Drunk driver crash-lands into San Luis Obispo home

March 7, 2013

DUI Garage CrashAn intoxicated San Luis Obispo driver did not make it home Wednesday night, but did find a garage to park her car.

Cassandra Cheatham, 23, launched her vehicle into the air near the corner of Orcrutt Road and Johnson Avenue around 11:15 p.m., cleared a car parked in the driveway of a house and crashed into the house’s garage. Cheatham was driving northbound on Orcutt Road when she veered off the street and struck a curb and small embankment, causing the vehicle to become airborne, the San Luis Obispo Police Department said.

Police photos of the crashed car show that the vehicle spiraled through the side wall of the garage after crashing into the front of the garage. Cheatham’s black sedan came to a stop on top of a wall dividing the house she crashed into with the neighboring home. The rear of Cheatham’s car remained beside the garage she spiraled out of, while the vehicle’s front wheels came to a stop hanging over the wall on the neighboring property’s side.

The residents of the house hit by Cheatham’s vehicle were home at the time but uninjured. Cheatham sustained minor injuries, as did her male passenger.

Officers found Cheatham to be intoxicated and arrested her for causing injury while driving under the influence. Cheatham is currently in San Luis Obispo County Jail on $100,000 bail.

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Wondered what that was flying through the air……..

Don’t tell me… don’t tell me…the car was a Delorean…

…and the PG&E distribution plant is right there, too… maybe she was trying for the 1.21 Giga-Watts?

Of course…she had a bad flex capacitor…anyone can see that.

So much for that night’s midnight rodeo.