Shandon man gets 7-year sentence for fatal DUI crash

September 26, 2013
Vicente Muniz Montez

Vicente Muniz Montez

A Shandon man received a 7-year prison sentence Wednesday after pleading no contest to charges stemming from a drunk driving crash that killed a Bakersfield couple last month. [KCOY]

Vicente Muniz Montez, 38, allegedly crashed head on into a vehicle occupied by Charles Massara, 69, and Ireene Massara, 68, killing both of them on Highway 46 in Shandon on August 17. Montez fled the scene of the crash prior to his arrest.

A Breathalyzer test indicated Montes had a .048 blood alcohol level four hours after the collision. He said he fled the scene because he did not have insurance, a driver’s license or vehicle registration.

Montez pleaded no contest Wednesday to two counts of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and one charge of hit-and-run involving a death.

Formal sentencing will occur on October 28.


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No license, no insurance, no registration…. Is he here legally? I’m going to guess not. I suppose if he would have had one of those driver’s licenses issued to illegal aliens by our idiot Governor, he would have been driving safely and legally, this horrible accident would never have happened and Mr. and Mrs. Massara would still be alive. The Massara’s family should find out if this killer scum bag was working at any of the area vineyards or at one of the wineries. If he was, they should try pursue the wrongful death of their family members in a civil suit. Hold the labor contractor, the vineyard owner, and/or winery owner responsible. While I’m not one for frivolous lawsuits, these labor contractors, wineries and vineyard owners are making millions of dollars with illegal aliens working for them. Maybe if they are made to feel it where it hurts, $$$$$, they might rethink their hiring practices. But that could be wishful thinking. Little Tijuana is right up the road from me. Single wide mobile homes lined up side by side with flood lights strung between them for light powered by extension cords. Vineyard owner is keeping his labor costs down, profit margin big.

a shandon man with a suspended license …

We need to start treating impaired driving causing death as murder. The sentences given out for most of these cases are so minimal as to not even be a deterrent to reoffending. A car is a deadly weapon if wielded by someone who can’t control it. Driving one drunk, stoned, or while texting is the height of personal disregard for others, and must not be tolerated.

Maybe. I would say it depends on what the perpetrator does. Are they truly repentant and are their lives upside down? Or are they just another thug who will scam the system?

We are all faulty, sometimes to a fatal extent – and the punishment should be swift and severe, but society should also take into account any remorse – true remorse and repent – of the person behind the wheel. I know that is not an easy thing to think about if emotions are high, but thankfully we’re not ruled by our emotions.

They had their time for remorse when they left the scene with two people still alive in the car. I can say I know exactly what I would have done because I myself accidently hit a bike rider. I stopped my car in the middle of on coming traffic and picked him up. I put his safety above my own because If I hadn’t he would have been ran over by on coming traffic. This particular drunk driver already had a warrant out for his arrest, which is why he ran, leaving a Mother, father, Grandmother, grandfather, Aunt, uncle, Daughter, Son, Sister, Brother to die alone. As for me, I’m sure this man has no regard to what he has done. Its been almost a year and there has been no apology letter even though their only son has reached out and said he forgave them. Unfortunately I have not, I will be working on this lose long past the time he gets out of jail. Every time we move and I have to pack up the blankets Irene Massara made for three of my children. She was still working on the one that was for my forth child. I will never spend another Christmas at my god parents house like I did for 31 years. I see your argument, but true repentance would at least be an apology to the family no matter how hard it is. His guilt might be forever, but that was the price he has to pay for his mistake. I’m not a saint and Irene would have reminded me that I should forgive. She was the most amazing women I ever knew.

No license. No insurance. No registration? On top of manslaughter, fleeing the scene of a crime and DUI, I’d like to see this viewed as SIX STRIKES.

He plead NO CONTEST – does he think he’ll be insurable or even eligible for a license in the future? I wish we had a justice system instead of a legal system.

This guy will be out in 3 years, mark my words.

I think if he had been convicted of manslaughter he would have gotten more time.

He choose to drink, he choose to drive, I don’t think the sentence fits the crime at all.

I don’t think he meant to kill any one, but that was the outcome. I think he should have gotten 15 -20 as the lowest amount of crime. But then again the prison are full so I guess unless you kill a cop you don’t get much time.

Sometimes you get no time if your name is Alex Forester and have a weathly father, Michael Forster, that owns Power Save Energy Co. in San Luis Obispo and has money and connections. But maybe you need to be driving a $80,000 car like Alex and be on drugs. And lets not forget our what our wonderful Judge LaBarbera told the victims husband, “that it was not a sex crime” and suggested Mr.Rubin seek counseling and move on with his life, and Judge LaBarbera also said “The fact that someone made a mistake and everything else you’re talking about, the bottom line is, it doesn’t matter. Your loved one is gone,” He (Forster) is a human being and we have to treat him with decency and respect.”

Truly disgusting. I remember that case — the spoiled stoned brat in a Bimmer. Should have been tried for murder, because that’s what he committed being behind the wheel in that condition.

The inconsistencies in sentencing for this type of crime is astounding. In this case 3 1/2 years each is all the victims are worth? Officer Oswald’s killer got life. Is that all it takes is a plea bargain or a no contest plea and suddenly the value of life is cheapened?


Apparently one CHP officer’s life is worth more than two seniors’ lives. Very sad. This creep wiped out two people and gets a mere 7 years?! The family of Mr. and Mrs. Massara must be outraged.