Montana de Oro panga defendants plead guilty

July 31, 2013

7.14.13 pangaFourteen defendants pleaded guilty to smuggling $1.3 million of marijuana in a panga boat found at Montana de Oro State Park in May. [KSBY]

All of the defendants in the case, the majority of whom are Mexican nationals, entered guilty pleas. They each face two to five years in prison.

On May 29, San Luis Obispo County sheriff’s deputies spotted the defendants loading packages of marijuana into vehicles at Montana de Oro. The deputies arrested the 14 suspects and later discovered the beached 35-foot panga on a secluded beach at the state park.

Investigators seized 53 bales of marijuana, totaling 1,909 pounds.


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WOW 2 to 4 years? Without having to worry about food, medical, and accommodations. Who is the loser here?

That weed is dirt anyway, anyone in California will agree. Another epic fail on the war on drugs, “marijuana”. LOL. Why do we even bother with these people? Send them back. So much tax payer money to be spent housing and feeding them. Shaking my head :/

Good thing that we’ve been successful in making marijuana to be so valuable.

Otherwise, it would be unlikely that 14 adults would risk prison to smuggle the stuff.

Of course, in that case law enforcement would have to find other tasks for task forces.

let’s see; 2 to 5 years translates to what? tofgb? Jerry’s kids kicked loose to satisfy a court ruling? they get medical care and welfare when they get out? tatoo their foreheads and deport them

Send them to Gitmo

Not GITMO. Much too lenient.

Tattoo their foreheads as Tomsquawk suggests and deport them….to Guatemala.

Guaranteed they won’t “reoffend”.