Walmart Annex plan hearing set

May 28, 2012

A public hearing on a contentious commercial development planned for Atascadero’s north end is slated Tuesday at 6 p.m. by the city’s planning commission.

The hearing centers around entitlements for the Del Rio Road Commercial Area Specific Plan, incorporating the already-approved 130,000-square-foot Walmart Supercenter Store on a 26.2-acre parcel at El Camino Real and Del Rio Road, and an Annex component located across the street.

On the table will be a potential recommendation to the city council to certify an environmental impact report (EIR); a General plan amendment; zoning ordinance text and map amendment; Specific Plan adoption, Specific Plan master plan for development; and vesting tentative parcel maps. As many as 44 multi-family residential units are included of this proposal.

The Annex part of the development, if eventually approved, will support food and beverage sales, general merchandise stores, restaurants and as many as six single-family residential parcels.

If planners approve, the matter will go to the city council at a date to be announced at the Tuesday session.

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Personally I love a bargain and shop at wal mart all the time. Not fir fresh veggies and fruit. Their produce blows but everything else is a bargain. Just can’t imagine a nice quiet hamlet like atascadero having a wal mart but in the end it should be up to the residents and taxpayers to have the final say and not the select few with real estate and back room interests.

Nancimeek you are a neighbor and a friend. Walmart customers all look like me. Handsome, slim, and easy to talk to. (Or pretty as the case may be)

Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. Let’s not forget what happened a few years ago with the Rottman group and Grigger Jones and the plans for Wal Mart

Personally, I hate Wal-Mart mainly because of their lobbying efforts in support of privatization of our oceans.( That being said, I still don’t think that anybody has the right to tell anyone else where they can shop and to try to restrict those choices through legislative activities

Nobody is telling anybody where they can shop. I haven’t heard anybody tell anyone else that they can’t go to Paso and shop at WalMart. The tax payers do have a right in my opinion to protect their towns atmosphere from blight and the small mom & pop shops. The small town atmosphere is what many of us moved here for. We were told this was a bed room community, with protection of oak trees, open space, lighting intrusions and blah blah blah. Then they bring in a Wally World. It just doesn’t fit, what about all the traffic, what about all the over night RV’s coming from God knows where to hand out in WM parking lots? WM doesn’t exactly attract upper crust customers and that isn’t to disparage those who are hoping to save a few pennies. The proof of the WM problem is clearly in the country wide statistics.

“WM doesn’t exactly attract upper crust customers ” Wow! Got over inflated ego much?!

Unfortunately we who live in Atrascadero realize we have no downtown. Hard to call a city hall and theatre a downtown. Have you driven down El Camino? In the north we have a hardware and a Staples. Few cars parked at Staples so I think that is probably going to close, Then traveling south we have a bunch of closed stores almost all the way to the freeway . This is a bedroom community for sure.

This town is so boring I can’t wait for another box store to up the tax base so the council can spend and waste more money. Gives us something interesting to bitch about,

I love this town. And thank God I am not stuck in LA. 33 years almost makes me a local.

For the EIR to be complete it must have this reference included fully:

The same people who want WalMart in Atascadero are the same people that freak out over having plastic bags banned. Tea Partiers!!!!

San Jose charges 10 cents per bag. Plastic bags can.t cost even a penny to make. Crooks. I am proud and excited to have a nice store in town. Hope they also open a place to eat. Most of the restaurants in Atrashcadero have closed up. Even Players closed.

I am a small town person but this is ridiculous! We are starting to look like a ghost town. Too bad. Thank you Walmart for coming here. At least you people can’t blame Walmart for making all the mom and pop stores close. All ready happened.

You people recently from the big city don’t care that most of us are fairly poor and can only afford cheap. Get a grip please.

God Bless

Why is Atascadero so eager to open a Wal Mart that sells lead paint based toys from China, foods full of chemicals, and drugs that cause more problems than they cure, while at the same time they are so eager to ban medical marijuana dispensaries? This town is wacked!

Actually I should say, this town’s management is wacked!

I suggest you don’t shop there. Be sure and check all other items you buy from other stores for the same problems. I have. Other stores sell the same items just price them higher. Walmart will help a lot of people get jobs. And spread the wealth throughout Paso. Not much to shop for here.

Really, what planet have you been living on. Have you been to Target, KMart, Dollar Store, etc… The all have the same “stuff” and 99% from all these stores is from China, so why are complaining about these. I am totally for WalMart, it’s going to happen and then the sales tax will remain in our community. Thelocation is perfect, the plan is great, now let’s move ahead!

Slowfaster: Someone is buying it because their sales receipts reflect it. I, like Cindy like the new store and of course I like local so the one at the other far end of town is also a favorite. I am realistic to know that a lot of people are struggling and have limited funds. Sometimes the choice of buying what you can with what you have is your only option. We have to respect people’s choice and needs, after all, I want mine respected. If you look at the business at the Paso Walmart we must recognize that a lot of Atascadero folks go there and that is a lot of sales tax dollars going north not to mention jobs. In this economy a job is a job. I support Walmart for economic reasons and a need for members of our community.

That is the same lame argument that was used to support slavery.

Why do people love cheap crap from China?

Well, aren’t you just the perfect one-percenter. Must be nice to have all the disposable income necessary to be able to buy the exclusive, expensive products at your boutique stores. Why do people buy stuff from China? Because it fills a need they have at a price they can afford (or price that allows them to afford ANOTHER need).

And pretty much, “stuff” from China is all there is.It is extremely difficult to find any “general consumer’ type products from anywhere else(particularly America) and of course, the reason for that is another whole discussion…

Absolutely. And that “other discussion” begins and ends with the notion that a business (other than Apple) does not create consumer demand. Rather, it reflects consumer demand. That’s why we have Wal-Mart, dollar stores, department stores, and upper end retailers. They each cater to their audience – they don’t create their audience.

As if every other store in America doesn’t sell cheap crap from China, including Miners, Target, Michaels, OSH, and Home Depot etc.

If people didn’t buy cheap crap no one would get many presents would they? Where do you think almost everything comes from? China. Lap tops, stereos and etc. along with everything else is shipped over. Regulations from our government stop companies from staying here and manufacturing anything anymore. Lot of the time things are made here but have supplies sent here from China.

China makes the money, we save money by buying what they have to sell. We can’t afford to buy electronic items made here. (If there are any). When you have a solution let me know.


There is a new grocery store at the North end of Atascadero and I think they’re great. They don’t carry all the name brands but I can usually find what I’m looking for and it’s always at a deal. I never go to WM myself and I doubt I will ever have reason to visit them when they come to A-town. I will be surprised if they bring in all the traffic that their supporters think they’ll bring. They won’t change anything for the better, we will just have more CHP helicopters chasing after kids with good reason rather than without any good reason like what occurred at the lake park last week.

Where is it? By the dollar store?

This is RICH… a day after this report of America’s LEAST favorite supermarkets:

WALMART, the nation’s largest food store comprising 22% of all grocery sales was rated as the #2 WORST grocery chain …only behind almost bankrput and considerably smaller Pathmark.

I don’t know though…I bet that there are plenty of people in Atascadero that like to eat cheap green meat.