Man dies in collision with Abel Maldonado’s wife

July 24, 2012

Abel Maldonado

Congressional candidate Abel Maldonado’s wife was the driver of a Cadillac Escalade that crashed into a Honda Accord killing a 30-year-old man on Monday in Santa Maria.

Laura Maldonado, 45, and her teenage son were headed eastbound on Foxen Canyon Road when the front of her vehicle collided with the left side of the man’s Honda. California Highway Patrol officers said it appears the man who was driving northbound on Dominion Road failed to yield the right of way.

The man died at the scene. His name is being withheld pending notification of his next of kin.

Laura Maldonado and her son were treated for minor injuries at  Marian Medical Center and then released.

“Monday afternoon, my wife, Laura, and son were in a terrible car accident in Santa Maria,” Abel Maldonado said in a statement. “Our deepest condolences and sympathies are with the family of the victim. There are no words that can lift the burden of grief and sorrow his family and friends are experiencing right now. … The thoughts and prayers of our entire family are with his family and friends.”

California Highway Patrol officers have not yet determined if the use of drugs or alcohol  contributed to the crash.

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Interesting….. I was the first comment this morning that was logged in………… now its gone ? If You dont agree You delite it. Sorry thought that CCN was a good news source. Just more managed news from the biased media.

God help anyone who’s not in an SUV but gets hit by one. They’re deadly.

Or by ANY large vehicle for that matter. Did I detect a hint of disdain for SUV’s? What if he got SMACKED by a large semi that was transporting solar panels? Different story? HMMMMMMMMMMMM?

Your post is a great illustration of how the United States culture has become. Focus on the individual sacred happiness at the expense of the many.

To a growing number daily, we all must become responsible stewards of the land, enviroment and natural resources. Each citizen must do their part for the sake of reducing our dependance on the importation of fuels and the hopeful elimination of nuclear energy and other short sighted energy solutions.

To compare a semi tractor loaded with solar panels with a SUV is priceless.

If you can afford driving an SUV, it’s an added insurance policy and especially for protecting a family, the rich and polical, but you’re free game to be labeled less responsible than those driving vehicles more suitable for energy conservation.

Consume, consume, consume, the rich get richer, the poor, poorer and our liberties and middle class go by the wayside to keep the free flow of oil going.

Heil to oil, heil to the banks!

The USD will not be pegged to oil forever, then what?

And if you learn that the SUV was a Hybrid, then what? Still a symbol of the rich that you hold such disdain for? Let’s all level the playing field and our incomes, comrade. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

How about we get real about that accident. Since the photo shows direct impact at the driver’s door, at say 55 MPH, or thereabouts, I truly suspect that the poor driver (RIP), was doomed by ANY-THING that hit him. Prius, Nissan Leaf, or a converted school bus festooned with flowers, a Che stencil, and anti-war graffiti.

As to those vehicles being reserved for the rich, try driving on W. Newlove one day and see how many “rich” people drive SUV’s. Holy smokes, I thought I was long done dealing with the SDS types. Forgive me if you’re not and I’m wrong, but that’s how your post read.

My prayers go out to the victim. May he rest in peace.

I feel very sorry for Mrs.Maldonado and her son. 30 years ago I had a gentleman kill himself on the rear end of my pick up going 95mph. And we were standing still. An experience we will never forget.

We have been grieving for this guy and his family for all those years. God Bless anyone involved in situations like this one.

It would also be interesting to know if the driver of the Honda had a driver’s license–a big problem in Santa Maria– and the CHP doesn’t reveal that information.

Mindless speculation without any facts.

Article from KSBY–

There is no speculation in that post. “Citizen” just said it would be interesting to know and stated two facts.You just are reading something into it based on your particular leanings.

A post that MrCline placed over at another media site. I found it interesting …….

“A few facts that aren’t contained in the article: Dominion Road ends at

a T-junction with Foxen Canyon Road at that point, so the Accord driver

was either making a left or a right turn onto Foxen, so he couldn’t

have been driving particularly fast. Also, because eastbound Foxen

Canyon makes a sweeping 90 degree left turn at that T-junction and the

recommended speed on that part of Foxen Canyon is 40 miles an hour. It

seems rather ill advised to be driving a giant SUV with sluggish

handling like an Escalade at 15 mph over the recommended speed in a turn

like that.

I hope the CHP reads the Escalade’s vehicle’s data recorder to determine

Mrs. Maldonado’s true speed to verify her self reported speed of 55

mph. Unless there was an independent witness, there is no way of knowing if the Accord driver really ran the stop sign, or if he came to a full stop, and then proceeded to turn left only to be hit by Maldonado’s speeding SUV flying around the turn.”


I guess it’s OK to drive a massive SUV at 15 miles over the speed limit on a 90 degree turn??? This article doesn’t mention that Laura said she was driving at 55 mph.

If that is what she admits it was probably higher.

I think that the 55 mph is the CHP’s estimate of her speed judging from the accident scene investigation . Also, they would be able to estimate the speed of the Honda and whether or not it had just moved from a stopped position.

Yeah: “Probably.” Thanks for the objective comment.. ‘”Probably..” Good one. MASSIVE SUV. Just MASSSIVE…. good descriptor. Nice embellishment.; hence the BLOGS, and not news…. See my reply to cch to see what I say about those MASSIVE suv’s.