SLO County Sheriff duped by counterfeiters

March 29, 2012

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff department officials suspect someone posting bail slipped two fake $50  bills past  a sheriff employee in March. [SLONewTimes]

Chief Deputy Rob Reid told the New Times the bills looked and felt real. One of the bills was discovered by department staff while the other was found during a bank deposit.

Sheriff officials turned the bills over to the U.S. Secret Service, which has jurisdiction over counterfeit cases.

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What about the FED?


Cindy, if the intent was to defraud then yes it would be a crime to pass these bills at county jail. And I would say that yes, the person who was bailed out would probablly have his or her bail revoked.

What cahones it takes to even try and pass funny money at the County Jail! They are either incredibly ballsy, desperate, or were unaware they had funny money.

I would vote for the later. I’d bet the person didn’t know they were fake. The chances of getitng it past the jail people would seem to be pretty low, so I doubt someone would calculatedly do that. They could have been desperate, but then again the quality of the bills sounds like it was good.

They obviously don’t know who passed the bills.At County Jail you either post cash or get a bail bondsman to vouch for you. No checks and I don’t think credi cards either are taken. So they take in a lot of cash.

I thought that they did take credit cards, I can’t see why they wouldn’t, it would certainly make things easier for everyone and they could always charge for any extra fees that it might cost them to take credit cards. Since they take in a lot of cash, then I guess you’re probably right, I never thought about how many people might be getting arrested and posting bail on a daily basis but its probably a lot and they might not know where they got the counterfeit bills.

If you think about it, it isn’t all that easy to land 2 $50.00 counterfeit bills. A person wouldn’t get them from a bank and they wouldn’t receive them as change like they would receive twenties after they broke a 100 $ bill. This could only happen if someone paid them for a service or a large purchase with cash. A local merchant isn’t likely to get stuck as they know how to check for counterfeit bills. I think someone did it intentionally to see if they could get over on the law. If they had been caught, they could easily proclaim their ignorance and state the same case that you just so eloquently stated.

I find this possibility rather amusing. I also wonder if we will learn anything more, probably not.

Most people don’t realize they’re passing a bogus bill.

I SWEAR I heard a “rimshot” immediately after I finished reading this story.

Humm, too funny. I’m curious about the person who was bailed out with those counterfeit bills, does that mean that they will be re-arrested and whoever bailed them out will charged with passing counterfeit illegal tender? I suppose they could be innocent and been a victim of receiving the two bills themselves, if so, talk about having a bad day all the way around.

Oh, for heaven’s sake.