Adam Hill tied to phony mailer

May 14, 2012

Adam Hill

Members of the San Luis Obispo County Republican Party contend Adam Hill’s campaign is trying to influence the vote by sending out phony mailers in an attempt to give the false impression Hill has the Republican Party endorsement.

An advertising firm paid by Hill sent out the slate mailers titled “Attention Republicans: Election Day Voting Guide” to registered Republicans in the 3rd supervisor’s district. Along with a group of Republican candidates the mailer urges  Republicans to vote for Adam Hill  for District 3 supervisor.

“The mailer is a clear example of deceptive politics,” said Christopher Arend, a members of the San Luis Obispo County Republican Party. “Most voters are too busy to give mailers more than a quick look, and this mailer uses this to create an impression that it has been issued by a Republican organization.”

There are two candidates vying for the non-partisan District 3 supervisor seat and members of the  SLO County Republican Party have endorsed Hill’s opponent, Pismo Beach Councilman Ed Waage.

The Democratic Central Committee has endorsed Hill, who is actually a Democrat.

“The only thing this mailer tells us about Adam Hill is that he has stooped to paying a professional political marketer to deceive the Republicans in his district,” Arend said. “Once again, Adam Hill demonstrates the type of behavior that gives politics a bad name.”


Can anyone, especially the strategically UNAMED author of the above article point out ANYTHING on the political mailer that is truly “phony”? I can’t find ANYTHING on it that is not true or is in any way “phony”.

If I am wrong, please point out specifically what I have missed about this.

This is one of the most innocuous, and most honest political slate mailer I have ever seen.


OMG. Now the fact that there is no person’s name on the article is somehow “strategically” done?

How many articles have you read on CCN? There are many which carry no name. This is not an uncommon practice with other publications, as well.

But, WOOOOOOOO, big scary thing, it is somehow sinister in your eyes.


Nothing “sinister” Mary. Where do you get that?

I’m still waiting for you to give one single example of ANYTHING on the slate mailer printed above that is not true or is “phony,” Don’t you think it would bolster your argument is you could actually PROVE one of your accusations?


STILL waiting….


Didn’t Jerry Lenthall do the same thing listing himself with the Democrats back in ’08?


And look where it got him. ;)


This type of political advertisement is called a “slate mailer” and allows for various political factions to share the cost of a single flyer. They are a common form of political ad and used throughout our nation. Yes, they are designed to draw votes from constituencies that are not naturally inclined to vote for candidates outside their own party affiliation. Some have been known to be deceptive in outlandish ways, misstating facts.

But this slate mailer that Hill is on is one of the more innocuous ones I have ever seen.There is NOTHING on it that is not true. Any thoughtful person who cares to know, can easily assertion that it is NOT published by the Republican Party.

There really is not much of a story here, except that it shows that Adam HIll’s opponent appears desperate to try to find something to attack Hill with, OTHER than Hill’s record in office.


I am left with an existential dilemma.

On one hand, I try to avoid feeding the trolls.

On the other hand, this troll is doing such a great job of showing how wacky Adam’s supporters are, I’d like to see him keep going.


What have I written that is not true, “racket”? Waiting….

So, without truth on your side, you start a campaign to try to tell the world I’m “wacky”. Where is the substance in that? Is that the best you can do? Sad.

I’m not defending Hill so much as I’m pointing out all the total B.S. that the Ed Waage supporters are spewing in order to avoid competing on issues or political record.

I simply am not abiding the tactics of Kevin P. Rice and Chris Arend who continue to sucker folks like you with their B.S. I think those two people alone are degrading our community. Arend even promotes government sponsored torture of political “suspects.” Is that the kind of County you wish to live in? More important is that the kind of County Ed Waage is promoting through the orifices of Rice and Arend?

Why does Ed Waage allow a guy like Rice to concoct totally misleading radio advertisements on his behalf, while allowing Rice to bald-face lie to the world that he not working for the Waage campaign in any manner whatsoever? Do YOU abide by that?


I agree. With the start of the third paragraph. You’re not defending Hill so much.

Kevin Rice

So am I…


I wouldn’t have accepted an “everybody-else-was-doing-it” excuse from my daughter when she did something wrong. I’m certainly not going to accept that kind of excuse from a candidate for reelection as county supervisor OR the candidate’s toadies.

Again, this mailer is just another instance where Adam Hill demonstrates his lack of character. It is no one’s fault but Hill’s that he is being blamed for engaging in deceptive campaign tactics.


Mary, you still have been absolutely unable to point out one single thing about the mailer that is untrue or phony. You seem to be making a big deal about nothing because you have nothing much else. If you are for Waage, tell us something positive about him (that is true).

And you still have not been able to back up your statements and give us the name of one single person who was supposed “deceived” by the mailer. So far you’ve got NOTHING.



I’ve proven your statements are logical fallacies, which make your opinion (argument) fail.

It is not necessary to address an argument that fails.


Isn’t that the argument Ed Waage uses to deny the contribution of anthropogenic factors towards global warming? Just find some scientist who can erect logical fallacies?

Hey, there’s some more integrity! I knew we could find some more laying around somewhere if we just looked hard enough!


I say again, when Ian Parkinson used this tactic (via Cory Black) there was no comment from the Republicans. Hypocrites. And to get a morality lesson from Chris Arend is rather ironic since he is a huge proponent of state sponsored torture. If you question this assertion search back 4 or 5 years through the Dave Congalton show (on KVEC) podcasts for the times Chris was on promoting this ghastly concept.

I don’t approve of the issue Hill is charged with in the article, but it is done by many political hacks, too bad. We should oppose it all the time, it is deceptive and designed to confuse the voter-just like when Parkinson did it in his run for Sheriff. One could even search this site for stories and comments about it back then.


I am NOT voting for either Hill or Waage

I am open to any name I can write in on the ballot

Maybe Dan Devaul!


You might as well write in Daffy Duck, as all write-in candidates must file with the elections office @ the gov’t center. No file, no count.


They do, however, track the number of write-in votes, and this is a number closely watched by the pols of all political parties because it is an indicator of how much attachment the citizenry have to the two dominant political parties, and how credible the citizenry believe the voting process is.

Example: Something that got noticed BIG TIME in the 2004 election was that white Independent female votes, in record large numbers, simply decided not to vote…for anyone.

Something else that got noticed BIG TIME was the fact that a very large number of LGBT and student voters indicated they either weren’t going to bother to vote in 2012 or would vote for a candidate who was not a Dem or GOP. Hence, Obama’s pre-election statement about his support of gay marriage.


They also note that a tiny percentage of eligible and perceptive voters actually register and show up to vote, and it gives them comfort to see how their continual campaign to breed sheeple is increasingly successful.


I much prefer Donald Duck .


Get beyond the two-party BS. This isn’t an issue of Republican or Democrat. It is a question of character and whether we want someone who has demonstrated poor judgment and lack of character to be reelected.

I’m a Democrat,. and I would rather stick needles in my eyes than sit next to Adam Hill, let alone vote for him.


Brother …I can see how easy it is to fool some of the people all of the time ( notably Republicans ), but there are at least a few smart people that post here that can’t see through the fog.


There are political consultants that do these kind of things because that is how they make their money. They’re pretty much apolitical, but know how to massage the system …and opinion.

Who has the kind of money to fritter on these campaigns meant to sow confusion?

The Tobacco Lobby, NOT Adam Hill !



Why shouldn’t Republicans be convinced to vote for Adam Hill?

There is noting untruthful in this advertisement and I haven’t heard of ANYONE who was “fooled” by it or harmed by it. No one.

Is there ANYONE here or anywhere who thinks the Republican Party is endorsing Adam Hill in a NON-PARTISAN ELECTION?

When is Ed Waage going to run on the ISSUES rather than having extremist and controversial political operatives like Kevin P. Rice and Chris Arend do his political dirty work for him? And is Waage intending to pay off Rice or Arend with some appointment or other perks if he gets elected?


As the election cycle heats up, commentary becomes more extreme and offensive. Wiseguy’s post (05/16/2012 at 7:58 am) is a short, clear example of the use of logical fallacies, including blame-shifting, ad hominem attacks, red herrings, begging the question, and strawman arguments. I am responding to Wiseguy’s post with a dissection of the unethical approach he has taken to criticizing Ed Waage and his supporters.

Candidates usually have enough problems in their background, and/or have enough unfavorable opinions and positions, that it is easy to raise valid, logical issues, and not necessary to stoop to less credible tactics.

I hope, by pointing out the things in Wiseguy’s post that destroy its credibility, those who are not familiar with critical thinking and debate will be able to recognize these tactics when they next encounter them.


Adam Hill, by participating in the deceptive “Attention Republicans: Election Day Voting Guide,” once again demonstrates his ability to keep the discussion of this election focused on the question of character. It is unfortunate that some posters are aiding Hill in his efforts.

Wiseguy offers three statements/questions which are nothing but red-herring and strawman logical fallacies. He sets up these false arguments and then, in his final paragraph, attempts to use them to blame Ed Waage for focusing the discussion on unimportant issues.

(#1) “Why shouldn’t Republicans be convinced to vote for Adam Hill? ”

(#2.)/b> “Is there ANYONE here or anywhere who thinks the Republican Party is endorsing Adam Hill in a NON-PARTISAN ELECTION?”

(#3) “There is noting untruthful in this advertisement and I haven’t heard of ANYONE who was “fooled” by it or harmed by it. No one.”

In each statement/question, to my knowledge, Wiseguy is the only person who has raised these issues here. However, it is Wiseguy’s implication that Waage and anyone who takes exception to Adam Hill’s deceptive mailer have voiced this opinion. Wiseguy is being deceptive when he uses logical fallacies in his attempt to turn the blame from[ Adam Hill for the deceptive mailer] to [those opposing deceptive tactics who also oppose Adam Hill’s use of a deceptive mailer].

In the first question (#1), Wiseguy asks a question to which the answer, clearly, is “no.” That is why no one else has raised that issue. There is nothing deceptive about attempting to convince a voter to vote for another political party’s candidate. More importantly, no one, except for Wiseguy has said it is. Attempting to convince voters to cross-vote is done all the time. Obama is spending many $$$millions in the 2012 campaign to lure more independent Republicans to vote for a Democrat: Obama. McCain chose Palin as his VP candidate partly because he wanted to appeal to the women Independent and Democratic voters.

The deception is Adam Hill’s participation in a mailer in which it appears to the casual reader that Adam Hill is being endorsed (along with other politicians, who are Republicans) by the GOP.

AND it goes to the repeated instances in which Adam Hill’s behavior has raised questions about his character.

In the SECOND (#2) and THIRD (#3) questions , Wiseguy takes a slightly different approach which ends up undercutting the first point (#1) he attempted to make. Basically, these questions attempt to make the illogical “no-harm-no-foul” red-herring argument. In other words, even if Adam Hill did participate in a deceptive campaign mailer, no one was fooled or harmed so it doesn’t count or matter.

If someone steals your car but doesn’t harm it, it doesn’t matter? Others are wrong for criticizing the person who stole your car?

Of course, it still matters, and of course the act deserves criticism, just as Adam Hill’s participation in a deceptive campaign mailer still matters, no matter how many people were fooled, because–again–it goes to the question of his character.

The issue is not whether anyone was deceived by Adam Hill’s participation in a deceptive campaign mailer. The issue is Adam Hill participated in a deceptive campaign mailer.

Wiseguy’s concluding paragraph is so deceitful it is offensive.

After Wiseguy makes multiple attempts to shift blame from Adam Hill’s participation in a deceptive campaign mailer to those who criticize Adam Hill’s participation in a deceptive campaign mailer, Wiseguy has the nerve to try to blame Ed Waage for sidetracking the election discussion from the “ISSUES.”

As if that isn’t bad enough, Wiseguy makes a giant leap further by accusing Price and Arend as extremist. Wiseguy then accuses all three of being involved of political “dirty work.”

Finally, Wiseguy implies that there is a possibility Waage is attending to unethically quid-pro-quo Price and Arend into political favors should Waage be elected.


Seems that as soon as Wiseguy pokes holes in some balloons another person is blowing up a bigger balloon. About perceived character flaws. With the job Hill has done, shouldn’t he get reelected unless he was “caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy”? Does anyone have anything to say about Waage one way or the other? Hill has spent his lifetime working on causes. Wasn’t he on Senator Bill Bradley’s staff? Oh, would that be another black mark on his “character”.


Slomike, my standards for voting for a candidate are a little higher than him/her just not getting “caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.”

Your mileage may vary.


You can cut and past all the textbook egghead crapola you want Mary, but the fact is that you haven’t pointed out A SINGLE THING that I’ve written that is not true. Sorry. Get real, please.


Oh my gosh, WiseGuy did all that? He must be some sort of political and rhetorical GENIUS! And all I thought he was doing is telling the truth and poking holes in the misleading statements concocted by Hills increasingly desperate opponents.


Mary, do you even know who Chris Arend is? (Other than being our county’s number one public promoter of government sponsored torture.)


Look at Mary’s long-winded essay below. Notice that she doesn’t offer any factual information to refute any of my claims. Instead she tries to regurgitate some rhetorical concepts she picked up somewhere and tries to apply them in a ham-fisted manner to my comments. And yet, through it all, she is not able to seriously refute anything I’ve written.

Sure, I called Chris Arend an extremist. Yes, that is a value judgement, I suppose. Is torture “extreme”? I consider torture extreme. But Chris Arend has, more than once, publicly promoted the use of torture, going so far as to voice his support for U.S. sponsored torture inside and outside of our nation’s borders. Arend has many other views that I consider extremist.

Bottom line is that outside of value judgments that are difficult to prove or disprove, Mary shows herself unable to successfully refute ANY facts i’ve presented. Instead she criticizes the method and style in which I’ve presented the truth and poked holes in the assertions of others.

Kevin Rice


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Interesting that this was taken offline. Poor Mr. Allen, can’t take the heat in the air (lol)… Maybe this poor example of another administrator not able to do his job effective because of the stress – maybe we can buy him out with $250,000 too!. This man is whining about the stress this election has been to him personally and professionally. Really, so it was OK to go front page on the Tribune so that everyone in the County now knows what an idiot you are.

Kevin Rice

Photos of the luxury Granlibakken Lodge in South Lake Tahoe (a $600+ per night room) where Larry Allen stayed on the taxpayer dime for the Spring 2009 CAPCOA conference:

During the same conference, I found a document online indicating that the Mojave APCD director stayed at the Forest Suites Resort for only $112.06:

Another conference showing Larry Allen’s attendance is the 2010 CAPCOA Climate Change Forum at the San Francisco Marriot Marquis that lists ARIANNA HUFFINGTON and VAN JONES as speakers along with Larry Allen:

Here, the SLO APCD logo is displayed as an “Event Partner” of that Forum next to major-bucks sponsors (taxpayer cost for this???):

The November 2010 CAPCOA Legislative Retreat was at Half Moon Bay Lodge.

What is up will all these luxury vacation destinations??? TAHOE? MARRIOT MARQUIS? HALF MOON BAY?

Can the public’s business get done without mountain resort lodging?

Kevin Rice


Adam Hill is sharing the cost of this with mailer with Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. (No on 29).

“know a person’s character by the company they keep.”