Gibson had affair with legislative aide

November 16, 2012

Bruce Gibson

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson admitted to having an affair with his legislative aide and said he plans to seek a divorce from his wife. [SLO Tribune]

Gibson said the affair with Legislative Assistant Cherie Aispuro had lasted for a “fairly long time” during his tenure as District Two Supervisor. Aispuro, a longtime county employee, has served as Gibson’s assistant since he took office in January 2007.

While Gibson did not say when the affair began, sources reported to CalCoastNews that the supervisor was having an affair with someone in the county prior to his 2010 reelection.

Gibson said he does not plan to resign from his position, but he did say that he breached the trust of his constituents.

“Outside the hurt that I have caused in my family, I am embarrassed at the breach of trust that I have caused to occur with my constituents,” Gibson said. “Being an elected official does depend on a degree of trust between constituents and elected officials, and I feel this relationship and my concealment of it will cause people to question my integrity.”

Gibson said he first told his wife about the affair last weekend and then notified County Administrator Dan Buckshi and County Counsel Rita Neal on Tuesday.

Buckshi and Neal are investigating as to whether any misuse of county resources occurred.

“At this point, based on initial review of the situation, it appears that no county resources have been improperly used and no county policies have been violated,” Buckshi said.

County staff will reassign Aispuro, who has worked previously in the Clerk-Recorder’s Office, to a position in a different department.

Gibson, 60, described his relationship with Aispuro, who is in her early 50s, as “a matter of the heart,” but said that it did not interfere with their work.

“Both Cherie and I gave 110 percent to this job,” he said.

Gibson has two grown sons with his wife, San Luis Obispo doctor Grace Crittenden. He said he spoke up about the affair because he believed the news would spread after he told his wife.


Thanks Bruce


Apparently folks have a short memory in SLO County. Think back…David Edge, Gail Wilcox, Dori Duke all emeshed in a hot little web of sexual intrigue and a b.s claim of sexual harassent. Cost Mr. Hall his legal contract with the County while Ms. Rita made a power grab at County Counsel. All the while Mr. Gibson was involved with a married woman and a County employee. No problem with your moral compass on that one…right Bruce? You sat in judgment and fired personnel while you were engaged in more egregious behavior than the folks you fired…you problem with that right Bruce? You lied to your wife, your children…what else have you lied about? Resign and go away. You have followed the path of past BOS members that had affairs with County employees. Almost sounds like predatory behavior…using your office for sexual favors? Continuing cesspool behavior at the County.


Regarding the media’s obsession with sex, this commentary regarding the media treatment of Gen. Petreas’ affair is worth a read:

(Parallels with many of the comments on this CCN story prompted me to post this link)


If you want to ask Mr. Gibson about this situation and he is not at the Board of Supervisors, there is always the “Garbageman’s Holiday Ball” coming up in December. Usually at the Embassy Suites. It is sponsored by Mission Country Disposal/Cold Canyon Landfill and only local politicians, judges, lawyers, public officials and certain private business officials are invited. Call Tom Martin at Mission Country Disposal/Cold Canyon Landfill and ask about it. The Ball has been held for 20+ years.


How appropriate “The Garbageman Holiday Ball” lmbo…..Suppose he will be bringing Cherie?


So what’s to ask? Did you wear a condom? Was it great sex? Who was usually on top? Can I get a copy of the tape?

I mean, really. What questions need answering, since the county has determined (so far) that no county resources were involved in the tryst & associated communication?

Do we rake him over the coals because he has healthy hormone levels and follows his penis around? How is that unlike any other member of the male gender at his age?

Can we accept that private, consensual behavior is really none of our business, when it is, in fact, none of our business?


Someone posted that Mr. Gibson probably would not appear Tuesday at the Board of Supervisors meeting. The purpose for the post was to advise readers about the Garbageman’s Holiday Ball and where all politicians can be found, including Mr. Gibson. It had nothing to do with Mr. Gibson’s behavior. But since you bring the topic up, Hodin, you do defend a lot of the local male politicians and bureaucrats. Would you be so quick to defend a female in a similar situation? Doubtful.


Nice try at revisionist local cartoon history.


I’m not sure what you mean by “defense.”

In the specific case of Gibson’s affair, I’m not defending his actions, I’m saying it doesn’t have relevance policy-wise, and that those who try to extrapolate in that direction by his personal choices and actions are trying to create further rationalization for their coveted hatreds.

There’s plenty of reasons to be upset with Gibson’s official actions, without delving into his private affairs. It makes a cleaner case when you avoid the personal issues and focus on the public ones.


hahahhahahahha how does the county determine in less then a weeks time what went on for 6 years?

What a JOKE!. Nothing like the wolves watching over the hen house. You must work for the county

R. Hodin. ; )


“…since the county has determined (so far) that no county resources were involved…”



Hodin you are right that it is none of our business.

As long as they didn’t meet out of town during county business in a hotel paid for by us fine.

As long as neither one was meeting at some location, knocking one out, on our dime, then fine.

As long as no law or ordanance got past because of this closeness, fine.

But Hodin if you don’t ask first and you don’t investigate first, how do we know the answer? Do you? Hence we investigate. If this affair has nothing to do with conducting usual business, then stay or not stay (in position)isn’t my problem, it’s his wife’s.


The point I was trying to emphasize (read the Petraeus article I provided in another post above) is that CCN posters primarily use an event like this not to discuss people in power & sexual temptation, but use the opportunity to speculate wildly about supposed law-breaking, recalls etc.

Has evidence of unlawful use of govt resources been presented? Nope. None. But that doesn’t stop the mob, and it doesn’t stop you from implying I’m not interested in that future possibility.


You stated that his consensual business was none of our business. That is what I commented on. How am I to determine you are in favor with a statement like that, not followed by at least something like what I stated in regards to first finding out and then yes your statement would come into play. So I stand by my implication of what I said.

As the world turns


Good point. R.Hodin defends certain public officials regardless of their positions. It is difficult to take someone like that seriously.


I criticize public officials based on their policy actions, and rarely about their personal lives, as it should be, in my posts and in my cartooning. I don’t comment or cartoon to please anyone but myself. If you happen to enjoy the work, that’s great. If you disagree with the work, that’s also great, and I welcome your feedback. Contact me through my editor ( ). I am very grateful for the opportunity to draw and contribute for the NEW TIMES and I don’t take it for granted, so I try to make good use of the venue, and to feel strongly about the issue I choose to comment on. I only have one shot each week and it’s increasingly challenging to weed it down to one topic. So if I skip a topic you may think should be front-and-center in everyone’s minds, that’s just the way it is for that week. It’s personal expression, and I take responsibility for my work and sign my name on it every week, which is a long shot more than 99% of the posters on CCN. Not that I don’t appreciate the contributions of certain posters, especially those who are themselves enmeshed in the issues due to their employment or other material or familial stakes. Those points of view are extremely important, and that’s why I visit this site.


Obviously, your moral compass is broken. If in any manner, shape or form you can see defending this behavior in a workplace enviroment, in a position of authority, in an elected position, in a position that impacts the daily life of every resident in this County, then you must ne another team player at the County that is involved in this type of conduct. He lied and deceived the taxpayers who put him in office. THE MAN HAS NO INTEGRITY and you are OK with that. Says alot about you and your belief system. Stay the party line because of the consequences. Great!


My Question: Can we force him off the board? There must be something we can do to get rid of him!


seems there is a recall effort underway. Not sure of the details but the public only found out yesterday

.Also there will be plenty of online petitions asking the county or whoever does that to remove him. county counsel needs to analyse their private smart phones and see if all the texting or sexting that was done

was on county time and dock their pay.

hey Bruce this is a runaway train …you owe the public a big personal apology and a huge fine donated to the battered women’s shelter and then I might consider supporting your aim to stay in office.


Informed, please tell me where I can sign the RECALL PETITION ….Let’s get “er done! I want that HACK out NOW!


Again….WHERE do I sign up?


An unruly mob with torches and pitchforks usually is enough to get the job done.

Lead the way.


How about:

“Concerned and fed-up taxpayers who don’t want a moral deviant porking one of this subordinates and thus opening the county to another crippling lawsuit which creating an unhealthy work environment”?


The big question now: Will gibson resign? The answer, yes, he will resign… but not until his corrupt buddies in the county government cut him a sweet severance package. Welcome to SLO county.


will the county be better with him gone. what about updates to the AG ordinance. Is he moving the county toward more reasonable growth and protecting the environment?


“Protecting the environment?!”

Too bad Bruce didn’t protect his dignity or the privacy of his sons…he didn’t care about protecting his marriage or his reputation, either. If a man doesn’t care enough to protect what’s truly important–his own family–then he doesn’t belong in public service.


NO!!! and deny us the pleasure of watching him squirm? I wanna see those beady little eyes of his try and look innocent..

But, sociopaths like him can pull that off.


Why did Gibson choose now to speak to this affair?


Maybe Cheri husband Randy M found out!


In all seriousness, I cannot imagine how their families must feel right now.

Bruce & Cherie lied to so many people–their spouses, kids, constituents, co-workers, etc.

Such a tangled web and you really have to ask, “Bruce, Cherie: was it really worth it?!”

Kevin Rice

Seems obvious he has been forced into it. Perhaps he know the transfer of his aide Cherie Aispuro would bring it out; or, perhaps divorce papers were filed at the same time on late Friday and will be public on Monday morning; or, perhaps someone was going to go public. Perhaps there is even more to come.

It seems clear that County Counsel has known about this for a week or more. The Trib story indicates Counsel went through his email and hard drive and checked travel documents for irregularities and conflicts.

EVEN MORE, the Tribune story clearly is detailed enough to indicate that Gibson has been working with the Trib for more than a day. Even the sub-headline on that story, “…inquiry has found no professional impropriety”, indicates to me that the Trib is in bed with the power elites (as always), and has already started to dampen outrage by working mitigating details into the story.

I expect the Trib will soon editorialize that it’s a private matter and nobody’s business—entirely overlooking that Aispuro was a directly-hired subordinate in a position that works in a very tight one-on-one way with the Supervisor, many times after hours, and many times traveling together.

This has cost the county to transfer her to another department, pay her from the Board of Supes budget (which injures the other Supes), and find a replacement. I’m betting 6-to-1 it will be a male. Is Mr. Smithers available?

Kevin Rice



yes” more to come ” remember how,long it took for watergate to become fully exposed.

No doubt the Petraesus affair with the Bimbo Jill Kelley and all the e- mails plus the hidden cell

phone accounts of Petraeus and his mistress made Bruce know the ax would eventually fall. let’s

not give him any credit for revealing what was inevitable . the weight of this kind of deception will

eventually lead to its exposure.

county counsel needs to look into every property transaction Asipuro made since being the aide to Gibson. Dis Gibson influence any transaction with Insider info?

Kevin Rice

Real property grantor-grantee records are publicly searchable at the Recorder’s office. Anyone can look at that stuff.


Yes but time consuming and a proper job for county counsel I checked the official records online that anyone can do. You can only see the type of transactions and there are pages and pages of property transactions…plenty for a used car sale as and clerk.


I meant used car salesman evidently Cheri’s husband job.


This is only tangentially related to the discussion but I love how the “most corrupt county in California” discussion seems to fire up every time a public official screws up. I spent a bit of time googling variations of the phrase and my informal research shows that the frequency with which the accusation is raised is directly proportional to the population of each county. In other words, the claim is raised primarily by residents of each county precisely because they live there and read stories of public incompetence and worse on a regular basis. I’ve lived in other counties and, trust me, we have nothing on them. But don’t let that distract you from throwing out wholly unsupported claims. That’s what these forums are all about. Back on topic, yes, Gibson should resign immediately. An affair is not job-affecting in my mind until it crosses huge line into the public workplace as it did here. The claim that no public resources were used is laughable on its face.


True, larger citie’s crooks have more layers of “confusion” to hide under. Remember, we’re chock full of present and retired “state” or “civil” employee types here. They know the “M.O”. I think the retired after having to keep quiet for decades are loving a chance to rat people off, it’s normal.

Nah, I’m afraid it is highly corrupt and IS unusually supported in this and other cases. Even we “Los Osos, Nuts” were able to completely bust the entire sewer debachle from our own CSD’s to our Congress people. It’s so fricken obviious, it’s actually easy.

It’s all because people, because of the general fatalism today, are in that “heading for the exits”, mentality.

NYC, the media capital, pumped it out in daily after 9/11 with their “terrorism” crapola, look at Wall st.’s grab & run.

Ned, remember where you are, the Old West. “Get a rope”.


Actually, the late Howard Jarvis declared SLO County to be the most corrupt county 30 years ago. A lot of people here took offense to that assertion at the time. But I believe this is where it began.


If Gibson realized a flash of integrity and resigned, what’s the process for filling his position?

Kevin Rice

The Governor appoints someone.

Kevin Rice

I see we have some non-believers. Maybe this will help:

Gov. Code 25060. Whenever a vacancy occurs in any board of supervisors, the Governor shall fill the vacancy. The appointee shall hold office until the election and qualification of his successor.

25061. The election of a supervisor to fill the vacancy for the unexpired term shall be held at the next general election, unless the term expires on the first Monday after January 1st succeeding the election.

The next general election is:

Election Code 1200. The statewide general election shall be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of each even-numbered year.