SLO County outlaw motorcyclists arrested for carrying guns

March 18, 2013
Daniel Chapman

Daniel Chapman

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Gang Enforcement Unit arrested five members of an outlaw San Luis Obispo County motorcycle gang Friday evening for carrying concealed handguns. [KSBY]

Around 8 p.m. Friday, law enforcement pulled over two motorcyclists near the intersection of Highways 154 and 101 for running a red light. Three other motorcyclists who were riding with them also stopped to wait.

While conducting the traffic stop, officers discovered semi-automatic handguns concealed in the motorcycles’ saddlebags. They also noticed Vagos Motorcycle Club insignia on each of the five bikes.

The FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the California Attorney General’s Office have each named the Vagos Motorcycle Club an outlaw motorcycle gang.

Members of the Gang Enforcement Unit arrested all five of the motorcyclists from the San Luis Obispo County chapter of the Vagos Motorcycle Club on firearms related charges with gang enhancements.

The arrests included Chapter President Kirk Koester, 46, and his wife, Shannon Koester, 41, both from Cayucos. Members of the Santa Barbara County gang unit also arrested Byron Posey, 38, Daniel Chapman, 46, and John Gallagher, 41, each from Paso Robles.

All five Vagos Motorcycle Club bikers are in Santa Barbara County Jail on charges of possessing a concealed firearm and actively participating in a criminal street gang.

The Vagos Motorcycle Club, which originated in San Bernadino County in the 1960s, has conducted criminal activity that has included distributing methamphetamine, money laundering, insurance fraud, witness intimidation, murder and extortion.



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another example of the mantra… when guns become criminal… only criminals will have guns


Never in my life have I heard more people say more things about something that they know nothing about. You guys are clueless!

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SLO County motorcycle gang? Am I the only one who finds this funny?

Think “Vagos” translates as “vague”. Now that’s one hot mama scary concept.


Vagos is Spanish for “traveling Gypsy”

Downtown Bob

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Vagos is short for Vagabond


They look like they’ve been watching too much Sons of Anarchy (great show, btw).

Downtown Bob

after browsing their facebook pages, I am shocked at how ugly the women are and how fat and old the dudes are. Laughable that they think they are bad ass. I believe they must be an ugly people moped club lol!

Downtown Bob

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Jorge Estrada

Under the category of guilty by association and the list provided, meth and murder are good reasons to exterminate the problem but what troubles me ( when in deep thought) is that the rest of the list sound more like Banksters and Bureaucrats, not Bikers.


The arrests included Chapter President Kirk Koester, 46, and his wife, Shannon Koester, 41,


Too funny. 46 years old and riding around on a motorcycle trying to project a bad-ass image. Somebody ask these grandparent fools how much they hurt every time they get off that bike after a couple hour ride.

And, darnit of all things, no place to hide that weapon on a motorcycle, you know? I mean if you had a car you could just keep that thing under the seat and you’d still be on your way because no search of the car without probable cause, instead you’re now sittin in jail with a handful of losers and an impounded bike.

Oh well, I guess it’s a good move for your self esteem though–“Ya, I did 3 months up at SLO county. It was brutal but I came out the other side alive. Hey, you laughin? You want a piece of me? I didn’t think so”.


Saw this before I came here. DISTURBING!!!! Didn’t realize we had a local chapter of Vagos in SLO. Have seen and read about this gang before. They make Hells Angels seem tame.

If I remember correctly I think it was Vagos in Hemet, in Southern Ca. that had the failed attempt of blowing up the local Cop Shop back about four years ago. Again not happy to see this element popping up local.


The Vagos in Hemet had been under investigation for the rocket attack on a police station but were eventually cleared. Some illegal pot grower was arrested in that case but I agree with you. This is disturbing. What would happen to someone if they accidentally cut one of these guys off? would they shoot you? I’m not happy to see they are local. There are lots of scary things becoming local here everyday. Gang activity, meth labs and a huge transient population. All the fallibles of a big city…things we had been free from twenty years ago.


^^ I agree with Rambunctious ^^

You perfectly outline why law abiding citizens should have the option to exercise their Civil Right of self defense. Criminals drive the same streets, eat at the same restaurants, get gas at the same stations, and shop at the same stores as the rest of us.

We are sent out as sheep amongst wolves. When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.


Absolutely right…the bad guys will always conceal and carry…


profiling people you dont even know. if you did, they would give you the shirt off their back and do anything if you were in need. Shame on you people, just like calling ppl the N word or everything else racist. This country needs to stop judging and get along