Ex-wife pillories council hopeful Paul Brown

May 28, 2013


I have read and been stirred by the letters to the editor supporting Paul Brown for a seat on San Luis Obispo City Council.

Because the true facts have been buried or hidden, understandably, none of them hint of the domestic violence that led to our divorce after four years of marriage, nor of the three-year restraining order granted after a thorough court case hearing both our testimonies.

I have remained silent out of a lingering sense of shame created by a painful and very public court case, in which I felt the stigma of being labeled a victim of domestic violence, a feeling I understand is shared by domestic violence victims who often are at a loss for how to respond or whether to speak at all.

Unfortunately, my silence has allowed some untruths to perpetuate. I feel the city of San Luis Obispo voters may benefit from my voice and personal perspective now while they consider who will best serve the people of this community.

Here are some facts our community may want to consider:

— In September of 2007, I sought the help of the San Luis Obispo Women’s Shelter and court system to establish a protective domestic violence restraining Order against my then husband, Paul Brown;

— The abuse was documented with photos and hospital/doctor records;

— Although a restraining order was entered, Paul has continued to deny any responsibility for the abuse that has been documented;

— After the divorce finalized, Paul and his attorney requested the restraining order be allowed to expire–claiming the Order made finding employment difficult for Paul. The judge allowed it, warning Paul not to contact me;

— Despite Paul’s claims to the contrary, the expiration of the restraining Order in no way invalidated or overturned the original Judgment;

— Paul’s behavior both during our divorce and what has been publicly reported about him since our divorce, in my mind, has revealed his questionable character, and his careless nature.

I’m breaking my silence now because like schoolyard bullies, domestic violence abusers who seek power and control over others are too often fueled by silence and apathy.

As I am no longer a victim but a survivor of domestic violence, I’m putting an end to my own contribution to Paul Brown’s behavior by speaking out. I’m also speaking to empower other domestic violence victims who don’t deserve to bear the burden of shame. That shame, here, belongs exclusively to the abuser, Paul Brown.

I have seen enough to know we can do a whole lot better.

Also, supporting documents are a matter of public record. The San Luis Obispo Women’s Shelter is authorized to confirm I used their services. I remain grateful for their guidance, council, and support.

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I received the email twice and wonder which sleazebag provided it for this smear tactic. I’ve never met Jayne, replied and asked for validation and was “shocked” to get no response.

This reminds me of the passive aggressive crap that Marx was behind when she cowardly hid behind the curtain of the anti-Dalidio campaign.

Grow up people, speak your mind at the ballot box.

What do you think of the fact that CalCoastNews is the primary media outlet that published Jayne’s article that makes so many accusations against Brown? Is that also “sleaze bag” and part of the “smear tactic”? Or are you cool with THAT? Where, exactly, do you draw the line?

Interesting how Jayne never describes the abuse, her side of the story, or if there was ever any abuse outside the one incident that has been talked about many times. Neither Jayne nor anyone else has ever claimed that Paul Brown is a systematic abuser and there has never been the allegation of any abusive incident other than a single incident that was documented.

At best, there was a single incident where it was unclear who the aggressor was, and she wants us to forever brand this man as a wife beater who is unfit for public office because of it?

If there is any abuser here, it is Jayne, who used the court of law and is now using the court of public opinion to continue to batter the reputation of her ex-husband in an effort to be vindictive and hurtful.


Shame on you.


Shameful blessings?

Jayne, could indeed, have fought it by going back into court & she would have incurred legal costs, opened up old wounds, etc. She chose not to – just as the article above states. In hindsight, with all of the troglodytes & cretins jumping up & down, perhaps she should have.

“it’s the sallow reasoning” sorry that should be “shallow”reasoning.

Jayne you have plenty to be embarrassed about and it has nothing to do with the speaking out about DV, but rather it’s the sallow reasoning behind this sophomoric tirade that exposes your “vengeful” nature. Shame on you.

“Because the true facts have been buried or hidden, understandably, none of them hint of the domestic violence that led to our divorce after four years of marriage, nor of the three-year restraining order granted after a thorough court case hearing both our testimonies.” Humm, it sounds like you never required any medical treatment for your injuries. Anyone can go to a shelter and ask for help and then site that visit as documentation of DV. By the way, a 3 year restraining order is automatic for any kind of DV and it remains in force unless one of the parties requests that it be removed.

It’s obvious that you and Paul didn’t get along and I don’t doubt that the two of you might have got physical at times, he might even be what you say he is, I certainly don’t know however when I consider the timing of this public lashing, I have to question your credibility and suspect that your story has been considerably embellished.

Oh, Cindy. Jayne has pictures, dr’s records, & ER records to back her claims up. Good on you, though, for condoning spouses beating on one another. Nice.

Wrong. Jayne has *claimed* she has pictures and records to back up her claims, but she refused to release them or show them to any media outlet. She could claim she has a photo of bigfoot too, but it doesn’t mean it is true.

And even if there was documented injuries, it wouldn’t be the first time a spouse self-inflicted injuries to get her husband in trouble: http://www.valleycentral.com/news/story.aspx?id=900327

Smoke & mirrors talk again.

As long as it’s not “back injury” – the most often-cited because it’s impossible to disprove medical scam. I can walk into any doctor, claiming a back injury and have a medical report to back it up. Doesn’t mean I actually have an injury.

However, from what I barely gathered (not much evidence or proof during all this mud-slinging) is it was choking, which is pretty violent if that occurred.