Rush not rushing from SLO County

March 9, 2012

Radio talk show personality Rush Limbaugh may be belly deep in problems and facing nationwide criticism for his comments about women, but he is still the man in San Luis Obispo County.

Executives from both county radio stations carrying Limbaugh’s program said Thursday they have no intention of cancelling the controversial talker, as several other radio stations and a growing list of advertisers have done.

Limbaugh’s descriptions of a Georgetown University law student as a “slut” and “prostitute” after she testified before a Congressional committee regarding women’s health issues raised a national furor.

Ronald Roy, regional vice president of El Dorado Broadcasters, said Limbaugh will continue on KVEC.

“There are no immediate plans to cancel the Rush Limbaugh program at this time. We have had some e-mails and phone calls but not a lot,” wrote Roy in an email.

And Kevin Will, chief operating officer at Paso Robles’ KPRL, after ducking a reporter’s phone calls Thursday, responded with a terse email Friday which said, “Don’t know anything.”

Clear Channel, which syndicates Limbaugh’s program, has not commented on the controversy.

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It turns out that advertisers on Limbaugh’s show have been looking for an excuse to cancel their contracts because the show no longer delivers the numbers of listeners that it used to and the demographics are increasingly unfavorable, being mostly older (grumpy) men. They have also learned that among those who do tune into Limbaugh, most don’t listen for very long, another huge negative factor.

In fact, it is speculated that Rush kept going on and on calling Ms. Fluke a slut and prostitute and mentioning all kinds of rude, sexual things in order to keep his audience listening longer during a ratings measurement period.

LImbaugh’s audience peaked a few years ago and has been slowly slipping downward ever since. But the advertising rates for his show stayed the same. Advertisers are finally tired to being screwed and simply aren’t reaping the results they expected for their advertising dollars on Limbaugh’s show.

The biggest problem for advertisers is that hate-radio programs so dominate AM radio that they don’t have a lot of good alternatives of where to advertise on radio. But things are changing. Republican Mike Huckabee now hosts a right wing radio program that is not as confrontational and hate-mongering as Rush’s show. The show is popular and program directors across the nation are considering replacing the Limbaugh show with the Huckabee program.

Advertisers need to know there ARE alternatives to Limbaugh and that KVEC, if it cares about its advertisers and our community, has the opportunity to replace Rush with better programming that is more profit ale for advertisers and is less offensive.

Now it is time for KVEC management to do the right thing and replace Limbaugh. They no longer have any good excuse for not doing so.

The US Armed Forces have stopped ALL advertising on this toxic broadcast pollution network.

53% in a NATIONAL poll say that Limbaugh should be fired.

This is problematic in that Limbaugh is not technically ’employed’ by anyone. Rather, it is a pyramid series of enablers….a network that keeps this trudgeon of lies and bastardization of supposed freedoms to remain economically viable.

It is up to ALL of us, to inform ALL of the advertisers that continue to support this mind junk IN ANY WAY, that we will not support them .

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.

Voltaire (maybe, maybe not). We have come a long way haven’t we?

I may not agree with what you say, and I’ll defend to the day my keyboard dies my right to protest if you are hogging massive amounts of a limited public resource. I also defend my right to encourage people not to financially support you and the radio stations that continually broadcast hate-mongering, bigotry, abuse and outrageous lies.

Let’s face it. The rights enumerated in the Constitution have value only to the extent that they serve the interests of the ruling capitalistic class. If any rights don’t serve the ruling class, they are diluted by the legislature & the courts until they become mere footnotes. The Citizens United ruling should have demonstrated once and for all that the Constitution ratified in 1791 no longer applies to ordinary Americans.

Call KVEC. DEMAND that we get RELEVANT LOCAL CONTENT…instead of this SWILL and air POLLUTION from the sewage factory of Limbaugh !


FIGHT the FASCISTS and COMPELL the COWARDS to ACT ! These radio geeks are WEENIES !

FLEX your muscles. SHOW the FAT- INBRED- RETARDICANS that they are NOT the BOSS.

BE … AMERICANS. UNAFRAID,,, and standing up to IGNORANT BULLIES, Those DISHONEST REPUBLICANS that are the WORST HUMANS on the Planet !