California man charged with sexually assaulting a horse

July 8, 2013

horseA Northern California man is under arrest for sexually assaulting a horse. [KTVU]

Fifty-six-year-old Bryon Baker of El Dorado County is accused of stealing a horse, leaving it to die and sexually assaulting another horse he tried to steal.

Last week, El Dorado County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Baker for grand theft of a horse, animal cruelty, attempted grand theft of a horse and sexual assault on an animal.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office say Baker stole one of the horses from a ranch east of Sacramento in January. The horse died while Baker had possession of it.

Sheriff’s investigators determined Baker stole the horse that died while investigating the sexual assault of the second horse.


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So who provided the date rape drug? Actually the horse wouldn’t even have known the guy was there. I think he made it up trying to impress the other prisoners.


“If a man has sex with an animal, he must be put to death, and the animal must be killed. (Leviticus 20:15)

Ahhh…so this is the slippery slope the Republicans were talking about???

A California man and a horse go into a bar……….

in Enumclaw Washington

bartender asks the horse,

why the long face?

He was just helping it over a fence.

Butt, the jokes this guy will hear from now on …

Truly, a horse’s @ss, apparently …

With all due reverence to Gene Autry: “Back in the saddle, again, .. back in the saddle, again ….”

I wonder if he has a “swish” to his walk …

and finally: I really do wonder if he was brave or smart to figure out how not to get kicked in the head.

Perhaps one day here in CA, Mr. Baker will be able to properly “marry” his horse — of either sex of course…

In Georgia objects of desire .

Would you have written “Perhaps one day here in CA, Mr. Baker will be able to properly ‘marry’ his horse–of either race?”

Probably not, yet the argument for equal rights for couples of the same gender and equal rights between different races or ethnic groups, except for the the difference between the groups, is the same.

So why must some people demean same-gendered couples by linking them to those who commit beastiality?

I just don’t get the kind of mentality that goes from sexual intercourse between two people of the same gender and sexual intercourse between two different species.

I never think of bestiality unless the topic is introduced by another. Yet it seems some people must have it on their minds 24/7 because, on message boards across the internet, if the discussion of equal rights for LGBTs is introduced, it is not too long before someone will try to equate sex between people of the same gender and bestiality.