Hill concerned with “local fringe”

January 16, 2013

adam hillSan Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill is requesting citizen input about a “local fringe.”

Last week, Hill appointed human resources consultant Betsey Nash to the county Civil Service Commission. Prior to the appointment, the Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business criticized Nash for stating that supervisors should provide county employees more fair treatment and increased management recognition.

Hill called the COLAB critique a “political smear” in an email sent Tuesday. The email referenced a Tribune article discussing commission appointments and the COLAB report.

“Let me know if you are disturbed by this and other recent doings engineered from our local fringe,” Hill wrote.

While the email did not mention COLAB by name, Hill has attacked the organization in the past, most notably when he accused COLAB of racism for hosting a comedian who impersonated President Barack Obama.

After the release of Hill’s emails describing COLAB as a racist organization, Hill told the Tribune he was done fighting publicly with COLAB.

But, Hill’s email about the “local fringe” comes after COLAB led a successful campaign to prevent Hill from becoming president of the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments.

Hill, who is currently vice president of the county Air Pollution Control District, will have to overcome the fallout from another scathing email he sent in order to become the district’s 2013 president. California Attorney General Kamala Harris is including Hill’s November 2012 email attack on state parks in her suit against the air district over its Oceano Dunes Dust Rule.


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Seems as though Adam Hill’s “fringey” facial hair is not getting him the response he wanted. He is a pacifist, remember? Just a big ol’ teddy bear- wait a minute- make that a little ol’ teddy bear.

COLAB’s Andy Caldwell absolutely did use racist rhetoric in Santa Barbara County publications, specifically denigrating Hispanics, as part of his effort to divide the community and spread fear of “illegal immigration” in order to solicit contributions to his “conservative” efforts. “Dirty Mexicans” was one of the more “colorful” phrases he used in his tirade. This is part of the public record.

Whether Caldwell is deeply racist or not, I can’t say. But he certainly would and has ramped up racial tension and animosity in on the Central Coast in order to profit from the fear and anger he promotes. It’s part of his schtick and it has served him well in the past.

I remember that Caldwell/racist meme making the rounds a year or two ago, and as it turned out the the poster elided a salient part of the “Dirty Mexican” story. I don’t remember the details, and I’m sure someone will post up, but that cr*p didn’t stick to the wall last time you threw it, and you need some new material.

1) Transparent attempt to characterize his constituents as a small, unimportant part of the county.

2) Classic little-man maneuver: Easiest way to make himself look big is to make his adversaries look small.

3) And we are complicit because we are letting him do it. There’s no such thing as an innocent bystander in government. “By the people, for the people,” etc. etc.

This new attack on COLAB is proof positive that Adam Hill cannot change his behavior. He continues to scheme to discredit and destroy anyone in the county who disagrees with or opposes his views.

Whatever Mike Brown has done/not done in the past, he has been professional and a gentleman in his dealings with the BOS. He is not an elected official in our county, and has done nothing here that deserves this coordinated attack by Adam Hill and his misguided supporters.

Lobbyists Mike Brown and Andy Caldwell of COLAB are literally paid to smear people. It is their job. They did it in Santa Barbara County where they systematically ruined innocent people’s lives and then they expanded their operation northward. COLAB is a cynical, money-making, selfish scheme concocted by Caldwell years ago. He’s got a huge family to feed and will do and say just about anything if he thinks it will bring him more money. He exploits the fears and insecurities and greed of wealthy people, and does the bidding of Indian Casino folks who bankroll some of his nastiest exploits as they work together behind the scenes to manipulate local politicians and regulations.

And unlike Kelly Gearhart, Brown and Caldwell are very careful about twisting and perverting laws, not breaking them. Illegal? No. Immoral and self-serving? Absolutely!

Don’t believe me? Do the research. Ask Brown and Caldwell about these accusations. They’re slick. They will have their retorts well planned and practiced. Brown, especially is very slick. But if you are perceptive you will see their inner squirm and feel their inner anger and fear that the jig, one day, might be up.

Talk about callin’ the kettle black!!

So, Hill’s resorted to calling people who don’t agree with his B.S. “fringe”, eh? Oldest “political” trick in the book – start using names to marginalize those you can’t handle dealing with as a mature adult.

It won’t work. Hill’s done quite enough to marginalize himself as the “fringe lunatic” that for some reason, the idiots of this county re-elected, and that goes for the local pretty-boy politician-sheriff who I hear supported Hill’s re-election – NOT because Hill’s an upstanding guy who takes his oath seriously and supports the Constitution (which he DOESN”T; which by the way, breaking the oath to support the Constitution constitutes TREASON, and if we had any real “law” “men” around, Hill’s butt would be in jail, as well as a few others), but because Hill supported him when he ran for office, so it’s the good ol’ boys scratchin’ each other’s you-know-what.

The way I see it, the only reason Hill’s still in office is because of ignorant and confused, immoral “constituents”, as well as a few “favors” he has in certain circles – which I think he’ll be runnin’ out of real soon.

Life can be a real bitch when she finally pays you back; and it looks like all the arrogant self-serving elitist know-it-alls (who really don’t know much at all) are buckin’ to learn that lesson the hard way.

This entire county (and country) is filthy with corruption. Yet as Ron Paul reminded us not too long ago – the government is a reflection of the people. If the government is corrupt, it’s because the people are corrupt. When the people regain their morality, then we’ll have a moral and just government – and not a day sooner, folks, for moral and just people DO NOT elect, and keep re-electing, morally bankrupted and corrupt “representatives”.


Adam’s statements should be like his stature, short and pointed.

You put your right hand in,

You put your right hand out,

You put your right hand in,

And you shake it all about,

You do the hokey pokey

and you turn yourself around

That what it’s all about.

Ya want more?

How about this from the Tuscon Weekly where Brown was City Manager


‘Gutierrez took over three years ago, when a slow-moving Council majority found the courage to dump the itinerate Michael F. Brown. Smart and talented in some areas, such as budget planning and project management, the Napoleonic Brown ultimately failed to get Tucson Water to correct its monumental problems. His arrogance matched his flash, such as when he spent $23,155 in taxpayer money in 1995 on a purple Impala Super Sport capable of reaching 93 mph in the standing quarter mile. And Brown’s abrasive — some said abusive — ways and fiery temper finally wore thin.’

Do you see the irony here? Both Hill and Brown being labeled “Napoleanic”

Here is a sad reality ….

Hill has proved himself looney and not worthy of public office.

On the other side of the coin is COLAB which is every bit as looney, especially this hypocrite named Mike Brown. His fuse is every bit as short as Hill’s. Don’t believe me? Check with the working folks in Santa Barbara County where Brown was the CEO

I agree with you about the awful “leaders/scam artists” running COLAB. I’ve spent time with both Mike Brown and Andy Caldwell and through experience and their own words and deeds have learned to not trust them in the least. In his most candid moments Caldwell will admit that he profits mightily by dividing communities and creating animosity and ill-will, pitting faction against faction. It’s theatre to him and being extremely selfish and greedy, he doesn’t care what or who gets hurt as long as he continues to get rich beyond what anyone who knew him when he was young would never have imagined. He laughs all the way to the bank each week, knowing that most people who donate to COLAB are among the most naive (but often rich) suckers he can find on the Central Coast. Of course there are some big time operators who are also funding Caldwell and Brown and to them will also go many of the spoils that Caldwell and Brown are eagerly and immorally trying to extract from SLO County. This includes Indian Casino money. Follow the money folks. Caldwell and Brown are on the make, big time.

I think you just made that up and that you are a liar

Exactly where is the lie? That he spent time with them? So what. The rest about those two windbags is undeniably true as well as documentable

Exactly where is the proof? Besides taking your word for it and asking them to slander themselves, or denying it thus proving their guilt. The only “proof” you cited seems to be completely opinion and not journalism.

The sky is purple- want proof? I just said it.

What would be my motivation to lie? Why would I need to? The facts speak for themselves. Ask BROWN and CALDWELL if my comments ring true, then report back to us. How about that? Sound reasonable?

If you are not an operative in the COLAB scam and truly want to be certain of the truth, do your research, follow the money, every darn cent of it. And, most of all, don’t be a sucker. GET REAL! Thank you!

I was agreeing with you. They’re both snakes

Thank you coltrane, I was searching for the word; “snakes” fits them perfectly, although “swine” is pretty accurate also…or was that “slime?”

Fact is: Brown and Caldwell are NOT “public servants” and are making a living for themselves whereas Hill wanted the PRIVILEGE to”serve” the “public” as a County Supervisor and campaigned for the position. BIG DIFFERENCE, Wise Guy. Hill is living off the taxpayer’s dime. I’m not paying him to be a jerk to anyone, are you? Since you’re so concerned about following the $$, I suggest you begin paying attention to what the BoS approves each week at the Board meetings under the “Consent Agenda” that’s NEVER discussed in public unless specifically requested by someone like YOU.

Willow, I DO pay attention to the Board and so do lots of people. What they don’t pay enough attention to is the LOBBYISTS like Mike Brown and Andy Caldwell and how they try to influence our local politicians with money and other favors. Lobbyists are nothing new, of course, but the degree of access and and influence Brown and Caldwell are scheming for is unprecedented and perverts the democratic process in my opinion. Throwing money around should not be the most effective way to get what you want from government. As far as I’m concerned Mike Brown and Andy Caldwell are parasites and should not be give any more privileges or attention than any other citizen.