Shell Beach motorcyclist killed in collision

April 13, 2013

carA Shell Beach motorcyclist was killed Friday afternoon when he collided into an SUV in Los Olivos.

A t about 1:40 p.m., a 17-year old from Los Olivos was traveling westbound on Highway 154 in an SUV when he made a left turn into the path of the eastbound motorcyclist.

The 51-year-old man drove into the SUV, was ejected from his bike and died at the scene. The teen driver was not injured.

The victim’s name has not been released pending notification of his family. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the collision.


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Now we know the victim;’ name, I got a call from a friend on Saturday – Jeff Williams, a dentist from Shell Beach and the son of the late Kathryn WIlliams, whose family founded and operated Williams Brothers Grocery Stores for so many years along the central coast. Anyone who was here 20 years ago remembers the contributions this family made to the Junior Livestock auction at the Mid-State Fair and so many other causes. This is a tragic loss. Jeff’s family home was just featured in the Trib a few months ago in an architectural/interior design article. So sad. My thoughts and prayers to Heidi and the children and rest of the family. As for the kid in the truck: We will probably never know exactly what happened. Wrong place, wrong time. Just a real tragedy.

Poor kid?!!?? The driver pulled the cage drivers’ favorite murder-the-biker move – turn left into the bike’s path. As a lifetime daily motorcycle rider, i have NO sympathy for the urban assault vehicle driver. His criminally negligent action took the life of another person. Why? Because he did not want to wait for a break in traffic? Too much of a hurry to really look? There is NO excuse! None! He was in control of the vehicle, no one else. What possible excuse? He killed a man! He ought to go to jail for 25 years. Yeah, he’s got to live with that for the rest of his life – he still has a life! Sorry, no sympathy for the murderer.

This was meant as a reply to r0y…

I am a lic. rider. I haven’t rode in some years but I would like to get more on this. If drinking or drugs involved then maybe some time for his actions. But we don’t know yet. Did he see the motorcycle? You know as well as I from being on a bike and in a car, that the biker goes unseen at times. Does this let the kid off the hook? No but if a TRUE accident I don’t see anything served in having him do twenty five years for this. You are being over dramatic. Don’t mistake that if this was my family that I wouldn’t be upset BUT COMON let the punishment fit the crime.

OK, stipulated, 25 years is a bit much. But, I am appalled by the apologists here; oh, tragic accident…accident? How about CRASH? Accident implies no fault; couldn’t be helped, act of god…not! The SUV driver had the responsibility to determine it was safe before turning, and did not. A man died, nobody’s fault? Oh, just a biker…Maybe if people got the book thrown at them when they kill a motorcyclist they would see them more. People turn their head (maybe) but they don’t look….On a sunny Saturday I was on the road from my shop on my RED motorcycle with TWO headlights on, bright day, woman in minivan pulled up to the road on a driveway, stopped, and pulled out directly into my path, requiring instant evasive action by me to avoid being smashed by her car. She did stop, and I said to her through her open window, “don’t tell me: you did not see me”; she just nodded….Bright day, red motorcycle, two headlights, but she did not see me. No glare, no fog, but I was not visible? If I had not reacted, i could be dead, but – an accident? Accident, because the driver did not really look? I call that negligence. and is what almost certainly occurred on 154. People are typically not even cited in cases like this, so there is no deterrent to killing people on bikes.

My heart goes out to the family of the rider killed in this crash.

It is frustrating. I have read and not making excuses for people but people driving and looking around, their minds are set on processing information and that is for cars. The mind gets use to seeing that the most and the motorcylists get looked over.

I have had times that I have been on Vine St. in Paso and saw car at cross street. I have looked at driver and could tell they were looking right through me. I then start to slow in case and YEP they turn in front of you.

This is a phenomena that I don’t know if we can ever fix 100%. Again I don’t like but it’s a BITCH! Best one can do (motorcyclist) is be ever viligent.

As far as the kid. If nothing else but stupidity, I don’t think anything gained in screwing up his life. I say MASSIVE amounts of community service (maybe even working with injured motorcylists) fine to pay to family of dead cyclist and suspension of lic. for minimum of a year. Maybe some other stuff?

catdude….there isn’t enough to work with for your “hang ’em high” outburst. Did the riders excessive speed contribute at all? Left blinker left on…..sun in eyes…? Any number of things add to contributory negligence all of which could have been avoided I’m sure but, nobody knows from the armchair what actually went down.

So sad for all involved…..

For all of your passionate reasons why there is “NO excuse” for the kid are exactly what he will have to live with for the rest of his life.

Oh this is not good at all. That’s a hairy spot, too, if one is not paying close attention.

Poor guy. Poor kid – he’s going to have to live with this for the rest of his life.