately, not a soul was lost.

Is that due to “gumshoe” investigation?

Oh hey, shouldn’t that be “not a sole was lost” … ?

“Lost souls” are Brother Ted’s bailiwick.

This must be organized crime if it happened 4x in one year, they steal a white van near the site (and to have gotten there using a second vehicle) and are in and out AND gone before anyone even knows the crime was committed. SM is right, check the swap meets. I have a friend in Southern Ca that has a small avocado orchard and went to bed one night with a crop ready to pick and woke up one morning and someone had done it for him – every single last avocado. Unfortunately, it is hard to catch this type of crimial. Very sad…

Used to happen at the fields east of Morro Bay and Cayucos. Haven’t seen any reports in the news for at least a decade. I’m guessing between awareness by growers and neighbors and the Sheriff they’ve had to switch to shoes.

Start checking the swap meets . . .